What’s this bag? “Fukubukuro” is to test your luck!


When the New Year comes in Japan, the stores get so busy. Japanese celebrates New Year and many shops prepare for big sales. If you go to Japan in the New Year, you will get to see the stores carrying bags. This is called Fukubukuro. Fukubukuro is called lucky bag or mystery bag in abroad.

There are many kind of bags and items that you can get. But you will not be able to see what is inside the bags until you buy. Some people buy Fukubukuro to test their New Year luck! You get good things or sometimes you don’t, it would be fun to buy Fukubukuro. (´・∀・`)

What do you think about Fukubukuro? Do you want to buy them or not?? Let’s take a look at the introduction of Fukubukuro in Japan! (」゚ロ゚)」




What is Fukubukuro?


As I said above, the shops will carry this bag for the New Year. They put their items in one bag and close the bag so customers can choose it without seeing inside the bags. This is the traditional way!

But lately, some Fukubukuro, you can get to see the items. Sometimes, you have to make a reservation to buy Fukubukuro too.


What does Fukubukuro mean?



Fukubukuro is the bag which Daikokuten(大黒天) from the Seven Gods carry. Daikokuten(Daikoku Sama) is known for bringing fortune. He carries a big bag, Uchide no Kozuchi/打ち出の小槌(magic mallet), and Kome Dawara/米俵(a straw rice bag). Uchide no Kozuchi is known if you use it, that would produce anything. Kome Dawara is a bag which rice is in. You can see Daikukuten on the picture, right? That is him!

It is said that there are many things in his bag. For example, money, rice, fortune, luck, and so on. They say if Daikokuten comes to you, he would give you something out of his bag. I wish to see him one day! ・+(*゜∀゜*)+・


What kind of things are inside of Fukubukuro?


This depends on the stores. For example, electric stores will put electric things in Fukubukuro, clothing stores will put their clothing, and food stores will put their food in the bag.

Surprisingly, in Japan, Starbucks sells Fukubukuro. Inside of the bags are of course, Starbucks things but is it interesting? Even Amazon online sells Fukubukuro. Amazon has Fukubukuro sale and many shops from Amazon carry Fukubukuro!

Sometimes, car company’s this. Fukubukuro is unique in Japan. Inside of the bag can be a car, jewelry, travel tickets, brand, and so on.

Many stores carry Fukubukuro in the New Year. Each store puts their own goods in Fukubukuro. You might be able to find something surprising! Take a shot if you find Fukubukuro! (人´∀`)


The history of Fukubukuro



This is unknown but there are few opinions I have found.

  • The origin of Daimaru

Daimaru is store name. It was in the Edo period(1603-1868). It was recorded that this store sold Fukubukuro. Inside of bag was cloth. But as winning bag, they put gold obi(Japanese traditional belt).

  • The origin of Matsuya

Matsuya is also the name of store. When Meiji period(1868-1912), Matsuya sold 2000 Fukubukuro per day for three days. They sold Fukubukuro as 2 yen(then value).

  • Various origin sources

Except those two above, there are some origin of Fukubukuro existing. The locations are all different but they are not sure that where it really started.




The price range of Fukubukuro


I know many people want to know how much they are. There are various price range ! Every store sells their Fukubukuro with their own prices. So, I really don’t know the exact price of cheapest and highest Fukubukuro.

But cheapest Fukubukuro I have seen in Japan was 5 dollar. That Fukubukuro was from Japanese snack store for kids. Do you want to know expensive ones?? This is crazy to hear, but to let you know it is one billion yen! ( >д<)、;’.・ Sorry if you are drinking something! But yes! I think this is most expensive Fukubukuro I have ever heard! The inside of that bag is the room of a mansion, Ferrari, expensive rings, bags, and so on. This bag totally contains 2000 items! I wonder who would buy that! (〃゜△゜〃)

As you see the price, they are wide ranges! There are many Fukubukuro that all kind of people can afford to buy!


The rule of Fukubukuro


I told you this earlier but usually, you will not be able to see the inside of bags. Do some people start wondering about returning items when they don’t like items? To return and get money back is not allowed. If you buy clothing Fukubukuro at a clothing store, the store prepare Fukubukuro by sizes. As long as sizes are different from what they say, the store can replace or give your money back but just because you don’t like the items inside of bag don’t make sense.

That is why to buy Fukubukuro it is to test New Year’s luck! If you get what you like, then your New Year starts great! But don’t worry! Even if you don’t get what you like, let’s think that you spend the bad luck already so you will have good luck next time! There is no point to be negative! Especially, the first of the New Year! Let’s think positive! @^-^@


Some people don’t like Fukubukuro!


I guess some people have had bad experience the Fukubukuro. Well, on the internet world, there are many complainers existing as you know. I don’t know who made this slang for Fukubukuro but it is hateful slang by internet people.

By the way, Fukubukuro’s fuku means luck in Japanese and bukuro=fukuro is bag. Now, let’s see!

There are two slangs for Fukubukuro.

  • Kusobukuro

Kuso means poo….. So, that means poo bag! Poo bag means sucky bag. Kuso is used often when Japanese expresses suck!

Kuso ge- is Kuso game. Kuso game is sucky game. They use it like that lol It’s not a proper word so I don’t recommend to use it, though!

  • Utsubukuro

Utsu means depressing in Japanese. So, it is depressing bag!

I guess some people have had bad experiences from buying Fukubukuro huh?? ( ´,_ゝ`)




Good or bad, I personally think Fukubukuro is fun to buy! What do you think about it? (・ω・ ) When you see it in Japan, why don’t you try to buy it and test your New Year luck??

Have a good day! Ja~~ne~~! ヾ(*’-‘*)




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