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Lol, sorry to start off with such a big word for the first day! Today I want to talk about is Densha Otoko(電車男/Train Man). It is an old movie but it is a fun to watch! I talked about this movie that was also drama on Kaomoji page, so today I want to talk about this! First off this movie and drama came off of website 2ch in Japan. A guy who is an otaku wrote about saving a girl from a drunk guy on the train. I’m not really sure if it was his real story or his fiction story. Nobody knows…..Anyway, after that happened, that girl sent this guy a Hermes mug cup in return. They start to date and …..he disappeared from 2ch internet website…..Like I said nobody knows if this is a real story or fake but people got into his chat at that time.

The way of this story got popular is in this order.

1.2ch(Japanese website where you can chat with people)

2.This story spread around website to website,blog to blog

3.It became a book

4.It became a Movie

5.It became a Drama

This is how it went in the media. Next, let’s talk about this story ! (`Д´)ゞ




As I touched a bit on the story above, the story is about an otaku who saved a girl from a drunk guy on the train. After that happened, as a thank you, she gave him a Hermes mug. He wrote about what happened on 2ch, from that time, he is called Densha Otoko which means Train Man, to this girl, they call a girl Hermes.

He falls in love with her but since he is a hardcore otaku, he has never dated a girl in his life, he starts to ask online chat what to do with her and his feelings, they start giving him a lot of advice, and told him to be a couple. His online people were not all otaku only, so people really tried to help him out!

Thanks to all of the online people, finally he could make a date with her to go out! He is typical otaku that wears glasses, no fashion sense, and messy hairstyle! They told him to switch to contact lens from glasses, go get his hair cut, buy clothing that is from a brand name shop! He follows all of the advice, and then he goes on a date for the first time in his life!

 He made everything perfect for the first date with Hermes! All his online chat friends were so happy to hear! But as time passes, he starts to fight his feeling that he is a real otaku, and if he needs to tell her the truth or not. He struggles with his feelings and his guilty feelings, but he also doesn’t want to be hated by her as the saying truth! Now everybody what will happen between Densha Otoko(Train Man) and Hermes girl!!!!!!


Main Characters


Tsuyoshi Yamada – Main character. His nickname is Train man. He is a typical Otaku who loves anime and games. He works at employment agency as sales man. He is a timid guy who never dates girls in his life.

Saori Aoyama – She is from a rich family and works at foreign owned trading company. She has a trauma for a guy because her ex boyfriend hid that he has a wife and child. That made her sensitive to love somebody. She will be called Hermes by Tsuyoshi’s online friends.


How to find this drama


Movie : 2005

Train Man : Densha Otoko

Train Man movie version. Subtitles : English on Amazon







Train Man: The Novel (Del Rey Books (Paperback))

Paperback on Amazon

Train_Man: Densha Otoko, Vol. 1

Manga in English on Amazon


Drama : 2005

2005 Japanese Drama - Densha Otoko - w/ English Subtitle

Drama version in English subtittle on Amazon


Difference of movie and drama


Train Man : Densha Otoko

Movie version

Densha Otoko (aka: Let's Go Train man): Japanese TV Drama (3 DVD Digipak) (English Subtitle) by N/A

Drama version

Basically, it is the same story! What is different is that the actors and actresses are different. Personally, I think the guy who acted in the drama was suited for the otaku character more than the guy who acted in the movie. The guy who acted in the movie is more handsome than the guy on drama lol, I’m sorry I don’t mean to be mean but the guy who acted on drama is for this otaku character!



Opening and Ending Songs



Sekai wa Sore wo Ai to Yobundaze – Sambomaster (世界はそれを愛と呼ぶんだぜ – サンボマスター)

Sekai wa Sore wo Ai to Yobundaze - Sambomaster

Sekai wa Sore wo Ai to Yobundaze – Sambomaster


Love Parade(ラブパレード) – ORANGE RANGE

Love Parade - ORANGE RANGE

Love Parade – ORANGE RANGE


My Review


Train man Recommendation Chart

It is a funny love comedy drama and movie. It is so fun to watch online chat people react and show emotions which you can’t get to see on chat place. Sometimes you don’t know what kind of persons they are, what kind of job they have, what they look like, but on this drama and movie, all kinds of people who were his online chat friends try to help him and cheer him up to get his love story a success. You can get to realize how internet power is strong! This main character might make you want to say come on! Be a man! You are so clumsy! But as the story goes, I am sure you will want to cheer him up like his online chat friends. He is a real pure guy who tries to make the miracle happen! Who doesn’t want to be for him? If Beauty and the Beast are allowed, then Beauty and the Otaku should be allowed too! Watching this guy trying to make his life change gave me strength and courage! This also will give you a laugh and warmth too! If you want to know what I am talking about, you should watch!


If you have watched this drama or movie, you can leave your rate below! Thank you! (≧∀≦)y


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