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Hello! I’m Mishi! Genki? (‘-^*) Today, let’s talk about a movie called, Giovanni’s Island(ジョバンニの島 Jobanni no Shima). This anime movie is based on a real story. This movie describes the war of the Japanese and Russians. It is going to be sad, I can guess already….. ・゚・(つД`)・゚・ Let me introduce you guys to the world of Giovanni’s Island!




It is spring of 1945 in Japan. There are four islands near Hokkaido. The Seno family lives in one of the four islands called, Shikotan island. Even though the war is happening in Japan, this island doesn’t let you feel like war is going on. It is such a quiet and peaceful place. Junpei Seno and Kanta Seno who are brothers live in here with their father who is the chief of defense corp in this island.

In 15th August of 1945, the war ended. Japan lost the war. That will cause this island to face the reality…..

The next month, in September, all of sudden, the Soviet Union(Russia) came to this island and occupied their place. The property and everything of all the people who live on this island is confiscated by the Soviet Union. They also prohibited them to run the fishing industry which is the most important way to make money for them. The food supply is running out and things are different from what it used to be but still the people who are in this island try to live strong.

At the same time, Russian kids start to attend the school where the children of this island go to. But all the children are innocent. Japanese kids and Russian kids are getting along with each other. Junpei will start to have feelings toward a Russian girl called, Tanya who is the daughter of Soviet Union’s soldier.

After 2 years later, Junpei and Kanta’s father is taken away to a different island by the Soviet Union because he smuggled rice for the people. On the other hand, the residences of this island are sent to the territory of Japan.

After whatever happened, these brothers will know where their father is at. They decide to go to meet their father. They don’t even know that hardship would be waiting for them….. Will they be able to meet their father?


Main Characters


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Junpei Seno(right) – Kanta’s the elder brother and Tatuo’s son. He is a kind boy who grew up on this island. He didn’t know what was going on in this world but as he sees that his island is getting occupied, he will start to recognize the situation of Japan. 

Kanta Seno(left)- Junpei’s younger brother and Tatsuo’s son. He is too young to know what the war is. This pure innocent child will be involved in the circumstance of the world with his elder brother.

Tatsuo Seno – Junpei and Kanta’s father. He is the chief of defense corps so he is the type of guy who carries his responsibility. To consider everyone, he smuggled rice and was taken away. What will happen to him?

Tanya (left on the top of this page’s picture)- She is the daughter of a Soviet Union’s soldier. Since her father is an officer, she has moved around from place to place and she is tired of this situation. She becomes friends with Junpei.


How to find this movie


Anime Studio : Production I.G.

Year : 2014

Unfortunately, the official English sub DVD has not been released yet.

Giovanni Island DVD

Giovanni’s Island DVD

Opening and Ending songs (Theme song)


Toi Natsu – Masashi Sada (遠い夏 – さだまさし)

Toi Natsu - Masashi Sada

Toi Natsu – Masashi Sada


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My Review


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The war movies or anime like this are not good for me financially because I have to buy a bunch of tissue paper. Especially, if the kids are main characters, I have to prepare the extra tissue paper. How can I not cry when I see the innocent children get involved into the adult world and suffer. I can’t stand that situation! You know what I’m talking about right? ヽ(;´Д`ヽ)(ノ;´Д`)ノ Well, let’s talk about this movie!

The main story itself is severe but I think they tried not to make this movie too serious so children can watch it easily too. You can get to see the bright descriptions even though the theme of this movie is a war. I probably think that this movie tried to show us the reason why we shouldn’t make war from the point of view of the main character who is a child. From the eyes of children, no matter who we are, we get along but if you start the war, the sad things will come to you. This is how I felt after finished watching this movie. It will make you think of something.

It is not only a message you can get, though. If you watch this movie, you will love those characters. They made those characters have a human touch. This can be a live action movie but there are so many things that only anime characters can describe the scenes. This movie took advantage of those parts wisely and expressed each scene so I could get into this story and I could feel the characters easily so I think the characters are attractive on this movie.

Even though this movie has sadness it also has a warmth. You can get to feel the warmth from the characters and a graphic of pictures. It will make your emotions go crazy. I suggest that you prepare something to wipe your tears. Whatever you feel, that would be the message to you. I felt the love of the family. I wonder what kind of love you will be able to feel!

By the way, this incident is called Northern Territories dispute in Japan and is still this disputation is a hot topic between Japan and Russia. If you want to know more, search it and you will find a lot of news article of this. Over 50 years have passed but this has not been solved. It is a deep story. We just scraped the surface of this problem. But I am glad I got to know something I didn’t know.

Thank you for reading this post! Which my post will you read next? (ω・`))(´・ω・`)(( ´・ω)


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