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Angel Beats

Hello! This is Mishi! How is everyone doing today? Okay so things have changed for me, wow have they changed. I made the move to the graveyard shift so that maybe I could have more time to do this website. What a mistake that was, Now all I do is try to catch up on sleep. I am sorry to all of you, I am doing my best to keep this website updated every day and interesting. As I have mentioned before this is my first website and it has been an experience, but I am loving it. Okay now onto today’s review of an anime is called Angel Beats. Let’s get into details now!  ヾ(´^ω^)ノ♪




This anime is about a school life story, but it takes place after death. There are 2000 people that go to this high school (Tenjo Gakuen) and live in there. The people who are sent from this world had a miserable life or didn’t have a good school life before they passed away in the real world. As they enjoy spending a good school life in this world, they will enter a setup called NPC that was created for the people, in advance before their death. They are not real humans but setup as characters. They all have personalities, characters, different looks, different voices, and so on. It is not like RPG game characters, you can talk to them, and actually have a conversation with them. Besides the setup characters, there are many people who are real humans there too. Some are able to remember their life before they passed away, some are unable to remember their past before they passed away.

People who can remember their past created SSS which can fight angels. They always try to beat Kanade Tachibana who is the head of the school council. She is called Angel by SSS.

Yuzuru Otonashi is the main character in this anime who comes to this world. He is one of those that doesn’t have a memory of his life before he passed away. As not knowing anything, he meets this girl Yuri Nakamura who is a leader of the SSS, she asks him to join the SSS. On the other hand, Yuzuru also notices the presence of Kanade Tachibana as an angel, and he gets so confused with what is going around him. He also doesn’t have a memory of his past, and he decides to fight with SSS….. But how will this story go and what will happen to him, and to the real humans in there?


Main Characters


Angel Beats Yuzuru/Hideki

(From left to right)

Hideki Hinata – He is a friendly guy who will become a good friend to Otonashi.

His Past – he used to play a baseball but he got involved in a traffic accident.

Yuzuru Otonashi – Main character. He lost his memories of his past and came to this world. He doesn’t know what to do…..

His past – He lost his sister. Since that, he tried to be a doctor but when he was on a train, this train made accident in a tunnel and he passed away.

Angel Beats Yuri/Kanade

Yuri Nakamura – SSS leader. Her personality has a strong attitude but she is liked by people.

Her past – She is from a rich family that was broke into by a robber. Her sisters and brother were murdered. It doesn’t say how she passed away but probably this incident caused something to her.

Kanade Tachibana(Tenshi) – She is a president of the student council. She doesn’t show much emotions. She fights SSS all the time.

Her past – She used to have a sick to her heart. That caused her to come to this world. But there is a more story for her heart….. I don’t spoil you! Σ(゚Д゚;≡;゚д゚)

Angel Beats Masami/Yui

Masami Iwasawa –  A member of Girls Dead Monster band. She performs a guitar and vocal. She also makes a lyrics and arrange songs. She is a quiet person who has a passion to music.

Her past – She used to try to be a singer. She got involved with a fight of parents and her father hit her head with a beer bottle. That caused her to pass away.

Yui – She is a big fan of Girls Dead Monster band and an assistant of the band. She looks cute but she has a short temper and bitter tongue.

Her Past – It is not said how she passed away but when she was a child, she got in an accident. That gave her an aftereffect not to be able to get out of a bed at hospital.

Angel Beats Shiina/Yusa

Shiina -A member of SSS. She is a person who doesn’t talk much. Her weakness is a cute thing.

Her past – She is from an old era of Japan. She used to be like a assassin who is for killing people to people. It is not said how she passed away.

Yusa – A member of SSS. She is an operator for SSS to let them know what is going on while a fight. She has a calm personality but also has a bitter tongue.

Her past – It is not sure but she has a past of hating guys so that means she has been done something by a guy. (According to Angel Beats! Heaven’s Door.)

How to find this anime


Anime Studio : P.A.WORKS

Episodes : 13 + 2 special episodes


Angel Beats!: Heaven's Door Vol. 1

Angel Beats! Manga on Amazon

Angel Beats, Season 1, Episode 5 (Favorite Flavor) (English Subtitled)

Angel Beats! on Amazon Video




Opening and Ending Songs



My Soul,Your Beats! – Lia


Brave Song – Aoi Tada(多田葵)

Brave Song - Aoi Tada

My Soul,Your Beats! – Lia/Brave Song – Aoi Tada


Mishi’s top picks for Otaku


Angel Beats Action Figure Tenshi

Tenshi figure on J box

Angel Beats Action Figure Yuri

Cool Yuri!








Angel Beats Action Figure Yui


Angel Beats Mouse Pad

Girl Dead Monster
Mouse Pad for your computer!






Angel Beats Action Figure complete Series

Angel Beats!: Complete Series
English Subtitles!

Angel Beats Wall Scroll

Big Wall Scroll: F Yui
Size: approx. 1200mm x 700mm HUGE lol









My Review


Angel Beats Recommendation Chart

It is comedy school life story! What a difference from a normal comedy, the school life is that they are all dead person.(((( ;゚Д゚)))  Did you get surprised? Don’t get the wrong idea this anime is not a zombie or ghost way! They are cute characters in this story. So don’t worry! Actually, it is a sad story so you might want to keep a box of tissues by you in case you shed some tears at the end. I cry easily with  watching anime, drama, and movie so….. Who will be next me?  。+゚(゚´Д`゚)゚+

Anyway since they have been dead, they can’t die anymore. You know that right? If somebody gets stabbed with a knife, they would react like it didn’t even happen….. Yes, this world is like that, SSS is fighting but nobody will die. I didn’t categorize this anime as action anime, the fighting is not the main reason for them. They do school events, tests like they are a normal student in the real world. It is sad to think they are dead already, doing school life, and they are still fighting. That is why this sorrow feeling will get you at the end to make you feel emotional. This anime separates into comedy part and emotional part good.

Music is good too. This anime plays music on right timing to get the viewers emotional! I think from every way, you can get to enjoy it well!


Thank you for reading this review. If you have already watched this anime, please rate this anime. You can talk to people about this anime below! (´・ω・`)/~~


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