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Hello!How are you doing? I am Mishi! ( ・∀・ )ゞ

Today I want to make a review of new anime called Bungo Stray Dogs (文豪ストレイドッグス).

This anime was started on YOUNG ACE magazine from 2013. This Manga has sold over 2 million copies. We should check about this hot new anime! Let’s get it started! σ(*´∀`*)




Atsushi Nakajima who lives in an orphanage and is abused by the worker of the orphanage. One day he got kicked out of the orphanage and became homeless in Yokohama. While he was going astray, he found a guy named Osamu Dazai who is an armed detective trying to commit suicide at the Tsurumi River. Atsushi saved him, and Osamu took him to the armed detective agency. Since this happened, Atsushi’s life will start to change.

He starts helping to investigate a case with Osamu. But Atsushi will find out the shocking news about himself. He is told that he unconsciously turns into a tiger and goes astray by Osamu. That is the reason why he got kicked out of the orphanage.

At this moment, Atsushi lost his control and turned into a tiger in front of Osamu. But Osamu also has a special ability. He stopped him going out of control.

After this happened, Osamu made an effort to train him, and to let him learn how to control his ability and helped him to join armed detective agency. Finally, Atsushi felt like he found his place to be…..

But life is not that easy. This detective agency started to be attacked often by the Port Mafia. As a matter of fact, Atsushi is a wanted person for big money in the underground world!

The member of Port Mafia, Ryunosuke Akutagawa who tries to be successful in the underground world starts attacking Atsushi for money.

Will Atsushi be able to survive for his life? Will he be able to find his place to be? You can’t get your eyes off of this anime!


Main Characters


Bung Stray Dog Characters

(From left)

Doppo Kunikida – He wears eye glasses and suits. He carries a pocketbook all the time. If something which is not on his pocketbook happens, he gets mad! A joke won’t work for him. That is who he is.

Ranpo Edogawa – He smirks all the time. He lacks of a common knowledge but his brain is sharp.

Atsushi Nakajima – Main character of this anime. The trauma he experienced causes him to be negative but through armed detective agency, he starts to recover a confidence to himself.

Kenji Miyazawa – Young guy who wears straw hat and agriculture fashion is him. He is a cheerful guy. He is a teenager and in a process to learn a life.

Osamu Dazai – He wears a coat and bandages all over his body. Bandages? Yes, He is a maniac guy who always wants to commit suicide but he always fails…..

Akiko Yosano – She hates people who take light of girls and death. If she sees people like that, she gets snapped all of sudden. 


How to find this anime


Anime Studio : BONES

Episodes : April 2016 – Jun 2016(scheduled)


Opening and Ending Songs





Trash Candy – Granrodeo


Namae wo Yobuyo – LUCKLIFE (名前を呼ぶよ – ラックライフ)

Namae wo Yobuyo - LUCKLIFE

Namae Wo Yobu Yo – Luck Life


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My review


Bungo Stray Dogs Recommendation Chart

First, I have to let you know that all the characters names are based on real historical writers in the world. Basically Japanese really old writers, but if you watch this anime, some foreigner writers show up! For example, Edgar Allan Poe, Anne of Green Gables, F. Scott Fitzgerald and so on! It is so interesting to see them as anime character and fighting with their special powers LOL.

Another interesting thing, the name of their special ability is from their famous novels title.

LOL Aren’t you interested in this anime already?? I think if you like to read old novels or you are familiar with historical novelist, you can enjoy watching this anime. I don’t know many famous novelists in history but as I am watching this anime, I have already learned some people! It is nice educational anime! ヾ(´^ω^)ノ♪

Oh….. I heard some people backed off of this anime! ε=ε=ε=┏(゚ロ゚;)┛

Come back! ━⊂(;`・ω・) 彡

It is not a serious educational anime!! It is a funny anime! Take it easy! ε=( ̄。 ̄;)

You can watch this as an action anime! (*^o^*)

But the funny thing is all of the characters are so handsome! I don’t mean to be rude to those real novelists. But if you compare anime characters and real pictures of those novelists, they don’t match their anime characters. Of course, this is anime, but I want you to compare them! It is so funny to do that. I grantee you will LOL.

At last, I let you know that I think this anime can be Moe~ for girls. If you like Bishonen(handsome boy) as anime characters, you will definitely love those characters. That is why on my chart Moe part is high! (´▽`*)

Anyway, it is a new anime that I wanted to introduce you guys today! Thank you for reading this post! Bye~ ( ´∀`)/~~

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