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Hello! I’m Mishi! Today, what I want to talk about is the anime movies that haven’t officially been subtitled yet. There are many anime movies that need to be subtitled officially! Somebody needs to tell them to do it! Don’t you have anime that you want to watch or want them to publish right?? (;・∀・)

There are English subtitles DVD for it but it is not officially so the translation is not right! I want to watch them with proper translation and add them to my collection of anime DVD and Blu-Ray! Some people feel me right? (;・∀・) I have a ton of them that I want to watch so I decided to make a post for them today!

I am going to introduce 8 anime movies that I want them to be subtitled officially to you guys! I hope my one of favorite anime will be subtitled officially someday! This is my 8 anime movies that need to be subtitles! Let’s take a look at them! ヽ(´3`)ノ 




8 : Nerawareta Gakuen (ねらわれた学園)


Nerawareta Gakuen Blu-Ray

Anime Studio : SUNRISE

Year : 2012


The main character named, Kenji Seki is a junior high school student. While he is on the way to his school, he finds a boy in the hill. As soon as Kenji sees him, at that moment, he feels a weird feeling. Soon, he finds out that the boy is Ryoichi who transfers to his class. He starts a new life and getting along with people at school.

Kenji has a girl who he is in love with but she starts to get attracted to Ryoichi. At the same time, the girl named, Natsuki who is a childhood friend of Kenji is in love with Kenji. But he doesn’t notice it. While this time, there are mysterious things occurring at their school and those incidents will change the life of Kenji’s…..


My review

Originally the story is from a novel and this series has been remade a couple of times as dramas and movies. Originally, it is Sci-Fi and suspense but for this movie, the theme is teenager’s love and friendship. As I said above, it has been remade over and over so that means the story is pretty good. It is too sad that official English sub DVD or Blu-ray haven’t released yet! (;´Д`)



7 : Like the Clouds, Like the Wind (雲のように 風のように)


Like a cloud like the wind DVD


Anime Studio : PIERROT

Year : 1990


The girl named, Ginga is the main character who lives in the countryside. One day, a new emperor looks for his bride with a condition. That condition is 3 meals a day and nap. Lol, this catches her eyes and she offers to be his bride. To become his bride, she takes training and learns many things through many people.

On the other hand, in this Imperial Court, a plan of conspiracy has been made secretly and this era is about to face a unquiet time……


My Review

Do you think it looks like Studio Ghibli’s characters? If you think so, you are right! The animation director is Katsuya Kondou who has participated in the works of Studio Ghibli much. The story is fantasy. It aims at kids but an adult can enjoy too.



6 : Majocco Shimai no Yoyo to Nene  (魔女っこ姉妹のヨヨとネネ)


Majocco Shimai no Yoyo to Nene Blu-Ray

Anime Studio : ufotable

Year : 2013


This is a magical world where the witches put a curse or magic on something and also break them for somebody. The main characters, Yoyo and Nene are the sisters of a witch. They run a business to put a curse on somebody and also break a curse for somebody.

One day, Yoyo goes to investigate the big tree which twines around a high building. While she is researching for it, all of sudden, the mysterious light falls on her and takes her to the different world. In this different world, she meets a child. This child’s parents turn into monsters!

This makes Yoyo and Nene stand up! As they go back and forth to their world and this different world, they try to solve this case!


My Review

It is pure fantasy with cute characters. The story itself is composed excellently and you will be able to be satisfied by this movie in short time. It might look like childish anime but an adult can definitely watch it. You will love the worldview of this anime! I hope they will release this anime as English subtitles! 〆(゚▽゚*)



5 : Fuse Teppou Musume no Torimonochou (伏 鉄砲娘の捕物帳)


Fuse Teppou Musume no Torimonochou DVD


Year : 2012


A 14-year-old girl named, Hamaji as the main character who has lost her grandfather comes to Edo from her place in the mountain. The reason why she comes to Edo is because her brother lives in here. She is a hunter.

One day, she hears the rumor of the people who have the blood of the dog and lives their life as disguising as humans. They are called Fuse. People say that Fuse eats a human’s spirit and causes vicious crimes in Edo.

