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Ghost in the shell DVDHello! ⊂(^ω^)⊃ I’m Mishi! Today, what I want to recommend to you guys is Ghost in the Shell(GHOST IN THE SHELL / 攻殻機動隊). This anime has many series of Anime and movies. It also has games and Manga. Manga is the original beginning. There are many people that get confused which one is first to watch. Don’t worry! I will explain most of them. Today, I want to introduce is the first movie of Ghost in the Shell. This first version has been remade as Ghost in the Shell 2.0 and Ghost in the Shell 25th anniversary edition. The story is all same but the graphic is different. It is up to you to like which ones is your favorite! Let’s go to see a story of this movie! (゜▽゜*)




This is the year of 2029. The technology has developed and the human being has started to install the technology in their brain and connect to a network. They can easily send and receive the information and simplify the management of everything but on the other hand, the cyber crime has increased. The hackers can hack the people’s electric brain and manipulate people. This has been called ghost hack.

The main character named, Motoko Kusanagi who is a member of Public Security Section 9. This organization is to stop the criminals before they take an action. They hear that The hacker who is wanted in the world called, puppet master has arrived in Japan. They start to investigate puppet master but they can’t find who this is and where this person is.

While they are searching for the puppet master, a facility which they make cyborg is hacked and automatically, a female cyborg is manufactured. This cyborg starts to move by itself and run away but this cyborg gets involved in a car accident and is sent to the Public Security Section 9.

When they investigate this cyborg, they will find something that looks like a ghost in this cyborg’s electric brain. What does this mean? Will Makoto and a member of Public Security Section 9 be able to find puppet master??


Main Characters


Ghost in the Shell Makoto

Motoko Kusanagi – Main character. She is practically the leader of Public Security Section 9. When she was young, except for her brain and her spinal cord, she became a cyborg. She is a type of person who has skills of judgment, leadership, physical ability and hacking ability. She has a calm personality and gets her job done with her way.

Ghost in the shell Batou

Batou – He is a member of Public Security Section 9. He is a cyborg but comparing to Motoko, his body is not that cyborg. He is a hard-boiled person who is strict to his student when he is a tutor for combat drill but sometimes, he is a comical guy.

Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Comprex book

Daisuke Aramaki (Old man with bold head) – He is a member of Public Security Section 9 and section chief. He used to work at Defense Intelligence Headquarters. He is good at dealing with the crime of politics. He is a type of person who is humble and has respect from the people around him.

Togusa (Blond hair) – He is a member of Public Security Section 9. He used to be a detective but Motoko scouted him to the Public Security Section 9. He is good at information-gathering, guessing and feeling his intuition since he used to be a detective. But he sometimes gets emotional. He is the only one who has a family in this Public Security Section 9.

Ishikawa (Bearded man) – He is a member of Public Security Section 9. He used to be in the Army. He is good at analyzing information and investigating with his electric brain.

Saito (Below Ishikawa) – He is the member of Public Security Section 9. He used to be in the Navy. He is an excellent sniper. He has a special left eye that enables him to be good at long range shooting.

Paz (Far left) – He is a member of Public Security Section 9. He is the military police who is an undercover. He is good at deceiving and using a knife. He used to be a military police officer but he joined in Public Security Section 9 to use his ability.

Borma (Shaved head man) – He is a member of Public Security Section 9. He used to be in the Army. He has an artificial eye. He has the knowledge of bombs and is good at fighting with his electric brain.


How to find this movie


Anime Studio : Production I.G

Year : 1995, 2008 (remake of 1995), 2014 (25th Anniversary Edition)

Ghost in the Shell Blu Ray

Blu Ray on Amazon

Ghost in the Shell Amazon Video

Amazon Video

Ghost in the Shell Manga

Manga on Amazon

Opening and Ending songs



Ghost in the Shell Soundtrack

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Ghost in the Shell anime figure Motoko Kusanagi

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Motoko Kusanaga and Batou figure

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My Review


Ghost in the Shell Recommendation Chart

This movie is real straight Science Fiction anime. It was made a long time ago(1995) but it is a great movie that you can watch anytime. The graphics are not good as comparing to the latest anime but if you think about it this movie is in 1995, it is good graphics for that time period. That part will make you feel it is old but I am sure that the story and the worldview of this movie will overcome the graphics. Ghost in the Shell 2.0 and Ghost in the Shell 25th anniversary edition have some scenes that are Computer Graphic but only some parts. The sound itself has been improved but all of them are the same story so if you have one of them, I think it should be fine unless you are a super otaku for Ghost in the Shell. (≧∇≦)〃

2029 is coming closer and closer. I wonder this would happen in our real life! What do you think?? (゜Д゜) It is scary to see that will happen. Everything in this world is being simplified day by day. But I don’t think I want this brain in my head! This makes me think that our future will be this way eventually. This movie makes you think many things while you are watching. It might be a little bit too hard to understand if you watch without knowing the background of this movie but if you pay attention to this movie, I think you will understand. There are Manga and anime versions of Ghost in the Shell so you can easily compensate the part of what you can’t get. This movie is not the type of movie that you relax and watch. You want to catch up with what is going on while the story is going. It is because this movie contains a bit of philosophical way.

Even though, I love the worldview of Ghost in the Shell. The story is deep and impressive. The atmosphere of this movie seems to be dark but it makes us think about practical ethics, a moral and so on. As many times as you will watch, you can get to understand and realize many things on this movie more and more. As if you are chewing gum! You know what I am saying right?? (,,゚Д゚)∩ It is a very interesting story for human and robot. I really won’t know what is human or cyborg if this story came into our world in the future. For in case this would happen in the world, we should start to think about this and make a rule of it before our sense of value will start to be destroyed. It is astonishing that this movie has been made before the internet spread around in the world. This movie has predicted our future life from old time and maybe, really the world of Ghost in the Shell would come! Lol, That is what I am thinking! It is crazy but you can’t deny this movie at all.

As you probably know that this movie has been a legend in the world. If you don’t know this movie, you should watch it right away! It is worth to watch it even though it has been made in old time. I do recommend this movie to all people who like to watch anime. Without this movie, you will not be able to talk about anime. (-_-) I am not exaggerating at all! Ask your friend if you think I am wrong! I hope you will have a chance to watch this movie!

Movie 2 : Ghost in the Shell 2 Innocence

Arise : Ghost in the Shell Arise Series

Movie of Arise Series : Ghost in the Shell The New Movie

Anime : Ghost in the Shell Anime Series

Thank you for reading this post! Let’s call it a day, today! ヾ(;ω;)Byeヾ(;ω;)Bye


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