Chihayafuru : Who’s gonna win the game of love and Karuta?

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Hello! I’m Mishi! Genki desuka?(How are you?) Today the anime I want to introduce you to is a little bit different from normal anime. This anime is called Chihayafuru. It is about a Karuta. Karuta is a Japanese card game. But it is not like a Pokemon card game. ψ(`∇´)ψ I will show you my other post of Karuta later! Let’s look inside of this anime!




Chihaya Ayase is the main character who is a high school girl that has a passion for Karuta. She learned about Karuta when she was in 6th grade, at her elementary school there was a boy named Arata Wataya. Arata was a transfer student from Fukui. He was having a hard time fitting in his class and to make friends with other kids. Chihaya noticed the troubles that he was having and she starts to communicate with him. As they get close to each other, this boy Taichi Mashima who is chihaya’s childhood friend starts getting jealous. He started to disturb him but Chihaya protected Arata.

One day at school a Karuta tournament is held. Arata has a grandfather who is a master of Karuta. Arata also has titles as a Karuta champion. Arata and Taichi will be against each other for the school Karuta event. Arata astonished everybody with his Karuta skills. Taichi thought he is going to lose so he came up with a sly idea to hide Arata’s glasses. Since Arata couldn’t see without his glasses good, Taichi tries to flip the situation over. Chihaya got mad at the situation and switched with Arata and tried to win the game.

After what happened, Taichi made up with him and they all three became best friends. They all started getting into the Karuta world. But happy times won’t last long. Arata’s grandfather got sick and his family decided to go back to their hometown after graduation from elementary school. They promised each other that one day as long as they continue to playing Karuta, they will meet again and Arata left Tokyo.

Since that time, they all became separated. Taichi went to different junior high school for his study, Chihaya went to normal junior high school and Arata went back to his hometown. They spent time separately while junior high school.

But a miracle will happen. Taichi and Chihaya go to the same high school and established Karuta club at their high school. Arata quit his Karuta in his hometown because of his grandfather’s death. As they contact with each other through text, Arata knew they had started Karuta again. First, he didn’t feel like doing but a passion for Karuta made him decide to go back to Karuta.

Those three kids become teenagers and they begin to have feelings for each other. How will their relationship go as a triangle? Can they stay being friends like they used to? Will Arata and Taichi become a rival and compete for Chihaya? What about Karuta competition? Can they go on the top of Karuta world? You can’t get your eyes off of this anime!  


Main Character


Chihayafuru ChihayaChihaya Ayase – She entered Karuta world when she met Arata in 6th grade. Since that, she wants to be a best player for Karuta. She has a beautiful looking and a potential ability to get popular for boys but her clumsiness doesn’t let her go to that way. She doesn’t have a experience of love so she is clumsy for it too. Her hearing is a skill for her to play Karuta.



Chihayafuru TaichiTaichi Mashima – Chihaya’s childhood friend. He is a perfect guy who can study, sports and everything plus good looking. He has a strong sense of rivalry against Arata since childhood. His father is a doctor and his mom doesn’t think good of him playing Karuta. He can memorize things good. That is his skill to play Karuta.




Chihayafuru ArataArata Wataya – He used to go to the same elementary school with Chihaya and Taichi. His grandfather is a master of Karuta. When he was a elementary school, he became a champion couple of times. He is a quiet person usually but when it comes to Karuta, he heats up. He also has a good memory to play Karuta.





How to find this anime


Anime Studio : MADHOUSE

Season 1 : 25

Chihayafuru [In English & Japanese] KODANSHA BILINGUAL COMICS

Chihayafuru [In English & Japanese] KODANSHA BILINGUAL COMICS on Amazon

Season 2 : 25 + OVA 1 episode

Chihayafuru in English subtitles on Amazon!

Live Action Movie

part 1 : 2016 “Kami no Ku”

part 2 : 2016 “Shimo no Ku”


Opening and Ending songs


Season 1


YOUTHFUL – 99RadioService

YOUTHFUL - 99RadioService

YOUTHFUL – 99RadioService


Soshite Ima – Asami Seto (そしていま – 瀬戸麻沙美)

Soshite Ima - Asami Seto

Soshite Ima – Asami Seto (from season 1 soundtrack)

Season 2


STAR – 99RadioService

STAR - 99RadioService

STAR – 99RadioService


Akanezora – Asami Seto (茜空 – 瀬戸麻沙美)

Akanezora - Asami Seto

Akanezora – Asami Seto (from season 2 soundtrack)


FLASH – Perfume from CD album Cosmic Explorer

FLASH - Perfume from CD album Cosmic Explorer

Cosmic Explorer – Perfume


Mishi’s top picks for Otaku


Chihayafuru Anime Fabric Wall Scroll Poster (32 x 43) Inches. [WP]Chihaya-7 (L)

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Japanese Karuta Game Ogura Hyakunin Issyu (japan import) by Angel Shoji

Real Karuta on Amazon!



My Review


Chihayafuru Recommedation Chart

Who is a fan of triangle love story?? That is me! ヽ(´3`)ノ I enjoyed watching this anime. It is not at an end yet, though. People who are a fan of this anime are waiting for the third season! I hope they will make a 3rd season. This anime is not only a love story, though. The main story is Karuta. Since Chihaya had met Karuta, she wants to be a queen of Karuta which means champion.The description of Competitive Karuta is great! Those scenes are speedy and you can get to feel the spirits of the competitors! You can tell that Karuta is a sport! Even if you don’t know the rule of Karuta, I am so sure that you can get to enjoy this anime! 

Although the story of love won’t go fast like their Karuta skills. It might irritate you but I think that the love story is not the main idea of this anime so be patient about their relationships.

I think this anime is great! Music, graphic, and story are so wonderful. It is balanced all the way around. I don’t have  much more to say except for 3rd season Hayaku~(Hurry up). LOL

I highly recommend you to watch this anime. Without saying anything JUST WATCH! m9(^Д^)

If you want to know more about Karuta, here is the link to my other page for Karuta : What is Karuta?

Thank you for reading this review today! You can leave a rate and your opinion for this anime below!


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