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black butler live action movie

Hello! I am Sebastian….. Just kidding I am Mishi!┐(´(エ)`)┌ Today I am going to talk about a movie called Black Butler Live Action Movie! What do you think about this? Do you want to watch it or pass it?  (*´・д・)ノ(・д・`*) If you are thinking, let me introduce this movie to see if I can change your mind! ━━⊂二二二( ^ω^)二⊃




This takes place in the year of 2020. The world has been split into the east side and west side. The Queen of west side orders Genpo family as the Queen’s guard dogs to clean up some of the cases in the underground world. The head of Genpo family, Kiyoharu made a contract with Sebastian and they try to complete this mission for the Queen. Kiyoharu is a guy’s name. But the main character is actually a girl. Her real name is Shiori. When she was a child, her parents were murdered by somebody. Since that happened, she made a contract with Sebastian, disappeared for awhile and then came back as disguising herself as her illegitimate child twin brother, Kiyoharu and succeeded to the head of the family.(To succeed Genpo family, she had to be a male.)

The Queen’s order is to solve the case of why when people die they become mummified. At the same time, there are many girls disappearing from the city. As they investigate both of cases, they finally find a clue in a black letter invitation. But this invitation will lead them to the place where they shouldn’t enter. What will happen to them? Who is controlling behind these cases? Will Sebastian and Kiyoharu(Shiori) be able to make it back home??


Main Characters


black butler live action movie in JapaneseSebastian(Center) : Shiori’s butler. Whatever he does, he makes everything look easy and smooth. He is humble and submissive but sometimes he is bitter. To relax, he plays with the paw of a cat. His weapon is a butter knife. His action is a point to enjoy this live action movie!

Shiori(Kiyoharu) Genpo(top) : After her parents were murdered in front of her, she disappeared. 10 years later, She came back as disguising herself as her illegitimate twin brother, Kiyoharu with Sebastian and succeeded to the head of the family. She doesn’t let her guard down to Sebastian. They sometimes say bad of each other.

Genpo family : This family is a same blood line of Phantomhive. When Phantomhive came to Asia, they changed their name to Genpo.

How to find this movie


January 2014

Black Butler : Kuroshitsuji Live Action Movie (Japanese Movie w. English Sub - All Region DVD)

English subtitles but people say not good sub lol

Black Butler, Vol. 1

Manga on Amazon





Opening and Ending songs


Through the ages – Gabrielle Aplin

Black Butler Live Action Movie on CD Japan

Through the ages – Gabrielle Aplin from Black Butler soundtrack


Mishi’s top picks for Otaku


Black Butler Action Figure Ciel

What is going on?







black butler lCirl Rabbit plush

Ciel rabbit version

black butler Sebastian rabbit plush

Sebastian rabbit version

Ciel Figure

Ciel Action Figure
This is more than a figure!

black butler Action Figure Anime

He looks mature!









Black Butler Action Figure on Plamoya

Add them to one of your collections?

Black Butler Ciel and Sebastian

Welcome to Black Butler World!








My Review


Black Butler Live Action Movie Recommendation Chart

This is a live action movie so you know there are many pros and cons. I am sure if you are a big fan of the anime version, you probably won’t like this movie, because you might want to compare anime against the movie. I suggest recognizing this movie as a totally different thing. Then I think you will be able to watch it without comparing. There are many people comparing this with the anime version. That is why people want to try to find fault with the live action movie. As I have seen this, it is not bad like people say. I could enjoy watching this movie, especially Sebastian’s action scenes. He is still a perfect butler on this movie too. He kicks bad guys out with a cool face as usual. I liked the girl, Rin’s action too. She has a great skill of fighting! You will be amazed by her. That is for sure!

The story itself is a normal story. Not bad but not great. I basically watched this movie as an action movie. lol, I think people who don’t know this anime much seems to enjoy this movie more than people who know the anime version. It was a good thing that they changed the world of black butler a little bit. I am sure if they did this movie as the anime version goes, there would be worse comments. Since all of the actors and actresses are Japanese, they moved the stage background to somewhere in Asia. That was a good idea to do that. I could watch this movie without seeing any weird parts. The last part was a little bit long I thought. They didn’t have to take much so time to finish the story. What do you think?

If you want to read a anime one!

Anime : Black Butler is here!

There are many comments for this movie but this is my review. I will be glad if I could help you. Thank you for reading this post! You can rate this movie and talk about it below~! ( ´∀`)/~~


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