Tokyo Godfathers : Christmas + Tokyo = Heartfelt Story!

Tokyo GodfathersHello! I’m Mishi! I have remembered this movie called, Tokyo Godfathers (東京ゴッドファーザーズ). Today, I want to recommend this movie to you guys! It is about three homeless people picking up a baby in the street. This movie is a comical movie and Satoshi Kon’s work. This time, he made a comedy movie. Let’s see how this movie goes! It should be another great one!  (*^o^*)




Gin, Hana, and Miyuki live their life as being homeless. They live at the park in Shinjuku, Tokyo.On Christmas day, Hana suggests to them that they go to find a Christmas present at a garbage dump and they find a newborn baby  there. They name her Kiyoko. Hana wants to grow her up but Gin and Miyuki convince her and decide to look for this baby’s mother and father. As they are searching for her parents, they will get involved in troubles everywhere they go! Will they be able to find her parents? What will happen to this poor newborn baby?


Main Characters

Gin – Main character. He calls himself an ex-professional cycle racer but actually, he used to be the owner of  a cycle shop. He became homeless because he left his wife and daughter. He saves money for his daughter. His daughter has the same name of Kiyoko.

Hana – Main character. He used to be a drag queen and gay. He didn’t grow up in good circumstances of his family so he sympathizes with Kiyoko. Since he has been homeless for a long time, his body is getting weak.

Miyuki – Main character. She is a high school girl who has left her home and became homeless. The reason why she has left her home is because she and her father got into a fight and she stabbed her father with a knife. Her father is a policeman and she is going to meet her father later on.

Kiyoko – A newborn baby who has been left in a garbage dump. She was picked up by those three homeless people at Christmas. The song of Silent Night is called Kiyoshi Kono Yoru so they named this baby Kiyoko.(Kiyoshi is the name for a male so they change the name for a girl and Kiyoko.)

Ota – He is a boss of Yakuza. He is saved by those three homeless people and he invites them to a wedding reception of his daughter but something will happen in there.

Mother – She is the boss of the gay bar where Hana used to work.

Yasuo – He is a …… He is a lazy person who lives in a trashy room.

Sachiko -She is a ….. She gets desperate and tried to jump into the river but Miyuki and Hana saved her.

The old man – He is an old homeless man. Gin finds him almost dead. Gin will be asked to get rid of his stuff.

Miyuki’s father – He is a policeman. He is in charge of searching for the kidnapper who took a newborn baby away from the hospital.

Kiyoko – Gin’s daughter. She is a nurse. Even though her father, Gin left her and her mother, they have waited for Gin to come home. She is going to get married soon.

The Taxi Driver – This guy has strange fatal ties with those three homeless people.


How to find this movie

Anime Studio : MADHOUSE

Year : 2003

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Tokyo Godfathers Recommendation Chart

This movie is great! You need to watch it if you haven’t seen this movie yet. Satoshi Kon usually makes serious story movies which have twists and turns but this time, he made a comedy anime! I wonder how it would go but he made it excellently again!

I like the setting of this story and the characters. It is a big city , Tokyo and there are many people who live in there. Of course, as you know there are many people that are homeless. This movie focuses on those people’s background of what they used to be. Each character has their own individual personality and history that they have made in their life like us in this real world. There are many kinds of characters in this movie but individually, they are unique! We all are not perfect but it seems like they cooperate with each other and try to mend the bad part of themselves with each other. What I am saying is they help each other and try to live strong. It is just a movie but I could get to see the personality of each character showing through. This part will make people move in this movie. The scenes of comical parts go with nice tempo and sometimes, those moving scenes come in and you can’t help but feel their pain. That is why I think this movie gives me a great feeling to make me love this anime!!!!!! (ノ∇≦*) They might live at a park illegally and they might forget how to live with normal society but they still have a feeling of the bottom line that we human beings have to have. This is awkward moments and contradiction. Some people can say well, they are not doing right things so they don’t have the right to say that to somebody but to me, it makes me relieved. Because those people look like they forgot everything and don’t care about anything but they haven’t forgotten in the movie. What do you think about that? I got something good feelings when those scenes came up. It is hard to explain but they made me warm. There are many scenes that get you to feel warmth and cheer me up! I think this movie is for people who want to cheer themselves up! Σd(゜∀゜d)

At last, what I want to say is this movie is made so politely and sensitively without being persistent to show you a message. You will be able to get into this movie for sure and on every Christmas season, you will want to watch it like I have watched this movie every year. ♪(* ̄ω ̄)v I do recommend this movie to all kind of people and you won’t waste your time for this!

Thank you for reading this post! Can’t you be patient to wait for Christmas time to watch this movie? Don’t worry! You can watch it anytime!! (o^ー’)b Bye~~!


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