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Hello! How are you? I’m Mishi. Today’s anime is a brand new anime from April. The title is Flying Witch (ふらいんぐうぃっち). As you see the title, it is about a witch who is a teenager that lives in Northern Japan. This anime is about her witch life. Let’s go see the story of this anime! ε=ε=ε=ε┏(●´Д`●)┛




Makoto Kowata is a witch who is 15 years old. As she follows her family’s custom that when becoming 15 years old, she has to leave the house and live alone, she comes to Aomori prefecture Kozen city from her hometown Yokohama. She has cousins in there too, so she moved with her cat Chito and starts to live with her other family.

She comes here to be a grown-up witch. But she was recommended to go to high school by her parents because of being a witch, you can’t live life good nowadays. So she starts to go to high school.

This anime is about Makoto who is trying to be a grown-up witch and her daily life with the people around her.


Main Characters


Flying Witch DVD 2Makoto Kowata(Right) – Main character. She is a high school student who is a witch. She is not good at a direction. She is not supposed to show she is a witch but….. She is like that person. ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ

Chito – Makoto’s black cat. Makoto can understand what Chito says. Chito can understand her too. Chito is called Chito san by Makoto. Chito san has a weight issue.

Kei Kuramoto(Center) – Makoto’s second cousin and Chinatsu’s elder brother. He is good at cooking but he is not good at ghost.

Chinatsu Kuramoto(Left) – Makoto’s second cousin and Kei’s young sister. At first, she thought Makoto is weirdo but as soon as she finds out Makoto is a witch, she starts to call her Mako ne-.(big sis Makoto in English)

Akane Kowata – Makoto’s elder sister. She is a excellent witch. She travels around the world since she dropped out her high school. She brings people a souvenir every time she comes back but her souvenir makes people confused because her souvenir is weird.

Kenny – Akane’s white cat. Kenny researches cultural anthropology.


How to find this anime


Anime Studio : J.C.STAFF

Episodes : 12 episodes


Opening and Ending songs



Shan Ran Ran feat. 96neko(シャンランラン feat.96猫) – miwa


Shan Ran Ran feat. 96neko – miwa


Nichijo no Maho – Makoto Kowata & Chinatsu Kuramoto (日常の魔法 – 木幡真琴 & 倉本千夏)

Nichijo no Maho - Makoto Kowata & Chinatsu Kuramoto

Nichijyo no Maho – Makoto Kowata and Chinatsu Kuramoto


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My review

Flying Witch Recommendation Chart

This is a cute anime that you can relax and watch. Generally, the anime describes the daily life, you don’t have to get busy and concentrate on watching. This is for the person who wants to watch an anime like that, I recommend this anime. The place she moved to is a local area that has nature and slow life, along with her normal life she trains herself to be a grown-up witch. What do you think will happen around this circumstance? (・∀・) It is not like a witch will get throug tough times to learn his or her skills and sometimes has to fight. It is simply her daily life around her friends.

Each character has it’s own individual characters. It is easy to understand what they are like easily. Since the place is a local place the characters are so relaxing and they keep their pace to do things. That part makes anime so relaxing and you want to stay watching what they will do next to amuse you!

This anime is a witch story but as a matter of fact, half of the time of this anime is not a witch story. ━━(゚д゚;)━━!!! I am sorry to tell you for people who want to watch witch story, this anime is not for you! I am not kidding! The half of story is her daily life! But I do love this anime, though!

Try to watch this anime. You will be pulled into the atmosphere of this anime gradually.  warm music, warm scenes, and warm characters, I wished I could live in this anime world. (´▽`*) Think about it! There is nothing but the innocent world and people! I am watching this anime as wishing that I wished I could be a one of character and live there. LOL Sorry I like to get into an anime world all the time! This anime makes me feel that way a lot. I think you will love this anime if you are like me!


Thank you for reading this review. You can rate this anime and say your opinion below! Bye bye~ ッ(*^-゚)/~


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