Bigger Isn’t Always Better! Best Short Anime Series top 10

 Best short anime


Hello! I’m Mishi! Don’t you think that lately, there are many short anime? The short anime are like 5 to 10 minutes for each episode and you can finish watching these anime in few hours! It is so convenient to watch these anime when you are busy or you just want to watch for a short time.

You think they are not good, right? (T-T ))(( T-T) That is not true! You shouldn’t make light of them because they will get you into their story! When you finish watching them, probably, you would feel like you want to watch more of them!

Today, I want to share the top 10 short anime that I want to recommend to you! Have fun! °+(*´∀`)b°+°




11: The Comic Artist and His Assistants(マンガ家さんとアシスタントさんと)


The comic artist and his assistants

As you see the title of this anime, the story is about a Manga artist and his assistants. Their usual life will make you laugh so hard. This is for sure! The people who don’t like much gags(maybe, elementary school kids prefer) won’t suit for this anime. It is all about a comedy so if you get stuck on this anime, you can continue to finish it all.

This anime is about 12 minutes for each episode. The main character named, Yuuki Aito is an Ikemen(good looking) but he is a sorry person….. I think even though this is so, this guy is somebody who is loved by the people. He is obsessed with underwear…..


10: Mangirl!(まんがーる!)



This is a story about starting a Manga magazine from zero. Hana is the chief and the girls who don’t have any experience of being a magazine editor try to achieve their dream which is to make the best Manga magazine in Japan. This is a comedy anime and written about the days of these girls working hard.

It is a very fun anime to watch. There are many comedy scenes to make you laugh. You can forget about time passing and would feel like it could be a 30 minutes anime. It is written about the reality of a magazine editor so if you want to have a job like this, you might be able to learn something. Their job is really tough!


9: Aiura(あいうら)



This is one of the stories about high school girls. This anime is their usual days. “Nothing happens but something happens” This is the catch phrase of this anime. This is true! It is such a loose anime and you can relax to watch it. The story is about these girls on the picture, goofing around with their classmates, friends, and adults. Nothing is really special and nothing is really happening but it is happening!

The opening of this anime has an impact. This song sustains this anime. I think…..

When you don’t know what to watch, I recommend you to watch this anime and get healed by this!


8: Danchigai(だんちがい)



Danchi is an apartment complex. Those people on the picture are brother and sisters. This Nakano family makes noise and troubles. This is the story about this family’s usual life. Their parents won’t show up in this anime at all because they are busy, taking a trip, and so on. So, the guy named, Haruki will deal with these sisters. He is an Otaku so all elements of making a drama are set! It will make you laugh and feel that the family is great!

If you want to watch anime as you do something aside, I recommend you to watch this. Those youngest twin sisters are so cute!


7: Hacka Doll(ハッカドール)


Hacka Doll

Hacka doll is an AI and made for speeding up the human’s world. But they aren’t great AI. Even though they are not perfect, they make an effort to solve the problems for a human so they are loved! They are sometimes idol, work at a convenience store,  an engineer, and so on!

It is a nice quality of anime. The story shouldn’t be considered much for the short anime so I don’t consider the story line much. They are so lovely AI and work hard but they are clumsy. If you start to get the personalities of the characters, you would start to enjoy watching this. There are some comedy parts that can get you to laugh. The balance overall is good.


6: Sparrow’s Hotel(スパロウズホテル)

Sparrow's Hotel Renewal

This anime is my favorite! The story is about the workers at Sparrow’s hotel. This hotel is located downtown so this hotel sits by the danger. Sayuri is the main character who works at the front desk of this hotel. She looks like a model but she is hired as a bodyguard too. Her special ability is assassination. As she uses her skills, she takes care of the troubles that guests make.

This anime has been known as a failure. The reason why is the pictures of this anime. They changed the quality of pictures on the anime halfway all of sudden. This shouldn’t have happened but oh well, it was a nice experience! I watched this anime with my warm eyes. This anime is not valued by the people but including the bad part, I give this anime good points!  ψ(`∇´)ψ




5: Rainy Cocoa(雨色ココア)


Rainy Cocoa

The main character named, Aoi is a college student who has bad luck! He is even told that he is creepy by a handsome guy named, Keiichi in the train. On that day, while it is raining, he goes to a cafe is called Rainy Color. Whatever happens, he starts to work at this cafe and runs into Keiichi again at this place. This anime has the story of a usual life at Rainy Color.

This is Ikemen(good looking guy) story so the girls tend to like it. They might heal your wound?? Maybe…. The anime that I have shown are mostly girl characters so this anime is for guy’s characters. I can definitely tell the target for this anime are girls so I recommend the girls to watch it!


4: Onsen Yosei Hakone-chan(温泉幼精ハコネちゃん)


Onsen Yosei Hakone-chan

I love Onsen(hot spring) and cute characters so that is why this is in the fourth. Hakone is the spirit of Onsen. She just awakes from her long long sleep and notices that her look became a toddler. Touya who is a high school boy happened to be by her when she awakened. This encounter lets him collaborate to get her power back but a bunch of problems are waiting for him.

As you can sense this already, but this anime doesn’t have the quality of story because it is their usual life. But you can laugh like the other anime. The name of Hakone is from Hakone City, Kanagawa prefecture so this anime takes place there.

If you want me to say about this anime with one word, Hakone is just Kawaii. This is the simple way to talk about this anime.


3: I can’t understand what my husband is saying(旦那が何を言っているかわからない件)


I can't understand what my husband is saying

Kaoru who is an average person and hard worker who has her husband. This husband is trouble because he is an Otaku and half NEET. They get along with each other good but her husband causes her to have problems. This is a comedy anime that you can relax and laugh with your partner.

It depicts their usual life. There are many parodies that Otaku people can understand. Since it is 5 minutes, it has a fast tempo and won’t let you get bored. You will feel a cozy feeling like you are at home!

If you fight with your partner, watch this! You will want to make up with her or him!(I hope!)


2: Recorder and Randsell(リコーダーとランドセル)


Recorder and Randsell

What do you think? How old are they in the pictures? Actually, they are sister and brother but their look is a problem. The kid who has his recorder is a 5th-grade elementary school boy and his sister is a high school girl. This gap of their age and look create a bunch of drama. The story is for their usual life to let us laugh.

This anime has the same pattern to end of the episodes. But somehow, you don’t get bored to see those situations over and over. I really like this anime. It makes me laugh quietly and silently.


1: Chi’s Sweet Home(チーズスイートホーム)


Chi's Sweet Home

Chi is a cheerful and mischievous cat. When Chi went out to take a walk outside for Chi’s first time, Chi got lost and Chi was taken by Yamada family. This story is about the usual life of a cat who lives with a kind family.

This anime is probably for toddlers but the adults can watch it! The reason why is just because Chi is adorable! I love cats so much so I kept on watching this show forever. This anime has the power to make you feel warm! Everything is peaceful and comfortable. I recommend everyone to watch this anime.




Have you found the one you got interested in? If so, that would be great! Except for those above, there are many short anime that are released. The stories are basically for someone’s usual life and days so I recommend the short anime to the people who like to watch anime like that. Isn’t it fun to watch anime that is about goofing around??  (≧∇≦)I love those shows because I don’t have to be picky to start to watch.

The short anime are great! If you just want to forget about everything and laugh hard, then, why don’t you start watching? o((*^▽^*))o





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