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Objection! lol Hello! This is Mishi! Today I want to make a review of Ace Attorney (Gyakuten Saiban) Movie version. I wrote about the anime of Ace Attorney (Gyakuten Saiban) the other day. You can also check that out! Well, let’s get it started!




20xx year, while the number of crimes is increasing, Japanese government have adopted a new law system. This new law system is to decide guilty or not guilty in three days in advance.

Ryuichi Naruhodo (Phonenix Wright) as the main character is a rookie of  the defense attorney  who starts his career at Chihiro Ayasato’s (Mia Fey) office. One day Chihiro (Mia) left a message and said she found new evidence of a case that she has gone after for a long time. But after the message, Chihiro (Mia) got in a trouble somehow and she was murdered.

While Ryuichi (Phonenix) was in shock, he found other shocking news. The suspect the police caught was Chihiro’s (Mia) sister Mayoi Ayasato (Maya fey) who is a psychic Medium in training….. He got so confused but he decided to take this job to show that she was innocent to the world.

To do so, he has to win against this guy Reiji Mitsurugi (Miles Edgeworth) who is called a genius attorney. He became an attorney at the youngest age in this world when he was 20 years old. Since he has been an attorney, he was invincible in 5 years. To make sure a person is found guilty by the court, he does whatever he needs to do. He has the reason to do so. He used to want to be a lawyer like his father. But his father was murdered. This case is called DL-6. The suspect who murdered his father was not found guilty because his lawyer did well. Since that, he quit to be a lawyer and became an attorney. Ryuichi (Phonenix) and Reiji (Miles) know each other. They are actually childhood friends from elementary school but rivals on the court. They both did their best against each other, but Ryuichi (Phonenix) was able to win this case against him.

Right after that, Ryuichi (Phonenix) hears about Reiji (Miles) being arrested for a suspect in the murder. The attorney who tries to press charge on Reiji (Miles) is Go Karuma (Manfred von Karma). He is Reiji’s (Miles) master. He learned everything about being an attorney from him. Go Karuma (Manfred von Karma) has never lost his case in the 40 years of his practice. Ryuichi (Phonenix) became his attorney and tries to show he is not the murderer, as getting through the process of the court, DL-6 case is involved with this murder case. Will Ryuichi (Phonenix) be able to win this case for his childhood friend? What does DL-6 case have to do with this murder case?


Main Characters


Ryuichi Naruhodo (Phonenix Wright) – Main Character. He is a rookie attorney. Let’s see what he can do!

Mayoi Ayasato (Maya Fey) – Chihiro’s young sister. She is a Psychic Medium in training and cute girl! She will start to help Ryuichi Naruhodo (Phonenix Wright) after her sister’s misfortune.

Chihiro Ayasato’s (Mia Fey) – Mayoi’s elder sister and Ryuichi’s boss. Unfortunately, she will be murdered. Ryuichi will succeed to her office.

Reiji Mitsurugi (Miles Edgeworth) – Ryuichi’s childhood friend. He becomes Ryuichi’s rival in the courtroom.


How to find this movie


Movie : 2012


Theme Song


2012Spark – Porno Graffitti(ポルノグラフィティ)

2012Spark - Porno Graffitti

2012Spark – Porno Graffitti


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Ryuichi Naruhodo (Phonenix Wright)
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Fight in court!

DVD in Japanese. It seems like I can’t find U.S version. Sorry!



My Review


Ace Attorney Live Action Movie Recommendation Chart

When this movie starts, I was shocked! Everybody looked so weird. As the story goes on it becomes really serious, so okay, I guess I don’t know the background of Ace Attorney (Gyakuten Saiban), let me check first and I checked about this movie. I recommend you to have a background of Ace Attorney (Gyakuten Saiban) to watch this live action movie. Otherwise, you will react like whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? Yes, I am not going to lie! く(@Д@) This movie is not the  kind of movie to tell you what is going on. Without knowing of this series, game, or anime you will find yourself getting lost. So watch out! At least read my review and go watch!

The director of this movie mentioned that this movie is for the people who know this game and people who don’t know this game…..they watch this together and people who know this game, can tell the people who don’t know very well like me….. Okay, so I can learn how to socialize with them. Good but you know what…..I watched alone….. 。゜゜(´□`。)°゜。Could he tell me that earlier so I could find somebody who knows this game? lol, Anyway, the story itself is good, and I enjoyed it. It will get you into it if you watch storyline only, not to watch characters. lol, This is a live action movie so they tried to make actor and actress look close to the original characters.

Since they have a unique world, I personally think they should have put more scenes that were funny. I wanted to laugh more with those characters. But as far as the story goes and some laugh parts are blended in  very nicely. It was fun to watch them fight in the court. I could feel the taste of this game! Maybe I will start playing one of Ace Attorney games!

At last, what I want to say is, I just want you to make sure that read this post and understand a little bit of this story if you haven’t played the game or watched this anime yet, except for watching with somebody who knows the story of this! If you have time to watch this, enjoy the world of Ace Attorney!

Ace Attorney anime version


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