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Hello! I’m Mishi who can not get enough sleep if I have a free time. Lol, since I have posted Mr. Osomatsu last time, I told you guys that director of Gin Tama is the same person who did Mr. Osomatsu! I talked about how funny he makes anime! So I thought I should make a review of Gin tama too. (★ゝω・)b⌒☆

Gin Tama is long run comic and anime! This comic has started from 2004 to present. After 2 years later, the Anime was started in 2006. The third season of Gin Tama just finished last month.(2016 30th March). Gin tama is on Shonen Jump in Japan! Next is a story of Gin Tama! m9(^Д^)




This takes place in the Edo period. One day a foreigner by the name of Amanto came from space and invaded Japan. That caused a huge battle between the Japanese government and Amanto.  But Amanto was too strong to beat. Finally, the Japanese government gave up to fight and opened Japan to them. That caused Japanese culture to mix with Amanto culture. Edo city is a still traditional Japanese looking, but technology is added. Computer, cell phone, car, TV and more, they have modern life in Edo  (Edo period started from 1603 – 1868 in real life). So if you can imagine that people from this period living in a modern lifestyle, you are right!

Gintoki Sakata is the main character of this anime who used to be a samurai. Since Japan has lost the battle, the swords of the samurai were taken away. To be a samurai doesn’t make much sense anymore in this era, Gintoki Sakata starts his business as a general store which he takes whatever jobs clients offer. He has two employees to work with. One is called Shinpachi Shimura who has a Dojo to practice the sword,  the other one is called Kagura who came from space. They also have a big dog is named Sadaharu. This anime is for a life of Gintoki Sakata with his friends, his past, and his circumstance.


Main Characters


Gintama Characters

Gintoki Sakata(Center) – Main characters. He runs his business that he does whatever a client brings. He is usually a lazy person who doesn’t want to improve his life. But when it comes to serious situations, he becomes a man to deal with the situation. He used to be a legendary samurai that everybody was scared of.

Shinpachi Shimura(Right) – He works under Gintoki to learn a spirit of samurai. He has a Dojo for a sowrd which his family used to run but his parents passed away when he was a child. He lives with his elder sister. His sister works as a hostess. He is a idle Otaku!

Kagura(Left) – She works under Gintoki and lives in Gintoki’s place. She is a member of Yatozoku that is called strongest tribe in the universe. She came to earth to make money. She used to be a bodyguard of Yakuza but got tired of hurting people and found a job in Gintoki’s place.

Sadaharu(Left) – Kagura’s pet. He is a huge creature of dog type.


How to find this anime


Anime Studio : SUNRISE(1 – 265 episodes), BANDAI NAMCO Pictures(266 – 316 episodes)

Season 1 : 201 episodes

Gin Tama, Volume 1

Gintama Manga on Amazon

Gintama Collection 1

DVD in English on Amazon





Season 2 : 51 episodes

Season 2 extensional time : 13

Season 3 : 51 episodes


Movie 1 : 2010 Shinyaku Benizakura Hen

Shinyaku Benizakura Hen

Gintama Shinyaku Benizakura Hen
Japanese version

Movie 2 : 2013 Yorozuya yo Eien Nare

Yorozuya yo Eien Nare

Kanketsu Hen Yorozuya Yo Eien Nare
Japanese version

Live Action Movie

Gintama live action movie has been announced. It is scheduled in 2018!


Opening and Ending Songs



Pray- Tommy heavenly6

Toi Nioi(遠い匂い) – YO-KING

Giniro no Sora(銀色の空) – redballoon

Kasanaru Kage(かさなる影) – Hearts Grow

Donten(曇天) – DOES

Anata MAGIC(アナタMAGIC) – monobright

Stairway Generation – Base Ball Bear

Light Infection – Prague

Togenkyo Alien(桃源郷エイリアン) – serial TV drama

Dilemma(ジレンマ) – ecosystem

Wonderland(ワンダーランド) – FLiP


Sakura Mitsutsuki(サクラミツツキ) – SPYAIR



Day By Day – Blue Encount

Pride Kakumei(プライド革命) – CHiCO with HoneyWorks

Pride Kakumei - CHiCO with HoneyWorks

Pride Kakumei – Chico With Honeyworks

Beautiful Days – OKAMOTO’S

Beautiful Days - OKAMOTO'S

Beautiful Days – OKAMOTO’S



Know Know Know – DOES


Fusen Gum – Captain Straydum (風船ガム – キャプテンストライダム)

