Children Who Chase Lost Voices : A journey to say goodbye!

Children Who Chase Lost Voices

Hello! How are you doing, everyone? I am Mishi. Today, what I want to recommend to you guys to watch is Children Who Chase Lost Voices (星を追う子ども/Hoshi o Ou Kodomo). This director is Makoto Shinka who is called next Hayao Miyazaki. It is a Sci-Fi movie that has a great story in it! As you see the picture of this anime, you can already tell that it would be a great journey! There is no way of dodging this movie to go forward! Let’s talk about this movie! O(≧∇≦)O




The main character, Asuna who lost her father when she was young lives with her mother. She likes to go to her secret base which she made by herself and listens to her father’s keepsake, the radio that is made of ore or plays with Mimi which is an animal that looks like a cat. That is her usual day to spend time.

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One day, while she is on the way to go to her secret base, she runs into a monster that she has never seen. She feels danger but the boy from the land of Agartha named, Shun saves her from the monster. Next day, she meets him again in her secret base and they become friends. They make a promise to meet each other again but later on, he is found dead in the river.

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While she can’t realize his death, she will hear the interesting talk from her substitute teacher, Mr. Morisaki. Mr. Morisaki opens a class to talk about the world after death. She learns an oral tradition that there are many underworlds remaining in this world and Agartha, where Shun came from, is one of them. She also hears that there is a place where they can revive a dead person.

That same day, she is on the way  back to her home, and she runs into the boy who looks like Shun named, Shin. He is the younger brother of Shun. He comes here to collect clavis which Shun took in here. Clavis is a key which is a rock to go to Agartha.

At the same time, a group of armed men and Mr. Morisaki show up. Actually, Mr. Morisaki is a member of Arch Angels which investigates the secret of Agartha. Mr. Morisaki wants to revive his wife who has passed away so he decides to go to Agartha and Asuna follows him. Oh and Mimi too! Now, they step out of the border to the unknown world and their journey has begun!

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Main Characters


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Asuna Watase (center)  – Main character. She is the type of girl who is bright and active. Since she has lost her father, she lives with her mother. She feels like the place where she is at now is not her place somehow. She loves to hang out in her secret base.

Shin Canaan Preases (left) – He is the younger brother of Shun. He comes on the ground to collect clavis which his brother took. He acts like he is fine but he feels sadness for his brother’s death.

Ryuji Morisaki (right) – He is a substitute teacher of Asuna’s class at school. He s a member of  the Arch Angels which investigates the secret of Agartha. To revive his wife who has passed away, he decides to go to Agartha.

Children Who Chase Lost Voices MimiMimi (right) – Asuna’s cat. Mimi will make a mysterious action sometimes.

Shun Canaan Preases – The boy who comes from Agartha. He has sick. Before he passes away, he decides to come to the world where Asuna lives because he was longing for being on the ground. Unfortunately, he will be found dead in the river.


How to find this movie


Anime Studio : CoMix Wave Films

Year : 2011

Children Who Chase Lost Voices [Blu-ray]

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Children Who Chase Lost Voices [Blu-ray]

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Opening and Ending songs


Theme song

Hello Goodbye & Hello – Anri Kumaki(熊木杏里)

Children Who Chase Lost Voices Soundtrack

Hello Goodbye & Hello is in Children Who Chase Lost Voices Soundtrack


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My Review


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Generally, this movie is sad! Because they go to the underworld for sad reasons. Mr. Morisaki goes for his wife who has passed away and Asuna goes for her loneliness which she doesn’t notice yet. It is hard to lose somebody who I really love and try to live my life without that somebody. This goes to everybody and those characters too. This movie describes the feeling of humanity that all people have. This movie might look like it is for kids but it has a deep message. What this director is saying is go forward even though you lose something or somebody. This is life! We have to face something we don’t want to face eventually. Might as well go forward to get strong! This is how I felt after I finished watching this movie. It doesn’t show a sad way all the way like I am saying. The bottom line is this is Sci-fi fantasy so you can watch it with the other point of view. I am just being serious to say how I felt! Σd(゜∀゜d

What I like about this movie is the worldview of Children Who Chase Lost Voices! It reminds me of Ghibli world. Well, of course, it is so because the director, Makoto Shinkai is a big fan of Ghibli. For respecting Ghibli, he made this movie. I am not going to talk about the comparison of both like other people do. It is endless talk! You know what I mean! I always want to respect the work each person makes. Makoto Shinkai has his own world and Ghibli too. I like both worldviews. Some people say that Makoto Shinkai is not good at sci-fi but I really liked this movie….. I think his other masterpieces weren’t Sci-Fi so people weren’t expecting it to be that way. I don’t know but my opinion is he did a good job on this movie too!  Σd(´∀`)

It is a huge scale of the world! To go along with that, it has great graphics! I love the touch of graphics. I don’t know how to explain but it makes me feel nostalgic and gentle. Don’t you feel what I say? Explain to me how to express this feeling. lol, It also has good music in it! Especially, the theme song is my favorite. You want to sing Hello Goodbye & Hello~. (*^ワ^*) It makes me have a warm feeling. I said it is a sad story but you can enjoy with your family and kids. It will give you something kind to your heart. I am sure that it will tickle your heart! I do recommend you to watch this movie! You won’t waste your time~!

Thank you for reading this post! Let’s go to Karaoke and sing this song together! Let’s call it a day! Hello and Goodbye! (*^-゚)v


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