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Millennium Actress PosterHello! I’m Mishi. How have you been? Today, what I want to recommend to you guys is Millennium Actress (千年女優/Sennen Joyu). This movie is another work of Satoshi Kon. He has made Paprika and more. Unfortunately, he passed away in 2010. We have lost a great director of anime! That is a very sad thing! I love his worldview so much! I wished I could watch more of his work and everyone thinks so too but he has left his great works to us! Let’s begin to take a look at Millennium Actress! (´ω`*)




Chiyoko Fujiwara as the main character who used to be a popular actress in Japan. While they were shooting the film of her movie, she disappeared from the public and retired from being an actress. She used to represent the film company called, Ginei. They decided to close the place where they shoot films at for being old, as the memorial project, Tachibana who is a president of VISUAL STUDIO LOTUS company interviews Chiyoko with his cameraman named, Kyoji Ida.

When they meet Chiyoko, Tachibana gives her the important key which she used to cherish. As she stares at her key, she mutters that the key for opening the most precious thing….. and she starts to talk about her life. As she talks about her life, the story comes across a memory of her life and the world of movies.


Main Characters


Chiyoko Fujiwara – Main character. She used to be a popular actress in Japan. When she was a teenager, she met the man with the key and to meet him again, she became an actress. One day, she disappeared out of the blue while they were shooting the film and has retired from being an actress. Since that, she hasn’t shown up to the public but after 30 years later, she decides to have an interview.

Genya Tachibana – He is a president of VISUAL STUDIO LOTUS. He is a big fan of Chiyoko. Before closing the place where they shoot films at for Ginei for being old, he makes a project of the documentary for the big star, Chiyoko and interviews her.

Kyoji Ida – He is the cameraman for VISUAL STUDIO LOTUS. Since he is young, he doesn’t know much about Chiyoko.

Eiko Shimao – Before Chiyoko became a popular actress from Ginei movie company, Eiko was the most popular actress from Ginei company. Since Chiyoko’s population became bigger than Eiko, she started to be jealous of Chiyoko’s youth and pureness.

Junichi Otaki – He is a nephew of a senior managing director of Ginei company. Later on, he became a director.

The man with the key – He is a young painter who Chiyoko has been in love with. He has a crime of espousing dangerous ideas and being chased by police. He told Chiyoko to meet at the place of their promise.


How to find this movie


Anime Studio : MADHOUSE

Year : 2002

Millennium Actress DVD

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Paperback of Satoshi Kon

Paperback on Amazon

Art of Satoshi Kon

Art of Satoshi Kon Hardcover on Amazon

Opening and Ending songs


Theme song

Rotation (LOTUS-2) (ロタティオン(LOTUS-2)) –  Susumu Hirasawa

Millennium Actress (Sennen Joyu) Original Soundtrack

Millennium Actress Original Soundtrack on Amazon


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My Review


Millennium Actress Recommendation Chart

This movie shows us the life of Chiyoko dramatically as if we are watching the movie of her life. This movie is so unique because the interviewer and cameraman are in the scenes of her memory and peep the scenes of her life. They sometimes help Chiyoko to get through the troubles! They move comically and make me laugh. I think the direction of this story is very different from the other movies. It got me into this movie as soon as this movie started. If you are a woman, you can understand better how she feels because it is so romantic! She has chased the guy with the key since she met him and there are many troubles causing them not to be able to meet each other but she doesn’t give up and tries over and over. Isn’t it beautiful??? (〃▽〃) I think it is! (@’ω’@)

Her life is seriously dedicated to chasing the guy with the key. She is like once she starts to run, she won’t stop running until see gets to her goal. Love makes people blind! This is what she feels. But what do you think about the last scene? If you have not watched this movie yet, you should try to watch it and see how you will feel. It gives me an impact at last! There are pros and cons for the last word. I took it positive but I wonder how you would feel! I would like to hear your opinion! I think the key is the key to continuing to be an actress and the painter guy is to paint her career. She could act great because her lovelies on top of what she has to act as an actress. The interviewer, Tachibana gives her key back so at last, she could be an actress once again and the last word. That is how I took it positive! Is it okay that way? (* ^ー゚)

But this is what I took and I’m sure that you will have your different opinion. It is fun to exchange the opinion! I love the movies to make me think! Do you like to watch like that?? (*´∀`)

Anyway, people say that to act, you need to fall in love with somebody and that would polish the skill to act. I felt like this movie is telling me that word even though I am not an actress. lol, I do recommend this movie to you guys who are looking for the different type of anime movie. This movie is not for all kind of people but I will be glad if somebody watches this movie from my post and get to love it! It is worth watching this movie! I hope I will hear what you think of the last scene!

Thank you for reading this post! How was the world of Millennium Actress? I hope you will have a good day today! ☆^(*・ω・)ノ~~~βyёβyё♪


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