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Hello! I’m Mishi! Today’s anime is Black Butler (黒執事/Kuro Shitsuji). In spring of 2017, a new Black Butler movie “Black Butler(黒執事) Book of the Atlantic” will be released. We still have time until that movie will be published. So let’s take a look at a review of Black Butler! (‘-^*)




This is the end of 19 century in England. Sebastian Michaelis is a butler who serves for a 12-year-old boy, Ciel Phantomhive. The Phantomhive family runs a toy and confectionery business and has fame all over England. They are a famous noble family. But this is not all to this story. Sebastian is a great butler who can do everything perfectly but he has a different face, he is actually a demon who Ciel made a contract with. Also, The Phantomhive family has a secret that people don’t know. This family has a job to clean the underground world by an order from the Queen. Those people are called the Queen’s guard dog. As the Queen’s guard dog, Ciel and his butler, Sebastian work together to look for an opportunity….. What is an opportunity? What are they looking for? Why did Ciel make a contract with Sebastian? This story has so many mysteries……


Main Characters


Black Butler on Play-ASIASebastian Michaelis : Ciel’s butler. Whatever he does, he makes everything look easy and smooth. He is humble and submissive but sometimes he is bitter. To relax, he plays with the paw of a cat. He has a mark on his back of the left hand. That is a sign of making contact with Ciel. Ciel also has the same mark in his right eye.


Black Butler on Play-ASIA CIelCiel Phantomhive : Is a 12 years old boy but the president of his companies. (´・∀・`) Even though he is young, he lives strong and tries to live proudly. On the other hand, sometimes he shows you that he is a brat! Well, what do you want to say? After all, he is a 12 years old kid! He has asthma and is allergic to cats. His parents were murdered by someone and Ciel was sold to some shady people. They didn’t treat him like a human and Ciel was almost sacrificed for their ceremony. During that time, something happened…..

Black Butler TanakaTanaka : Is a Japanese  steward for Phantomhive’s house. He has served for Ciel’s family for a long time. He can use a Japanese sword well!






Black Butler Mey RinMey Rin : A housemaid for Phantomhive’s house. She is a Chinese. She usually wears glasses. She is a clumsy housemaid who breaks thousands of dishes! She loves Sebastian but it doesn’t work all the time.




Black Butler BaldroyBaldroy : A chef for Phantomhive’s house. He is an American. He is a chef but he is not good at cooking. ━━(゚Д゚;)━━━ Actually he can’t cook at all….. As the story goes, he will be able to cook one food, that is a…….

Black Butler SnakeSnake : A footman for Phantomhive’s house. He used to be a member of a circus group. He has a snake around him all the time. He has skin like a snake scale on his body. That is his complex. He also has the ability to talk to snakes.

Black Butler FinnianFinnian : Gardner for Phantomhive’s house. He is a 16-year-old boy who is cheerful and clumsy. He makes the same mistakes over and over and never learns. He is called Baka(stupid) by Sebastian. He has a powerful strength. The reason is so sad…..




How to find this anime


Anime Studio : A-1 Pictures

Season 1 : 24 episodes + 1 OVA

Black Butler, Vol. 1

Manga on Amazon

Black Butler: Complete First Season (Blu-ray/DVD Combo)

Black Butler Blu-Ray/DVD/Amazon Video





Season 2 : 12 episodes + 6 OVA

Black Butler: Complete Second Season [Blu-ray]

Black Butler: Complete Second Season [Blu-ray]

Season 3 : 10 episodes “Book of Circus”

Black Butler: Book of Circus - Season Three (Blu-ray/DVD Combo)

Black Butler: Book of Circus – Season Three (Blu-ray/DVD Combo) on Amazon

OVA : 2 episodes “Book of Murder”

Black Butler: Book of Murder OVA's

Black Butler: Book of Murder OVA’s on Amazon

Live Action Movie : 2014, “黒執事/Kuro Shitsuji”(Black Butler)

Black Butler : Kuroshitsuji Live Action Movie (Japanese Movie w. English Sub - All Region DVD)

English subtitles but people say not good sub lol

Movie : 2017, “Book of the Atlantic”


Opening and Ending songs


Season 1


Monokuro no Kiss – SID (モノクロのキス – シド)

Nonokuro No Kiss - SID

Monokuro No Kiss – SID

Monokuro No Kiss (Live from Sid 10th Anniversary Tour 2013)

MP3 on Amazon




I'm ALIVE! - BECCALacrimosa – Kalafina


Lacrimosa from Kalafina's best CD album

Lacrimosa from Kalafina’s best CD album

Lacrimosa - Kalafina

MP3 on Amazon



Season 2


SHIVER – the GazettE

SHIVER - the GazettE on PLAY-ASIA

Shiver – The Gazette

SHIVER - the GazettE

MP3 on Amazon



Bird – Yuya Matsushita(松下優也)

Bird - Yuya Matsushita Black Butler version

Bird – Yuya Matsushita

Bird - Yuya Matsushita

MP3 on Amazon


Kagayaku Sora no Shijima niwa(輝く空の静寂には) – Kalafina

Kagayaku Sora No Seijaku Niwa

Kagayaku Sora No Seijaku Niwa – Kalafina

Season 3




MP3 on Amazon


Aoki Tsuki Michite(蒼き月満ちて) – AKIRA

Aoki Tsuki Michite - AKIRA

Aoki Tsuki Michite – AKIRA

Live Action Movie

Through the ages – Gabrielle Aplin

Through the ages - Gabrielle Aplin

Through the ages – Gabrielle Aplin from Black Butler soundtrack


Mishi’s top picks for Otaku


Black Butler Action Figure CIel Kawaii

Now, it is your time to tell him how to pose!

Black Butler Action Figure Ciel Whip

He will give you a punishment!







Sebastian Michaelis Action Figure

He’ll be yours if you make a contract…..

Undertaker Action Figure

You want to put him on your side!






Black Butler Small Figure

Black Butler Fashion Doll
They are KAWAii!

Black Butler Sebastian Action Figure with a rope

He is at your service!







My Review


Black Butler Recommendation Chart

The main story of this anime is seriously dark. You don’t want to watch anime like that? Don’t worry! This anime is balanced well. The reason why is because the characters. There are not many characters in this anime but each one of them have a strong individual personality and will make you laugh. Especially people working in Ciel’s house. They are all weird and funny. 。・゚・(´∀`*)゚・・。There are some scenes that make you think, am I watching relaxing anime? This anime is like that. When it’s serious time, it gets serious, when funny time, it gets funny and when relaxing, it is relaxing. You won’t get tired of watching it! Personally, I love to watch the scenes of Sebastian and a cat! I said Sebastian is a demon but he will let you forget who he is mostly. Sometimes, he says bitter words with his quiet face and make you say like what did he say now? I am sure you would say that too. Everything is blended in and came out good.

On this anime, some parts contain kind of BL. Just to let you know if you are not good at that! This anime has been loved by girls a lot, this is the one of the reason. Another reason is I think the gap in characters. Sebastian doesn’t look like a guy who would say things but he says with a cool face. Ciel is a cute boy but does things that you can’t imagine from him as looking at his face. I think the touch of characters helps girls to like this anime as you see. But I do want to recommend this anime to guys too. Because a nice story is the core of this anime so it won’t let you get bored. If you are getting interested in this anime, why don’t you watch?

Live Action Movie : Black Butler is here!

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