The music anime that makes you want to play an instrument!

The music anime that makes you want to play an instrument!

Hello. I’m Mishi! Today, let’s talk about the anime that is about the music. I think there are two kinds of the music anime. One is for making a band or playing instruments. Another one is for making a group like an idol or for vocalists. On this page, I want to show you the anime that people play their instruments and make you excited. You might also want to learn the instruments that they play.

There is the various genre of music but on my top 10, they are all mixed so I hope you will find the anime that you would want to watch.

By the way, I put the most famous music anime, for someone who might complain that this anime wouldn’t be on the top 10 so don’t worry about it! Do you know which one? Yes! That’s it! (o^ー’)b

Anyway, let’s take a look at them! (●´3`)~♪




10: Beck(Mongolian Chop Squad)


Beck Mongolian Chop Squad

This anime is about a junior high school boy namedYukio, Yukio has a complaint about his ordinary days, but one day, he meets with Ryusuke and he dives into the music world. As he fails and struggles over and over, he tries to get close to the stardom in the music industry. It is a rock music anime so he makes his band and tries to be a rock star!

This anime is depicted how hard it is to be a famous musician. As the main character faces troubles one after another like real life. I think it is good to watch the anime because it goes along with our real life. It is not easy to earn something in our life as you know. Since it’s a rock music anime, it might choose the people to watch it but if you love rock music, this anime would be for you to watch!


9: Piano no Mori: The Perfect World of Kai(ピアノの森)


Piano no Mori

This story is about a boy named, Kai who will bloom his talent of a piano up. He lives in the place is called the forest of the piano. He can’t read a musical score at first but the circumstance and the people around him encourage him to be a pianist.

This is an anime movie that will make you want to play the piano. The story doesn’t look like it’s completed so it will make you wonder about the story after this movie. I think if it was an anime which has a couple of episodes, I could get into it more. The reason why I feel so is because the characters are not expressed deeply.

But it is a beautiful story and you can get to feel the enthusiasm in a silence. It’s worth watching this anime if you like the piano!


8: SHOW BY ROCK!! series


Show By Rock!!

Do you know this anime is from Sanrio? Sanrio is the company known for Hello Kitty. Can you imagine that they make an anime like this?

The story is about girls who make a band and try to be a music millionaire. The main character named, Cyan is a cat who loves Gothic Lolita is scouted by the fishy guy who is a president of his music company. Since this encounter, Cyan meets with three girls and makes her band named, Plasmagica.

I never thought Sanrio would make a Moe anime! This anime is just Kawaii(cute) and the songs are good. When they are live on stage, the computer graphic changes. It becomes 3d and they also change their figure like a Nendroid(figure)! 

All I want to say is Sanrio, good job! They know how to make a Kawaii anime! The music is like pop songs. If you like to listen to the pop songs, this anime is for you.


7: Kids on the Slope(Sakamichi no Apollon/坂道のアポロン)


Kids on the Slope

This anime is about Jazz music. The main character named, Kaoru is an honest boy who is a high school student but he is not good at making communication with others since he was young, he has been moving from place to place. Due to his father’s job, he moves to Nagasaki prefecture and starts to live with his uncle’s family. At this place, he will meet Sentarou and get into the world of Jazz.

The setting of this anime is in 1966. It is written for the Japanese adolescent people’s friendship and love through Jazz. You might feel the nostalgic feelings with this anime. It is about teenager’s story but the atmosphere is more for adults. It describes the people who are between an adult and a child. The music is the main part of this anime but you can also get to watch the good quality of the story.

This anime will make you love a Jazz music!


6: La Corda d’Oro Series(Kiniro no Koruda/金色のコルダ)


La Corda d'Oro

The series of La corda d’Oro is a game for girls. So, you see the guys around a girl. The story takes place at their high school. This high school has a general course and music course. The main character girl named, Kahoko is in a general course at this high school. One day, the fairy of music at this school named, Lili gives Kahoko a violin and she shows up to a music contest at this high school. Through the music, she will strengthen the bond of friendship, relationship, and love.

This anime is for the people who like the classical music. It looks like a Harlem anime for girls but that is not it! Each character has their own individual personality and the story is like a human drama.

By the way, “corda” in Italian is a bond. It also means a bowstring! Did you know that?




5: K-ON! Series(Keion/けいおん)



There you go, K-ON fans! I know if I don’t put this anime, many people will complain a lot. This is a legend anime for the Otaku people. Comparing to the other anime on this page, this anime is not the serious music anime. It is more like their usual days at their high school. Their high school is only for girls so this anime got rid of the element of love. It is rare to see a girl’s anime that don’t contain this element. Instead of it, they put an element of the music. Sometimes they practice hard, sometimes they are so loose, and sometimes they are serious. As the story goes with a good tempo, you can get to see them enjoying the music.

