BABYMETAL : You haven’t know them yet? (,,゚Д゚)∩ joke right?


Hello! Konnichiwa! Mishi desu! How have you been everybody? I heard BABYMETAL has made it onto the U.S music chart. They were also on the front page of the English Heavy Metal Magazine”METAL HAMMER”. I think they are the most powerful Japanese music artist in the world right now. Before we miss the trend ride of the Japanese music scene, let’s learn about them!


History of BABYMETAL


In 2010, BABYMETAL was established. BABYMETAL is a branch off of the idol group “Sakura Gakuin”. Since then, they have been performing on stage.

In 2011, they became popular by posting their songs on youtube. Actually, they became popular from foreigner’s support at first. When they posted the second song “Gimme Chocolate!!”on youtube, they hit the jackpot.

They were invited to perform an opening performance by Lady Gaga. Through the years and their experiences, they have become popular with people all over the world!


The members of BABYMETAL


babymetal nylon

BABYMETAL on CD Japan [NYLON Japan Limited Edition] May 2016

SU-METAL (Center): Vocal, Dance

YUIMETAL (Left): Scream, Chorus, Dance

MOAMETAL (Right): Scream, Chorus, Dance


Their god is a Kitsune(Fox)


The concept of BABYMETAL is so characteristic. These three teenage girls perform for an oracle of Kitsune sama(Fox) as metal resistance. Instead of showing the sign of corna(you know finger sign of rock), they show the sign of fox.

One thing you don’t want to get twisted is they are not a band group! They don’t play an instrument. They have a couple of back bands(not all the time though). They are called “BABYBONE” “Kitsune Gakudan” “Kami Band”.

They also have back dancers who are called SISTERBONE.


Mishi’s pick top 5 songs



If you want to hear a love song on metal, here this is what you are looking for!


No Bully absolutely is this title in Japanese. This song has serious lyrics as the message!


This song reminds me of Kurenai – X JAPAN! Don’t you think so? Try listening to this song!


Welcome to the world of Japan with heavy metal! You can get to listen to a taste of Japan on heavy metal! Sore~ Sore~ Sore~!


Do I have to talk about this song? It is one of the most famous songs from BABYMETAL. It is about wanting to eat chocolate but doesn’t want to gain a weight. At last, they will eat it, though! It is so of a cute song!

babymetal Resistance

Metal Resistance – BABYMETAL

babymetal CD



Mishi’s top picks for Otaku


babymetal - 1997 Apocalypse

Live – Legend 1999 & 1997 Apocalypse
Watch BABYMETAL at home!


Their live concert in Japan!

BABY METAL Rubber Bracelet Wristband Glows in the Dark

Wristband glows in the dark! Now we’re ready for going to their live concert!

Babymetal's Kitsune Mask

BABYMETAL Kitsune Mask from Amazon lol

POP! Rocks: Babymetal Su-Metal, Yuimetal, Moametal! Vinyl Figure! Set of 3

BABYMETAL figures! Now you are always with them??

What makes people into BABYMETAL?


I think the reason why they have been popular are

1: They push the Japanese Kawaii culture and Japanese pop culture. They usually dress in Japanese Gothic style clothing and Kimono type clothing. They wear Kitsune mask(Fox mask) which are not able to be seen from other countries. It is pretty much interesting to the foreign people.

2: The concept of BABYMETAL is so attractive. Who can come up with Kitsune(Fox) that is a god of heavy metal lol? When they perform on stage, they still carry the story of this concept as they perform. They penetrate a world of their own concept and make it look so cool.

3: They mix idol culture and heavy metal culture well. The sound is heavy and thick but you can also hear the sound of a Japanese pop song. It is so mixed up! If you can’t imagine what I am saying, you should try to listen to them. It is a dark sound like heavy metal but after a while, it turns into a Kawaii pop melodious song to get you into them. They use Japanese instruments mixed with a metal sound it is so amazing!

All I want to say is just check them out! Because there are so so so many people say they don’t know why they like them! It is so addicting to watch their performance. The gap of an idol and singing a heavy metal song are amazing! Their dance is so cute when doing heavy metal songs! They are so crazy unique but cute girls. I recommend you to check them out!


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