Colorful : How many colors do you have in your life??

Colorful DVDOsu! Mishi desu! Genki desuka? ☆(ゝω・)v Is your life colorful like a flower? I hope so. If not, you need to check this out! Today, what I want to recommend to you guys is a movie called, Colorful (カラフル). This movie is for a satirize society. In Japan, when this movie was released(2010), there were a number of people who committing suicide was becoming a big problem among the teenagers. I think it is sad to hear that. (;´д`) This movie has a heavy theme and a message in the background. Let’s see what this movie is like!




This spirit who used to be a human gets a chance to go back to a human out of blue.  Do you want to know why? Because the angel said so! He is chosen by drawing a lot and gets a chance to live again. But not with his old human body! He had to be a junior high school kid who has committed suicide and live in the human world! This spirit becomes Makoto Kobayashi. Makoto is a type of person who has many complexes. For example, he doesn’t have good grades and he doesn’t have an ability to do sports, but he likes to draw pictures so he is a member of the art club.

But at school, he is bullied, the girl who he has his feelings for dates an older man for money and his mother has an affair with another guy. His circumstance with human relationships caused him to commit suicide.

The reason why this spirit was chosen to live as a human is because he made a big mistake when he was a human and he can’t be reborn with this mistake, so an angel gave him a chance to go back to the circle of Reincarnation. Basically, it means this spirit trains himself as using a real human body to notice his mistake and regret. This is the reason why he was chosen at random.

As he borrows Makoto’s body, will he notice his regret to go back to the circle of Reincarnation? And what about Makoto? What will happen to Makoto, himself? It is such an interesting story.


Main Characters


Colorful in EnglishMakoto Kobayashi – Main character. The spirit becomes Makoto. As you read the story, he committed suicide by overdosing pills. How will the spirit control Makto and get through the serious circumstance of Makoto?

Colorful DVD sub eng

Purapura – He is an angel who guides the spirit and gives the spirit a chance to go back to a human life. He looks a human.


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Saotome (right) – Makoto’s classmate. He has a right mind to judge things with his thought. Being a friend with him, Makoto will change the way he thinks.

Hiroka Kuwabara – This is the girl who Makoto is in love with. She is one year younger than Makoto.

Shoko Sano – Makoto’s classmate. She has feelings toward the old Makoto.


How to find this movie


Anime Studio : SUNRISE

Year : 2010

Colorful [Blu-ray]

Colorful [Blu-ray] on Amazon


Opening and Ending songs


Theme song

Boku ga Boku de Arutame ni – miwa

Ending song

Aozora – miwa

Aozora - miwa

Aozora – miwa


Colorful Soundtrack

Colorful Soundtrack


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My Review


Colorful Recommendation Chart

This movie is straight to the point of what life really is. It is a serious movie that gives you messages. Have you thought about yourself from the eyes of a third person? This is the movie to look back at who you are. There are so many things about myself that I won’t notice but others can. When you are stuck in the same place, things, or circumstance like Makoto, our sight tends to get narrower. The situation is like you can not see the woods through the trees. When we are in this situation, we tend to want to escape from this place but it taught me that running away is not the only option. To solve each of the problems is another option too.

This story is so flat and simple. It looks like kind of a depressing atmosphere but because the theme of this movie is severe. Some people say that they shouldn’t have made a movie like this as an anime but why not? Anime is easier to watch than drama or live action movie to me. Sometimes, anime movie like this should be created to hit the messages straight. I believe that this movie has the possibility to save somebody who has watched. I think this movie can be the sample movie in the educational places.

What is the meaning of living the life half way? What do you cherish for your life? The relationship of being with your partners? Friends? Family? Brothers? Sisters? so on….. There are many ways of the sense to value each other as a human being. This movie will throw a bunch of questions that you don’t want to dodge and put off. Take your time and solve them one by one but do not give up! I felt like those are what this movie is trying to explain to me. Every person has a different opinion but at this time, I think people would hear the similar voices of what I am talking about since the theme of this movie is settled. What do you guys think??

After the rain, it is going to be a sunny day. Don’t give up on something easily! Life is not easy but I am sure that one day, you will be able to see the sunshine through the clouds. This movie is not for the people who are looking for having fun with movies. This is for the people who want to think about their life or the people who want to feel a positive way.(I took this movie as positive way but some people might be able to feel negative.) I do recommend to those later people. If you think your life doesn’t have many kinds of colors, try this! It might give you an idea to get your life colorful!

Thank you for reading a post. I hope you will have a positive day after reading this post or watching this movie!


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