There are many people that think this is Moe anime but that’s not it. If you haven’t watched this anime because of this reason, you are wasting your time not to watch. You will see this anime more than that!

I almost forgot about the story of this anime. The story is about the girls who joined a music band club which is almost abolished because of no members. As they make a girl’s band, they start to learn the instruments from zero. This is how this anime starts.(In Japan, the music band club plays usually a pop song. And, this club is called Keion club)

The music is good and the characters are so unique. There are many people who weren’t interested in this anime but became attached to the anime. Who’s not going to love this anime? You have to watch it!




This anime is a game too. The story is about a boy named, Haruki who tries to play music on the stage for a school festival. Until he graduates from his high school, he tries to achieve this goal. The sound of his guitar will call two other members to go to the school festival. But the triangle relationship of love will cause them to have a problem.

This anime is a music anime but it strongly contains the love story. Actually, it is more of a love story than a music anime. Two girls and one boy play a music together so it might be natural to happen this way but there is no love that won’t hurt anybody. This anime expresses the character’s psychological description greatly and the story will tighten your heart. It is so sad and gives you an impact.

It is one of the great love story anime but the reason why I put this anime on this rank is because to make a girl or boy you like interested in you can be a reason to start playing an instrument like Haruki. It’s correct, right?


3: Nodame Cantabile Series(のだめカンタービレ)


Nodame cantabile

Okay, let’s go back to the real music anime. Nodame has been known as a drama or a live action movie more than being an anime. This anime is a comedy music anime and the genre of the music is a classical orchestra. The story is about a guy named, Shinichi is a college student who tries to be a famous maestro. He is also known as a genius already but he is in a slump and is worried about his future. One day, he is woken up by the sound of piano and finds the girl named, Nodame(Megumi Noda) playing her piano surrounded by a bunch of trash. This will change his life.

If you want to go to college for music, you need to watch it! This is what the people say about this anime. But even though you are not interested in the music industry, you will be able to enjoy watching this anime like me. There are many comical scenes and the expressions of struggles and growth for the main characters, it won’t let you get bored.

This anime is like a third world to me but this is how the people who go to the college of music learn about the music. It is really an interesting anime that I want to recommend.


2: Your Lie in April(Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso/四月は君の嘘)


Your Lie in April

The story is about the boy named, Kousei who can’t play the piano since he has lost his mother meets a girl named, Kaori who is a violinist. She behaves outrageously but has her individuality for the music. As Kousei gets attracted to her, he will find the way to run with his feet.

This anime is one of my favorite ones. The reason why this anime is great is because the description of the character’s feelings is written so politely. Top of that, there is love, friendship, effort, struggle, and the music would make you laugh and cry. All of the element are composed together well. 

Speaking of the sense of feelings, the music like piano or violin takes their emotions to play their instruments. Even though I don’t know much about a classical music, I could tell the different sensitivity of how they play.

This anime is for the people who want to see the two main characters have an opposite personality to each other but they both grow up and deepen their relationship with the classical music.


1: Sound! Euphonium Series(Hibike!Euphonium/響け! ユーフォニアム)


Sound! Euphonium

The anime that makes you want to play an instrument is this one, right? This anime made me want to join the brass band club and play an instrument. It also made me regret that I didn’t get into anything like them when I was in high school. My life would be different if I was into something when I was a teenager.

Anyway, it is about the brass band club at high school. As they dedicate their adolescent time to be in the brass band club, they try to find something important to their life. I really think it is so beautiful when they make an effort and achieve something. It is a more serious anime than K-ON!! They practice seriously and dedicate their life to this brass band. Of course, they are teenagers so there are bitter experiences in the shiny adolescent time. This creates the drama and brings you tears at the end.

This anime makes me depressed because it makes me want to be born as Japanese, wear that school uniform, and get into the activity club to try to achieve something with the other students. (‘∀`)




I have noticed what is missing in my life after I finished writing this page. That is the something I should have gotten into around the adolescent time. I love to watch those anime because they are really working hard to achieve their dream. I’m not talking about the result. Just to do something hard make sense. It has something to learn through doing something hard. That would be a legacy for their life. I wished I could have done achieved something in my young age but those type of the anime make me feel good to watch. I should make the top 10 anime that recover something that I have missed in my life, huh? ・゚・(´∀`*)゚・・

Thank you for reading this page!

 See you later!





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