MR.RAINDROP – amplified

Yuki no Tsubasa(雪のツバサ) – redballoon

Candy line – Hitomi Takahashi (キャンディ・ライン – 高橋瞳)

Shura(修羅) – DOES

Kiseki – SNOWKEL (奇跡 – シュノーケル)




This world is yours – PLINGMIN(プリングミン)

I, Ai, Ai(I、愛、会い) – ghostnote

Kagayaita – Shigi (輝いた – シギ)

Asa Answer(朝ANSWER) – PENGIN

W0 Ai Ni – Hitomi Takahashi × BEAT CRUSADERS (ウォーアイニー – 高橋瞳 ×

Wonderful Days(ワンダフルデイズ) – ONE☆DRAFT

Sayonara no Sora(サヨナラの空) – Qwai

Samurai Heart(Some Like It Hot!!)(サムライハート(Some Like It Hot!!)) – SPYAIR

Balance Doll(バランスドール) – Prague

Anagura – Kuroneko Chelsea (アナグラ – 黒猫チェルシー)

Nakama(仲間) – Good Coming

Moonwalk(ムーンウォーク) – Monobright

Expect(エクスペクト) – PAGE

DESTINY – Negoto(ねごと)

DESTINY - Negoto

DESTINY – Negoto

Saigo Made II(最後までII) – Aqua Timez

Saigo Made II - Aqua Timez

Saigo Made II – Aqua Timez

Glorious Days(グロリアスデイズ) – THREE LIGHTS DOWN KINGS


Glorious Days – Three Lights Down Kings

Acchi Muite(あっちむいて) – Swimy

Acchi Muite - Swimy

Acchi Muite – Swimy

Gintama Best CD Album

Gintama Best (Songs from season 1)


Bakuchi・Dancer(バクチ・ダンサー) – DOES

Gintama Best 2

Gintama Best 2 (Songs from season 1 and bakuchi dancer)

Genjyo Distraction – SPYAIR


Gintama Best 3

Gintama Best 3 (Songs from season 2 and Genjyo Distraction)


Mishi’s top picks for Otaku


Gintama Action Figure Gintoki

Gintoki Sakata
Gin san with serious pose lol

Gintama Action Figure Kagra

Kagura aru yo~






Gintama Action Figure Hijikata

Toushirou Hijikata
This figure has also a Mayo to switch lol

Gintama Action Figure Kamui

Kagura’s brother!






Gintama Action Figure Tsukuyo

She is my one favorite character on this anime!

Gintama Action Figure Kyube

Kyube Yagyu
Her monkey is included!









My Review


GinTama Recommendation Chart

I wrote the story like it was a serious anime, but really it is a comedy anime! It gets serious sometimes and has a moving scene. But usually, each episode has its own story. So that means generally on each episode they do whatever they want to do! This anime doesn’t have a storyline to go along with. All you have to know is his circumstance and his friends….. That is all. Nobody will grow up, nothing will change, sometimes in some episode, the main character won’t show up! This main character Gintoki Sakata looks like he is lazy and doesn’t care about anything but inside of him, he has a heart. You can get to enjoy warm parts and funny parts! This anime is beyond your head!

I like this anime because it has a good tempo to make you laugh! It moves from scene to scene. That makes viewers feel good and make them want to go on watching! Even though you have had a bad day, you think of this anime and it makes you laugh! I recommend this anime to the person who wants to get stress out as watching anime! It will help you to remove some stress trust me!

At last, I have a favorite character. His name is Toshiro Hijikata, he is a member of Shinsengumi which on this anime they are  the police. He always eats  his food with mayo, he takes mayo everywhere he goes. Lol, on a couple of episodes he became otaku and acted like them. That part made me laugh so much! You should check him out if you have a chance to watch this anime!

By the way, GinTama live action movie have been announced! I can’t wait to watch it!

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