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Hello! I am Mishi! How are you doing, everyone? Today, what I want to recommend to you guys is AKIRA (アキラ). It is one of the most popular anime in the world. It is an old movie but there is nothing wrong to watch it right now! The great movies are always great movies whenever you watch them! So let’s go to check the world of AKIRA! (・ω・)




In 2019, this is Tokyo, Japan. In Tokyo bay, there is a jungle of high buildings called, Neo Tokyo that has been built. But the atmosphere is not great. Anti‐governmental demonstration collides, the police and right-wing anti-government guerrillas fight the army. In 2020, Tokyo Olympic will be held soon and old Tokyo is about to be under construction for it.

Shotaro Kaneda who is the leader of a biker gang called, The Capsules. His gang rides their bikes on the abandoned highway between Neo Tokyo and old Tokyo. They run into a white hair boy named, Takashi who is an Esper from the army who was taken outside by right-wing anti-government guerrillas.

Tetsuo Shima who is a childhood friend of Kaneda and also a member of this bike gang couldn’t dodge him (Actually, the wall that Takashi created with his supernatural power.) and got injured badly. Takashi is taken back by the army and Tetsuo too.

While Kaneda is looking for Tetsuo, he meets Ryusaku and Kei who are looking for the secret to the army’s research of  supernatural power. They are the member of right-wing anti-government guerrillas. Kaneda cooperates to look for Tetsuo with Kei temporarily.

At the same time, Tetsuo is hospitalized by the army but this accident causes him to have a supernatural power. When he comes back to Kaneda, he is no longer old Tetsuo. He becomes violent and brutal. He goes to his gang’s rival gang called, Crown. He takes over this gang and tries to attack other gangs. Kaneda and other gangs try to resist against Tetsuo but they will lose to Tesuo. He kills Yamagata who is from his same gang and also tries to kill Kaneda. At the same time, the helicopter from the army shows up. After this, they will hear the existence of Akira and now, what is going to happen?


Main Characters


Shotaro Kaneda – Main character. He is the leader of a biker gang named, The Capsules. He has big guts and an ability of quick reflexes. Every day, he rides his bike which he has stolen and modified the way he wants and looks for the trouble.

Tetsuo Shima – Main character. He is also called No.41 later on. He is a member of The Capsules and Kaneda’s childhood friend. He is the type of person who tends to be bullied so Kaneda has protected him since young time. The accident causes him to have an opposite side of his original personality and he becomes violent and cruel.

Akira – He is also called No.28. in 1982, he awakened and his supernatural power went out of control. This incident destroyed Tokyo. He has been frozen and sealed and under the control of the army.

Kei – The girl who is a member of a right-wing anti-government guerrilla. She is saved by Kaneda and starts to cooperate with him.

Ryusaku(Ryu) – He is the leader of a right-wing anti-government guerrilla. He and Kei are the best buddy to each other.


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Year : 1988


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My Review


AKIRA Recommendation Chart

This movie will choose the people to watch because of a couple of factors. This movie contains violence, drugs, and blood. It seems like some people don’t want to watch it because of those. I understand what they say about it. I just have to let somebody who doesn’t like to watch those scenes know that this movie has those scenes.

Secondly, this movie is more for the people who want to create anime or movies in the future. There are many famous directors from anime and movies that are affected by this movie and this movie has been praised by them. When this movie came out in theaters, it was not a successful movie at first. Some people who don’t know about the original story said it has too much violence, is a grotesque and confusing story. On the other hand, people who have read the original story said something is missing. But the people who are directors of movies or anime that were affected by this movie created their piece of work boosted about this movie’s reputation. Probably, you have heard this movie is great but not all people would agree that it was great after finished watching. You need to make sure of this movie with your own eyes and judge it.

That is the reason why this movie will choose people. But as a matter of fact, this movie has become a foundation of nowadays anime and movies. It might be fun for you to look for the parts which affected and being used on another movies and anime.

Personally, I think this movie is good. The surprising part of this movie is the way of character’s mouths move. The voices of the characters were recorded before they made the pictures so their mouth moves with what they are saying. Around this time, this was rare. The graphics move like 3D so this movie is really impressive for back then. What most people got surprised about is this movie predicted the Tokyo Olympics?? In 2020, Tokyo Olympics will be held! So, this means the world of AKIRA will come to Japan soon?? Lol, I hope this is just a coincident!

Anyway, it is always up to you to decide if you like this movie or not. But AKIRA has been known all over the world so if you are an anime otaku, there is not a way to dodge this movie or Manga. I would suggest watching this movie if you don’t mind the violence and blood scenes. I don’t recommend to kids to watch it because of those reasons. It is for adults! If you want to get into the world of AKIRA, why don’t you try to watch it??  (^(エ)^)

Thank you for reading this post! I hope you will have a good day! Bye bye! (´・ω・`)/~~


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