Girls und Panzer : Can her friendship overcome her trauma?

Girls und Panzer

How’s today everyone? Let’s review of this anime Girls und Panzer! I know there are a lot of guys who get Moe~ as seeing anime girls driving tanks! Let’s go to see a story of this anime! (=゚ω゚)ノ




This story is about a girl who gave up for a Senshado (the way of the tank) and moved to a different high school to try and forget about Senshado, however, she was unable to forget and went back to Senshado again.

Miho Nishizumi who is the main character of this anime is from a famous family for Senshado. She used to do Senshado in a different school. The reason why she quit is because one of her comrade’s tank got attacked and fell down to the cliff, she tried to help them to get out of the tank, While she was trying to help her friends, her tank was attacked in the official tank tournament. At the time, she was a sub-leader of that school. Since her family is strict for Senshado, Miho was scolded by her mother much. This incident made her quit and transfer to a school which doesn’t have a Tank club at school.

After she transferred, she had a hard time making friends with anybody. One day, Saori Takebe and Hana Isuzu from same class asked her to eat lunch with them, and Miho enjoyed lunch with them, after that, they went back to class and there were student councils waiting for them. Anzu Kadotani who is ahead of the student council told Miho to take Senshado. The reason why she told her to take Senshado is the Japanese government told each of the high schools and colleges to do so for a world Seshado tournament that will be held in Japan few years later. That school abolished Senshado until now but had to start it again.

Miho came here to this school specifically because there was not Senshado anymore, but the student council gave her so much pressure to make her join in Senshado again. She refused to join in and Saori and Hana also protects her from student council. But at last, Miho gave up and decided to join with Saori and Hana. Of course, other people joined in this club too.

This school used to have a Senshado club but they abolished so tanks were not in good condition. They got help the from car club and started to fix them up. As they started training Senshado, other comrades became members of Senshado team. Miho used to do this out of respect to her family only, but now she is starting to enjoy doing Senshado with her many friends that she has met.

Through practice and practice matches, they get better and better. They finally decided to make an entry for an official Senshado match. they will run into many rivals, strong schools, and Miho’s sister Maho Nishio. As they get through the hardships and with the will not to give up  on their friendship, will they really make it to the top from the bottom? 


Main Characters


Girls und Panzer MihoMiho Nishizumi – Main character. She is usually a shy and clumsy girl but when it comes to a tank, she makes a bold strategy that not many people can come up with. She gave up on Senshado once but comes back to it with her friends. Let’s see how far she can go with her friends!



Girls und Panzer SaoriSaori Takebe – Miho’s classmate. She is a mood maker and a friendly person. When Miho came to this school, she is the first person who talked to Miho. Since that, they are friends. Mako’s childhood friend.



Girls und Panzer HanaHana Isuzu – Miho’s classmate. Her family runs the Japanese art of flower arrangement. She is a neat and old-fashioned person. Her mother didn’t think good of Senshado but she convinced her as adding the idea from Senshado on her Japanese art of flower arrangement.



Girls und Panzer YukariYukari Akiyama – She is a maniac for a tank. Her family run a barber shop. She looks up to Miho. She used to be a isolated person because of her hobby and her parents used to worry about her but now she finally has friends to talk about a tank!



Girls und Panzer MakoMako Reizei – Saori’s childhood friend. Her low blood pressure makes her sleepy all the time. She is not good at waking up in the morning and that causes her to be late to attend to her class. She was told that if she joins Senshado, she will be compensated for her grades. That is how she joined. She lost her parents when she was in elementary school. She cherishes her grandmother who is only her family.

How to find this anime


Anime Studio : Actas

Episodes : 12 + 2 recap episodes

Girls Und Panzer: TV Collection [Blu-ray]

DVD in English on Amazon

Girls Und Panzer, vol. 1

Girls und Panzer Manga on Amazon







November, 2015 “Girls und Panzer Gekijo Ban”

Girls und Panzer Film

Girls Und Panzer Der Film
Japanese version


Opening and Ending Songs



DreamRiser – Choucho

DreamRiser - Choucho

Dream Riser – Choucho


Enter Enter MISSION! – Anko Team(あんこうチーム) (members of Miho’s Team)

Enter Enter MISSION! - Anko Team

Enter Enter Mission – Anko Team


piece of youth – ChouCho

piece of youth - ChouCho

Piece of you – ChouCho


Mishi’s top picks for Otaku


Girls und Panzer Action Figure Yukari

Yukari Akiyama with Yukata clothing on J box
No tank today!

Girls und Panzer Action Figure Miho

Miho Nishizumi with Yukata clothing on J box
I think she has a day-off!









Girls und Panzer Action Figure Mako

Mako Reizei
This figure is movable. You can let her read a book too!

Girls und Panzer Action Figure Anchovy

There she comes! Anchovy will rule your room!








Girls und Panzer Action Figure Anko Team on their Tank

Girls und Panzer Tank
Move, everybody! Ankou Team is coming through!

Girls und Panzer Action Figure Anko Team Tank

figma Vehicles Girls und Panzer: Panzer IV Ausf. D ‘Finals’
1/12 Scale Pre-Assembled ABS Electric Model. It moves with batteries! Let’s join Ankou Team!








My Review


Girls und Panzer Recommendation Chart

First of all, I want to say this anime is not a war anime. It is about school life and Senshado that is a club like a baseball club or soccer club,  and nobody will die. It is a sport, you can take it that way. There are many guys like the Moe~ girls that are doing the tanks! ( ノ゚Д゚) I know so because these cute girls who look like they aren’t tough  enough handle these big big tanks! It is so cool to see these girls fighting. I think people will like this anime as enjoying to see how these girls change as soon as they get into tanks.

I don’t really have knowledge of military and tanks but I could watch this until the end because the friendship is so beautiful! (*^o^*) Friendship will make people strong! I took this anime more school life than military way. It might be a girly anime but it is worth trying to watch this. If you are a military otaku then watch this, and I want to hear a comment from you! But I don’t want to hear how the tanks move differently.  they actually move blah blah blah. Lol, I will not be able to understand that!

Anyway if you want to watch the girl who has trauma but then gets over it, and fights her rival at the end, you should try to watch this!


Thank you for reading my post today. If you can rate this anime, it is below. If you want to talk about this anime with somebody, it is below!


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