Brave Story : Are you ready to change your destiny? (´∀`)9

Brave Story DVDHello! I am Mishi who forgot the pure feeling! Do you want to know the reason why? It is because of this anime movie!  щ(`Д´щ;) Have you known this movie? DVD has not been released here in North America. The title is Brave Story (ブレイブストーリー). You might know this series through the novel, manga or games. Let’s take a look at the reason why I am ヽ(☆`Д´メ)ノ!




Wataru Mitani as the main character who is an ordinary 11 years old kid. In his town, there is a building which is still under construction and has a rumor that a ghost shows up in there. One night, his best friend named, Katsumi Kobayashi and Wataru decide to explore the ghost building. While they are exploring the ghost building, Wataru finds the floating door and sees somebody entering that door and disappeared.

He didn’t enter this door if his happy life would have lasted forever but unfortunately, his life goes upside down. What happens is his father and his mother separate from each other and his father decides to live with somebody. He goes to look for his father but can’t find him. When he notices, he is near the ghost building. He enters in this building and finds a boy named, Mitsuru Ashikawa who has just transferred into his elementary school and is being bullied by three seniors of their elementary school. Wataru saves Mitsuru but Mitsuru calls up a monster and beats them up.

After a short conversation between Wataru and Mitsuru, Mitsuru disappears all of sudden and his voice tells Wataru that if he goes beyond the door, he will be able to change his destiny and make his wish come true but if he fails, he will not be able to return to his home, he decides to go beyond the door and his voice left. Wataru doesn’t understand what he was talking about but he goes back to his home. When he gets home, he smells the gas in his house and finds his mother lying on the floor. She is sent to the hospital and he remembers what Mitsuru said. He goes to the ghost building and opens the door to an unknown world…..


Main Characters


Wataru Mitani – Main character. He is an ordinary elementary school boy who used to have a good family but things changed. To get the bond of his family back, he decides to go to the world where he has to get through tough trials.

Mitsuru Ashikawa – He has just transferred to Wataru’s school. He is popular among girls because he is handsome. But he doesn’t talk much. He is a mysterious boy who knows another world after that door. What does he have to go beyond that door? What is his wish??

Katsumi Kobayashi (Kacchan) – Wataru’s friend. He goes to the ghost building with Wataru.


How to find this movie


Anime Studio : GONZO

Year : 2006

I think there is no Region 1 DVD…..

Brave Story [Region 2]

DVD but Region 2 on Amazon

Brave Story Manga

Manga on Amazon

Brave Story (Novel-Paperback)

Novel on Amazon


Opening and Ending songs


Theme song

Ketsui no Asa ni(決意の朝に) – Aqua Timez

Ketsui No ASA Ni - Aqua Timez

MP 3 on Amazon


Mishi’s top picks for Otaku


Brave Story Action Figure Wataru

Can he grant his wish?

Brave Story Action Figure Mitsuru

What happened in his past?

Brave Story Action Figure Meena

Circus circus!

Brave Story Action Figure Kee Keema

Kee Keema
He is a lizard you know that?

Brave Story Kattsu Action Figure





My Review


Brave Story Recommendation Chart

As you see the picture above, this is more likely for kids. Of course, adults can watch it too but I think the story itself is so thin for adults. There are many places that I want to say something but if you watch this movie with the heart of being kids, you will probably be able to watch it without doubting some places. Since they have set this movie for kids, I don’t know why they made that the main character’s father live with a different woman and his mother tried to commit suicide! This is too gloomy for them! I think those part could be a car accident or something. Do you know what I mean? What I am saying is it is too realistic for children. Those settings are for adults to watch that way! That is what I thought when I was watching this movie.

I am sure that this movie wants to tell the people that our life is not that sweet like kids think. They all have to accept the bitter part of their life and get through it. But I didn’t see many parts of the scenes where the main character accepts the bitter parts of his life.  On top of that, the theme is to tell kids to be brave and take action for your life positively. At first, he decides to go to open the door was good but after that, for me, it seems like this main character was swayed by the circumstance or people he runs into….. (゚Д゚;) Oh well, if you say that he is just a kid, yes! That is right! I am watching the movie that is basically for kids. It has to end in a happy conclusion! This really makes me sad that I can’t watch something like I used to when I was a kid anymore!  (; ・`д・´) Can you guys watch anime or movie like you guys used to watch when we were kids?? o(・_・= ・_・)o

It seems like this movie doesn’t have enough time to express the world of Brave Story all the way. The novel of Brave Story has too many contents in there so this movie couldn’t show us the details of characters and everything. It is really hard to make a movie off of a novel, huh? I can get to feel that! I felt this movie had something missing. It is almost close to good, though! (*ゝω・*)ノ

I’m sorry I have watched this movie like this. After all, I am a typical adult who has lost the heart of being a kid! Whatever happens, we adults always want to know the cause, solution, and measure! (;・∀・) I have just failed to watch this movie so I am  a bad example of how to watch this movie. If you want to watch with your kids or you are a kid, this movie is good. If I was a kid, I would give you guys mostly 5 stars! It would have given me the positive feelings and make me feel like I would be able to do anything if I have a brave heart. Speaking of which if I was a kid! But I hope you will be able to watch this movie better than I have watched. Maybe, this anime is a test for adults, how much we have forgotten about the heart of a child. Maybe, I have to go to open the door like this movie’s main character and grant my wish to get my pure heart back! v(。・ω・。) Who wants to go with me? o(・_・= ・_・)o I will wait for you beyond the door! Let’s make our brave story!!! ∩(≧∇≦)∩ …..

Thank you for reading this post! Let me know if you really find the door to get our pure heart back! (‘-^*)


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