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A Letter To Momo DVD

Hello! I’m Mishi! Today’s movie what I want to recommend to you is A Letter to Momo (ももへの手紙/Momo e no Tegami). Do you know this movie? It is one of those anime movies that you can watch with your kids and family. It will relax you and give you a heart-warming and gentle experience. If you haven’t watched this movie, let’s go over my review without spoiling! So you can enjoy watching it later! (‘-^*)




This elementary school girl, Momo who is the main character moves to Shiojima with her mother after her father, Kazuo passed away in the accident. This place is where Ikuko used to live when she was young. Momo has a regret. Before her father passed away, they fought and Momo told him don’t come home! Actually, they were planning to go to see a musical concert with the family but Kazuo had an emergency at work. That was the last word Momo said to her father. This causes her to have a hard time to build a relationship with others.

As she can’t accept her father’s death, the last words she said to her father are in her way, they try to get used to living in a new place and that will give them stress, Momo and Ikuko start to fight.

But the other day, she experiences the unusual thing. This will cause her to be able to see Yokai(Japanese ghost) and those Yokai will change her life. This is the story of young girl who gets to see the Yokai and this experience will help her to grow up!


Main Characters


Momo e no Tegami DVD

Momo Miyaura(pink shirt)- Main character. She is an elementary school girl who has a hard time to keep her head up because of her father’s death and last words she said to him. This hurts her inside and bothers her to be how she used to be. Through the Yokai, you will get to see her growth.

Ikuko Miyaura – Momo’s mother. She has asthma. When she was young, she came to this place for curing her asthma. She has too much stress from her husband’s death and this will cause her and Momo to fight each other.

Kazuo Miyaura – Momo’s father. He is an oceanographer who passed away in the ocean. He is a gentleman who thinks about his family all the time but he thinks about the feelings of people first so his consideration makes him clumsy to say things to people.

Iwa(left)- He is the biggest Yokai out of all three. He is the leader of them. He looks scary but his heart is kind. He is good at running fast.

Kawa(right)- He is the Yokai who doesn’t like to make an effort to do something but he has a smart brain. His fart has the potential ability to damage people badly. ヾ(≧∇≦)〃

Mame(between Iwa and Momo)- He is the smallest yokai out of those three. He is the yokai who takes his sweet time to do things. He is not good at memorizing and writing but he is good at calling his friends.


How to find this movie


Year : 2012

A Letter to Momo (Special Edition) [Blu-ray]

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Opening and Ending songs


Theme Song

Uruwashi Mahoroba 〜Utsukushiki Basho〜 – Yuko Hara (ウルワシマホロバ 〜美しき場所〜 – 原由子)


Animation - A Letter To Momo (Momo E No Tegami) (Theatrical Anime) Original Soundtrack [Japan CD] VTCL-60309



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My Review


A Letter To Momo Recommendations Chart

This is the movie you can watch with your family and kids. There are many comical scenes are in this movie so I am sure that you guys can laugh together and feel the story of A Letter to Momo together. I liked the atmosphere of this movie. It is a Japanese local area and I love the feeling I could feel. It is so relaxing and quiet that it got me into that world. The Yokai are so adorable and do silly things sometimes. Some people say that they copied Ghibli style but I think this atmosphere is Japanese style that only Japanese can create. There are sensitive scenes everywhere in this movie to let you feel each of the characters and the world of Japan so I don’t think it is right to say like that. Japanese are good at making sensitivity and details. You would understand if you know the Japanese world. It might be alike atmosphere but let’s not compare because I love that kind of creation that the Japanese make!

But unfortunately, this story goes without a surprise and the story ends so it didn’t give me much impression, other people talk about how great the movie is. Don’t get me wrong! It was a nice movie but I wished they put something to surprise me somehow in the story. I felt the story line was pretty much normal. What do you think? (;・∀・)

Even though the story line is normal to me, that doesn’t make this movie look bad. Because the message of this movie touched my feelings. It describes a bond of family. To express a bond, there are a couple of scenes that got me moved! This movie could have been a depressing way but the Yokai balanced this movie and it became a fresh movie that you don’t have to feel it heavily. I think this is important for kids and family movie.

I said minus part a little bit but this movie is still good! If you want to feel the atmosphere of Japan or the bond to family, I highly recommend you guys to watch this movie. After you finish watching this movie, you will feel better and have a nice day for sure! (*´∀`) You will be able to forgive little things to pull your legs!

Thank you for reading this post! I will see you later! ☆^(*・ω・)ノ~~~βyёβyё♪


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