Bakuon!! : The cute girls are on the Japanese motorbikes!


ε=ε=ε=┏(゚ロ゚;)┛ (ノ_ _)ノ(*´∀`∩) Hi! How are you doing, everybody! I’m Mishi. The reason why I was running is because of today’s anime that I want to introduce to you. It is called Bakuon!! (ばくおん!!) This anime is about  motorbikes + high school life = comedy! Let’s take a look at the details of this anime! One more run! ゚・*:.。. .。.:*・( ´∀`)




Hane Sakura is the main character who just entered into a girl’s high school. She is the type of person who is relaxed and doesn’t look like she would like motorbikes. On the first day of going to school, she took her bicycle. But there is a big hill on her way to go to her high school. While on her way, Onsa Amano comes by her with her motorbike. As soon as Hane sees the motorbike, she falls in love with it. She decides to join in the motorbike club at school and first, tries to get a motorbike license. This story is about a normal girl who gets into motorbikes and spending her school life on a motorbike with her friends.


Main Characters


Bakuon!! on PLAY-ASIA

(From bottom to top on the picture)

Hane Sakura(pink helmet) – Since she struggles to get up a big hill with her bicycle, she becomes interested in motorbikes. Her motorbike is a Pink HONDA CB400SF.

Rin Suzuki(white helmet) – She has liked motorbikes since she was a child. As she became a high school student, she got a bike from her father. She can’t get along with Onsa. When she was a child, she fell off of a motorbike accidentally and landed on SUZUKI car on her butt. That day was so hot, when  she fell she landed on the SUZUKI logo on her butt, she still has the mark of the SUZUKI’s logo on her butt lol. Her motorbike is SUZUKI GSX400S KATANA.

Onsa Amano(black helmet) – Her family runs a motorbike shop. She has a naturally curly hair. She can’t get along with Rin. Her motorbike is YAMAHA SEROW225W.

Raimu Kawasaki(white helmet with a ribbon on it) – She is the captain of a bike club at high school. She is a mysterious girl. You know why? Because she doesn’t take her helmet off and she doesn’t talk at all. She wears a ribbon on her helmet. (゚д゚) She has much skill and knowledge about motorbikes. Her motorbike is KAWASAKI Ninja ZX-12R.

Hijiri Minowa(black helmet on Raimu’s motorbike) – She is from a rich family. She learns how to be a bad ass through movies and decides to join in the motorbike club to be even more of a bad ass! She doesn’t have a license so she tries to get her a license later on. Her motorbike is DUCATI 1199 Panigale.


How to find this anime



Episodes : 12 episodes


Opening and Ending songs



FEEL×ALIVE – Sayaka Sasaki

FEEL×ALIVE - Sayaka Sasaki

Feel x Alive – Sayaka Sasaki


Buon! Buon! Ride・On!(ぶぉん!ぶぉん!らいど・おん!) – Hane Sakura, Onsa Amano, Rin Suzukino, Hijiri Minowa

Buon! Buon! Ride・On! - Hane Sakura, Onsa Amano, Rin Suzukino, Hijiri Minowa

Buon Buon Ride On – Hane Sakura, Onsa Amano, Rin Suzukino, Hijiri Minowa


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It is a new anime so not many items but here is some.


Rin Suzuki Action Figure

Rin Suzuki is on SUZUKI GSX400S KATANA
Are you a fan of Rin?

Hane Sakura Action Figure

Hane Sakura is on HONDA CB400SF
It is so cooool!







Bakuon Mug Cup

Mug cup for fans!

Rin Suzuki Action Figure with GSX 400S Katana

Rin Suzunoki GSX 400S Katana
different version of Rin!










My review


Bakuon Recommendation Chart

This anime is basically a comedy as I said above. Each character has a unique personality that creates this anime. I’m sure that there are not many people who would be interested in this anime because the genre of this anime. It is all about motorbikes so it is up to how you watch this anime. If you can watch this anime as comedy, you will be able to watch this anime without knowing or being interested in motorbikes. Of course, if you love motorbikes, I recommend you to watch this anime but the story is not like serious motorbike anime. This anime is more toward comedy fans or toward fans of cute anime girl’s. Even so, they talk about a motorbikes deeply so you might be able to get into it! Enjoy their passion toward their motorbikes and the gap of cute girls who ride cool motorbikes. You can feel moe~ like Girls und Panzer. This anime might be similar to Girls und Panzer. Because all girls get into something and spend their time on their things! Isn’t that beautiful? I am sure they are out of trouble because they are busy doing their things! This is the anime for people who want to watch adolescent people work hard for what they are into!

Thank you for reading this post! You can rate this anime if you have watched already! You also can talk about your opinion about this anime below! 


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