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Hello, anime lovers! Let’s talk about anime today! I want to make a review of Akame ga Kill! Let’s get it started! ….〆(・ω・。)




The main character is a swordsman by the name of Tatsumi who lives in a poor village which is forced to pay a tax by the empire. He is far from becoming a member of the empire’s soldiers and trying to be successful. With childhood friends Sayo and Ieyasu, he hits the road to go to the imperial capital.  On the way to the capital, they were attacked by a bandit and were separated. As getting through hardship, he could barely make it to imperial capital. As soon as he gets the capital, he was fooled, and his money taken by a beautiful woman named Leone who is from the Night Raid. Night Raid is a group of assassins from the anti-empire.

All of his money was stolen, and he lost all of his motivation, but he runs into a noble girl named Aria who was passing by him on the street and saved him. He started to work as her bodyguard. While he is working for her, he heard about what is going on in imperial capital and the Night Raid from her other bodyguard.

One night he woke up with unusual feelings, and he looked out the window and found the Night Raid attacking. They killed her other bodyguards within seconds. He went to protect Aria when a member of Night Raid got there too, that was Leone who stole his money the other day, and this named girl Akame.

Akame tried to kill her without hesitating, Tatsumi got in front of Akame and protected Aria. While they were fighting, Leone told him the truth of her family. Her family pretends they are going save people who are like Tatsumi, who come from a different place to the imperial capital for a better life, instead they take them and torture them, use them for experiments, and then kill them for their fun. He also heard the shocking truth that his friends, Sayo, and Ieyasu were killed by them. 

He couldn’t think anything anymore, he was so disappointed at imperial city. During that moment, Akame tried to kill Aria, but at that  same moment, he killed Aria before Akame did. Leone liked how Tatsumi did without hesitation. She decided to take Tatsumi back to the base of Night Raid by force.

Since he knew the truth of what is going on in this city and death of his friends, Tatsumi decided to join in Night Raid. To justify the imperial city and people who controlled it, what can Tatsumi do? Will Tatsumi be able to give them punishment as a member of Night Raid?


Main Characters


Akame ga Kill AkameAkame – Night Raid member and main character. She is a quiet person who doesn’t talk much. She looks like she is cold but she has a kind heart inside of her. When she was a child, she and her young sister, Kurome were sold to the empire. She was trained and raised as a assassin. But She was convinced by Najenda and joined in Night Raid member.




Akame ga Kill TatsumiTatsumi – Night Raid member and main character. He is a type of person who moves with his emotions. Somehow, he is liked by elder girls and is called elder girls killer. lol He is from a local place with his friends but his friends were murdered. As I said this on the story part above, Leone liked how he is and he joins in Night Raid.




Akame ga Kill MineMine – Night Raid member. She is a half of a different race and that caused her to be discriminated by people when she was a childhood. The reason why she joined in Night Raid is to build a new nation which doesn’t have a discrimination.





Akame ga Kill Leone

Leone – Night Raid member. She is like a Tatsumi’s big sister. She has a bad habit to spend much money. She is from a slum and she was recruited by Night Raid while she was beating somebody up. She doesn’t like someone who acts up and she is waiting for a chance to kill a top of this country.

Akame ga Kill Sheele

Sheele – Night Raid member. She is a relaxing and forgetful person who likes to read a book. She used to be made fun of by people because she is a clumsy person. But when her friend was almost killed by her ex boyfriend, Sheele killed her friend’s ex boyfriend to save her friend. That guy’s friends made a revenge on Sheele’s family and killed her family. They also tried to kill Sheele but she killed them all. Since that, she became a assassin. When she was a assassin, she was recruited by Night Raid.

Akame ga Kill NajendaNajenda – A boss of Night Raid. She used to be a general in the empire. She a calm and considerate person who are trusted by members of Night Raid. But her jokes are not good…..


Akame ga Kill Chelsea

Chelsea – Night Raid member. She doesn’t want to lose her comrades any more. That makes her realist and severe person. But she likes to play a prank.

Akame ga Kill Esdeath

Esdeath – She is a general of the empire. Her hobbies are to hunt and torture. Her principle is the law of the jungle. But she is going to fall in love with Tatsumi…..



Akame ga Kill Kurome

Kurome – A member of the Jaegers and Akame’s young sister. The Jaegers is made by Esdeath. They are special police. Akame joined in Night Raid but she refused. Eventually they will have to fight……


How to find this anime


Anime Studio : WHITE FOX

Episodes : 24

Akame ga KILL!, Vol. 1

Akame ga Kill! Manga on Amazon

Akame Ga Kill 1 [Blu-ray]

Blu-ray on Amazon



Opening and Ending Songs



Skyreach – Sora Amamiya(雨宮天)

Skyreach - Sora Amamiya

Skyreach – Sora Amamiya

Liar Mask – Rika Mayama(真山りか)

Liar Mask - Rika Mayama

Liar Mask – Rika Mayama


Konna Sekai, Shiritaku Nakatta – Miku Sawai (こんな世界、知りたくなかった。 – 沢井美空)

Konna Sekai, Shiritaku Nakatta - Miku Sawai

Konna Sekai Shiritaku Nakatta – Miku Sawai

Tsuki Akari – Sora Amamiya (月灯り – 雨宮天)

Tsuki Akari - Sora Amamiya

Tsuki Akari – Sora Amamiya


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Akame ga Kill Blu Ray

Akame Ga Kill! – Collection 1 (Collector’s Edition) [Blu-ray+DVD]
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My Review


Akame ga Kill Recommendation Chart

This anime starts out very sad as you read the story. He left his village to follow his dream that he was going to be successful, and went to the imperial city, and then found out all the facts about what goes on in the city. He even got robbed on the way to the city. It is too sad! I am not going to say what is going to happen in this anime later on, but the person he gets close to, he will lose. I thought he should not have gone on that adventure. I know it was hard for him to live in the village, and to keep on paying taxes for those greedy people of the empire. But….. I don’t know which choice was best for him. 

This anime is pretty much summarized well. You can easily get along with a story if you can accept people’s death. Life doesn’t go to the way you want it. I think this anime will teach you live lessons, you will learn that life isn’t so sweet, if you want to think deeply about this anime. But if you don’t want to watch and think deeply, you can enjoy watching this as action/adventure anime like others! I definitely recommend this anime for you to watch! If you have a chance to be able to watch, you should try!


Thank you for reading! you can rate this anime if you know already. You can also leave a comment below!

Bye Bye! …((φ(。・c_,・。)φ))…


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