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Hello! I’m Mishi. Let’s talk about a Jmovie today! Lately, I have been watching Japanese movies. Today I want to introduce you guys to Departures (おくりびと/Okuribito). This movie has a beautiful story. You can get to see the Japanese world which you usually are not able to see. Do you want to know what I mean? Okay, let’s take a look at the story!




Daigo Kobayashi is the main character who is a professional cello musician in an orchestra. One day, his orchestra suddenly disbanded. He decides to go to his wife, Mika’s hometown and they start their new life. He looks for a job and finds an interesting article in the newspaper. That article says that the job is for helping people to travel. Daigo thought this job is to help people to travel at a travel agency. He goes to have an interview. The president of that company asks can you work well? Without looking at his resume and he says Yes, and Daigo gets that job. But he will notice his misunderstanding soon. To help to travel is actually to help somebody who passes away to send them to a different world. Daigo gets confused if he wants to take this job or not. But the president of this company is pushy to him and he was kind of forced to have this job. How will he be able to manage his job? He will face the death of people and make us think about what is our life and what is death. It is a deep but beautiful movie.


Main Characters



Daigo Kobayashi(Right on the picture) : Main character. His misunderstanding leads this movie to make a beautiful drama. We probably have to thank him for showing us great  a movie! (〃^∪^〃)

Mika Kobayashi : Daigo’s wife. She is a web designer. Let’s see how she reacts when she hears the truth about where he works at!

Ikue Sasaki(Left on the picture) : Daigo’s boss. He is a pushy old man. He usually moves with his sense! Sometimes the scenes of Daigo and Ikue would make you laugh.


How to find this movie



September 2008 “Departures (おくりびと/Okuribito)”

Departures Blu-Ray

DVD, Blu-Ray and Amazon video on Amazon

Opening and Ending songs


Departures CD Soundtrack

Departure (Okuribito) Original Soundtrack


My review


Departures/Okuribito Recommendation Chart

Have you thought about your death? Have you thought about the death of somebody who you are close to? Have you thought about what would happen after you face your death? This movie will get you thinking about many things in your head. Death is like no matter who you are, we all face it at the end. But we don’t want to think about it because it will give us nothing but sad or negative feelings. This movie is about people who deal with the death of people as their job. In Japan, they are called Noukanshi. What they do is basically keep people who passed away clean, fresh and beautiful. If male, shaving his face. If female, putting makeup on her face. They make them look fine for people who visit them to say goodbye.

What do you think about people who have that job? There are many opinions from people. Some people would say it is a respectable job because they manage people who passed away but also some say it is a dirty job because they make money off of people who passed away. I personally think when I pass away, at least I want to be looking good and say bye to people so I make much of what they do. I can not think like Daigo’s wife but I can kind of understand her too. Death has a fear to make people think it is something you should not mess around with. It sounds like this conversation lasts forever with pro and con. So I should go back to the review of this movie.

Those actors and actresses act great. They don’t need any words to express what they think. As you see them acting, you can get to tell what they are thinking. This movie is so quiet all the way until the end. That doesn’t mean it is boring.(Actually, There are some laughable scenes.) It is so sensitive and gentle the way it goes. I think only people like Japanese who have a sense can express like this movie. Backgrounds, places, things and music, everything match and try to take you to the world of this movie. After you finish watching, you would feel like you become gentle and kind. I definitely recommend you to watch this movie. If you want to get to see the other part of Japanese world, why don’t you try to watch this?


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