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Hello, everyone! How are things going today? I am so excited to post my second post in fashion. Things have kind of slowed down for me right now. I am so happy that I can put more time into the website, I finished my class and I finished it with a C. I wanted more than a C but…it is passing so I will take it and try harder the next class⁽⁽(ી₍₍⁽⁽(ી⁽⁽(ી₍₍⁽⁽(ી( ˆoˆ )ʃ)₎₎⁾⁾ʃ)₎₎ʃ)₎₎⁾⁾ʃ)₎₎. But I am happy that I have time to work on the website now too. I am so excited how this website is coming out. It takes some time to put a website together, I had a couple of days that I couldn’t post and it hurt the site a little.


Brown Backpack

Born Pretty Fashion Backpacks

Okay So now on to what I came here for. Today I want to talk to you about Fashion Backpacks! Say whaaaaaaaaaaaaat? Fashion backpacks? I never thought that backpacks would become fashion. When I was in school backpacks were not the thing to wear, well unless you were a certain type of a person. You know those people that are making millions of dollars right now while I am still working at a grocery store lol. Well, welcome to the new fashion era. Backpacks have now become popular. It has become so popular that even Hollywood is doing it. If Hollywood is doing it, it must be right(๑•̆૩•̆).


White Backpack

Born Pretty Fashion Backpacks

So now you are asking what do I wear with a backpack? Well, of course, a backpack is casual. You wouldn’t wear it with an evening dress. You would wear it with casual clothing. A pair of jeans a casual shirt, or a cute pair of shorts and a casual shirt, or how about a casual mini skirt and your favorite cute casual shirt that you have hanging in the closet or sitting in the drawer. Now you’re asking but what shoes should I wear? Remember you are dressing down so a pair of casual sneakers, casual sandals, or maybe even a cute pair of flip-flops. Throw your hair up in a ponytail, or wear it down in a casual style, put on a little makeup with some lip gloss, add a couple of accessories and you are good to go. I am sure that you will look so kawaii so give it a try.

White and Light Brown Backpack

Born Pretty Fashion Backpacks

Man time flies when you are having fun. I enjoyed making this post and spending time with the viewers of this website. I will continue to post her on this fashion page hopefully once a week. I am off to think what I want to write about next on this page. the possibilities are endless. I am off to put my thinking cap on. Until next time, take care of yourself. Bye-Bye.



Born Pretty Fashion Backpacks


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