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Expelled From Paradise DVDKonnichiwa! Mishi desu! How are you, everyone? Today what I want to recommend to you guys an anime movie called Expelled from Paradise (楽園追放/Rakuen Tsuiho). Do you know this Anime Movie? This might be the best-hidden anime movies that you don’t know. As far as I know, it is not so popular but a great anime that I want to recommend to you! It is a sci-fi, Mecha, and Moe~! ~~\(´μ`。)/~~ Are you ready to take a look at what it is like?? ε≡Ξ⊂ ´⌒つ´∀`)つ




Where does this world go day by day as our technology grows up and this world moves to the next stage? This story is after the technology went crazy and destroyed the earth. The invention of the nanomachine swiped our civilization out of this earth. This disaster is called Nano-Hazard. This disaster caused the destruction of the environment. The animals and plants mutated extremely and the natural environment changed. The earth became the ruins.

The 98% of mankind abandoned their physical body and the earth. They turned into data and started to live in the cyber world called, DEVA. But This world will have a problem.

This is 2400 years as the present day. A mysterious existence from the earth is called Frontier Setter, hacks DEVA world. To find out what is going on, on the earth, the main character, Angela who is a data equips and has a physical human’s body goes to the earth. On earth, she cooperates with Dingo who is an investigator of earth and tries to reveal this mysterious case.


Main Characters


Expelled From Paradise Angela

Angela Balzac – Main character. She is an agent in the DEVA world. She is a data person but to go to the earth, she is going to wear a physical human’s body. She acts like she looks down on the things on earth and her life is better at first. She will get to have a gorgeous body shape. This attracts Otaku people. (〃▽〃)

Expelled From Paradise Dingo

Dingo(right) – He is an agent who stays on the earth and instigates the earth. He has a fear of heights. He loves music. He has an excellent skill at being an agent but his behavior makes him look bad.

Frontier Setter A cracker who hacks DEVA world from earth. Who is this or what is this? Only the mystery remains…..


How to find this movie


Year : 2014

Expelled from Paradise Blu-Ray (Limited Edition)

Expelled from Paradise Blu-Ray (Limited Edition)


Opening and Ending songs


Theme song

ELISA – EONIAN -イオニアン-




Mishi’s tops picks for Otaku


Expelled From Paradise Angela Action Figure

Angela Balzac
No wonder people like her!

Expelled From Paradise RT-01

He has a cap on….

Expelled From Paradise Figure Anime

Angela Balzac
Mini Angela

Expelled From Paradise Arhan Good Smile Arms


Expelled From Paradise Figure Angela Balzac

Angela sexy pose!

Expelled From Paradise Action Figure New Arhan

New Arhan
For Mecha fans!



My Review


Expelled from Paradise Recommendation Chart

To tell you the truth, I am not good at watching Mecha anime. But I could watch this movie! Actually, I liked it! This story is about technology so I thought I would feel like oh, Mecha + futuristic anime = not a good result for me. I usually dodge the anime like that but I had the  courage to myself and watched it. Σ(゚д゚(゚д゚(゚Д゚ Just kidding! The reason why I watched this movie is because I heard that it is all made by computer graphic. It is called 3DCG. It is not normal 3d movie like things show up dimensional way. 3DCG is the way of making something with different dimensions. I wondered how it goes and what the difference is.

Usually, the anime that are made by computer graphic moves weird and the emotion of faces are weird to me. But this one didn’t make me feel that way. Especially, the action scenes are excellent! I was surprised by how it moves smoothly.

As you see the title of this anime, what do you feel about the story? (T-T ))(( T-T) I thought it is going to be a deep and kind of gloomy story but my guess was totally wrong. It is just a Sci-fi story which won’t twist and turn. The story goes so fresh and easy to watch in the time of the movie. I thought this title would make me think about what do you think if our world becomes like this anime but the story didn’t get deep like I thought so I recommend you guys to watch this movie without thinking deeply.This is how I have watched it. Oh, Sometimes, this movie reminds me of Cowboy Be Bop. Is that only me?? (;・∀・)

Anyway, this movie is simplified to watch easily. Many characters won’t show up. Basically, the story will go with Angela and Dingo. What I want you to pay attention to is watch the character, Angela. As the story goes, the way she thought will gradually start to change and her look is so cute too. If you have seen a picture of her above, you know why Otaku people get crazy for her right? There are many fans for her! Was that costume necessary? Probably you might want to say so but let it go! They succeeded to get many people interested in this movie! ¥^-^¥And her fashion didn’t let me regret to watch this movie!

If you are interested in this movie, I recommend you to watch it! What is the paradise? It is up to you! My paradise was to watch this movie as having a fun! I hope you would feel so!

Thank you for reading this post! Don’t watch Angela only! Watch whole this anime! m9(≧▽≦)ノシ


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