While that time, Hamaji meets with the guy who has white hair and wears the dog mask named, Shino. He is a popular actor for Kabuki but he is actually a ……


My Review

The graphics are beautiful and the characters are a plain picture. I love the story and the worldview around this old era personally. It is a sad and warm story that you will be able to enjoy watching. If this movie could have been composed better, it would be a higher rank! It was close but I just love the worldview! I shouldn’t complain much! (≧∇≦)




4 : Asura (アシュラ)


Asura DVD


Year : 2012


This anime takes place in old Japan. It is the latter of 1400 which is around Onin no Ran. This incident is a war and lasted 10 years. While people are surviving for a war, flood, and drought, Asura as the main character who is an orphan who grows up like a beast in Kyoto.

One day, he meets with the girl named, Wakasa and Monk. They teach him how to be a human being. For example, how to talk, how to laugh, and so on….. But a natural calamity happens and people will be cornered to the poverty and …..


My Review

It is about only 70 minutes but it expresses the life of Asura emotionally. It will get you through the many feelings in this short time. The graphic has its own style and this matches up with the world of Asura. I am sure that you will get into this movie as soon as it starts. What kind of feelings will you have toward him? (´・д・`* = *´・д・`)


3 : Summer Days with Coo (河童のクゥと夏休み)


Summer Days with Coo DVD


Year : 2007


Right before the summer break, Kouichi Uehara as the main character picks the big rock up. He brings that rock to his house and washes it. What a surprise! The kid of Kappa comes out of that rock and says coo! He names this Kappa Coo.

Coo can speak and Coo can talk! Coo has been shut in for many years, At first, Kouichi and his family get surprised by Coo but they accept Coo and try to keep this secret to anybody but…..


My Review

What do you think about this movie? This anime suits for more adults than kids to watch. You can’t imagine but it is serious content included. It shows you the contrast of things. For example, human and nature, pure and ugliness like that. Of course, if you don’t want to think and just watch it, you will be able to relax but I think if you are an adult, you will not dodge to think of something. I was surprised that this movie is this way because as seeing the picture, you will not be able to feel that way! lol



2 : Rainbow Fireflies (虹色ほたる 〜永遠の夏休み〜)


Rainbow Fireflies DVD


Year : 2012


The main character named, Yuta is the 6th grade of an elementary school student. When his summer breaks, he goes to the mountain near a dam to collect insects. This is his favorite place to catch insects with his father who has passed away in a traffic accident and a memorable place for him.

At this place, he meets with a mysterious old man. He is thirsty so Yuta gives him his drink. After that, a heavy rain suddenly starts and cause him to be in an accident. He loses his consciousness but when he awakes, he notices that his time slips and finds the village which is more than 30 years ago……


My Review

As you see the picture above, it looks like nostalgic atmosphere. This movie will make you feel sentimental and something nostalgic. The story is fantasy. It is so relaxing and quiet movie but you will be able to feel the messages of this movie. Your heart will be washed and be able to feel refresh! I like the anime like this so much! o(*^・^*)o


1 : Hotarubi no Mori e ( 蛍火の杜へ)


Hotarubi no Mori e Blu-Ray

Anime Studio : Brain’s Base

Year : 2011


Hotaru Takegawa as the main character who visits her grandfather in her summer break. She gets lost in the mountain of Yamagami which is said that Yokai(Japanese ghost or monster) live at. While she can do nothing but crying at this mountain, the boy who wears the Kitsune mask(fox mask) named, Gin comes to her and saves her.

Since this time, Hotaru starts to visit Gin in her every summer break and their relationship becomes closer and closer. But Gin is not a human and also not a Yokai….. If she tries to touch him, he disappears……


My Review

Do you know Natsume’s Book of Friends? Do you love it?? Then, you need to watch this anime movie too because the same writer of Natsume’s Book of Friends. The atmosphere and worldview are the same way of Natsume’s book of Friends but that doesn’t matter to me. Who’s not going to love the feelings you can get from it? You will be able to feel the same feelings for this movie too. It is so gentle and kind. You may prepare the tissue for the last scene!




How was it? Don’t you want to watch them right now? ヾ(´^ω^)ノ♪ There are still many anime and anime movies that haven’t been subtitled officially expect for them! Anime is so deep! There are many kinds of anime and each person has a different taste so I hope I will be able to help you guys out to be able to find right ones! So I will introduce you guys to the more anime that I love! Our Otaku life will never end! (*^o^*)

Thank for reading this post! Let me know if you know the anime that you like! βγё②φ(0∀0*ο





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