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attack on titan live action movie

Hello! I am Mishi! Today I want to share with you guys a movie “Attack on Titan Live Action Movie”. It has a part 1 and part 2. I will talk about part 1 today. What do you think as looking at the picture above? ヾ(´^ω^)ノ♪ Did it get you interested? If so, let’s see how these movies are!




While titans are destroying the world, the people had to find a way to protect themselves. They built 3 places which are surrounded by huge tall walls to protect themselves from the titans.

Eren as the main character who lost his parents when he was young, he lives his life without having any ambition. Eren has friends their names are Mikasa and Armin. As you know them already from the anime right? ☆(ゝω・)v Eren asks them that what do you want to do in the future? They become quiet and depressed because their life would end in inside the walls. During that conversation, Eren kicked an unexploded bomb which had a picture of a girl who wears a bikini by the ocean. They only knew of an ocean through rumors but they made sure it exists. This picture makes them want to leave from inside the walls.

They get close to the walls but the security is patrolling and they get busted. Eren starts to fight the security but the guy who used to be a friend of Eren’s father when he was alive stops Eren. His name is Souda. He says to him that when you notice the existence of the walls, inside of the walls are hell and outside of the walls are heaven. But do not leave these walls. If you want to get out of these walls, become a survey corps. At this time, the titans begin to appear out of blue. They start to destroy the place inside the walls and the people begin to panic. While they are running away, in front of Mikasa, a lady dropped her baby. She tries to save that baby but one of titan get close to them and……. after 2 years later…… The story continues….. What happened with Mikasa? Will Eren and Armin be able to find Mikasa even though 2 years passed? This movie has an original story.


Main Characters


Eren – Main character. Mikasa and Armin’s childhood friend. He is eager to see the outside world. He lost his parents when he was young. He switches from job to job and is getting tired of living his life in inside the walls.

Mikasa – Main character. Eren and Armin’s childhood friend. She is the daughter of a dyer. I wonder what happened to her.

Armin – Eren and Mikasa’s childhood friend. His family is oil merchants. He likes to invent stuff and fix things.

Shikishima – Original character for the movie. I think this character’s model is kind of like Levi. He is known as the strongest soldier. He is really a mysterious guy. What is he? Is the only a question that remains in my head.

Souda – Original character for the movie. Eren’s father’s friend.


How to find these movies


part 1 : August 2015

Official English subtitle is not available yet.

attack-on-titan live action movie

Attack On Titan
It’s in Japanese


Opening and Ending songs






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My Review


Attack on Titan Live Action movie 1 Recommendation Chart

This movie was disappointing. Only the action graphics were good. Except for that, I don’t have much to say. Definitely, you need to watch this movie as it is. I don’t want you to imagine that this is related to the Attack On Titan anime. You will be disappointed 100 %! This is for sure! This movie breaks the whole image of characters from the anime. If you don’t want to destroy the image of the characters in this anime, like the titans destroy from place to place, do not watch! I only recommend this movie to the people who are only interested in this movie after reading my review and still want to watch it! After you finish watching this movie, the only thing you would feel from this movie is I’m glad that titans are not in the real world. I think this movie was a challenge. As you know the anime version, it would be hard to make a live action movie. They tried to make it original and different from anime. I understand that but it came out as failed. Levi should be glad that he is not in this live action movie. lol, Maybe he said he doesn’t want to be in the movie and that is why he was not there. That is only the only thing I came up with about Levi right now. Do I have to make a review of part 2? (o´д`o)=3 This is not a fart, this is a sigh! Well,,, I will make part 2 since I have made part 1 but my motivation went down as you can see. o(__*)ZZz I need to go to bed to dream of the anime version of Attack on Titan to bring the world view of Attack on Titan!! Good night!

Here is my review of Attack on Titan series.

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