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Hello, everyone! how is everything going in your parts of the world? Today I am really excited to share with you one of my most favorite animes, Today we are going to review Gosick. It is a detective show but also a love story. Are you ready? Let’s check out the story first!




This story takes place in 1924 after world war I in Europe. Kazuya Kujo who is an exchange student who came to study in Sauville country (This country is fiction.) from Japan. He meets Victorique who lives in the top of the huge tower of the library. She is a genius but an obstinate and spoiled girl. These two will run into mysterious cases and solve them together.

At first, Kazuya was played by her selfishness and impulsiveness. But he will notice that Victorique has personal problems with family. This anime will slowly change to love story. As he finds this out, he starts to wish that he could save her from all of her problems, and gradually feels close to her. On the other hand,  Victorique started feeling the same way too but life is not that easy. The world war II will separate their destiny. Are they going to meet each other again or not? Will it be a happy ending or not? It is only up to how the world will go……


Main Characters


Gosick CharactersVictorique de Blois(Right) – She is a cute girl like a doll who is stubborn and hot and cold on people. She doesn’t show up to her class and read a book at botanical gardens. She has a sharp brain that will solve many mysterious cases. She says bitter things to people but she is just a lonely girl.

Kazuya Kujo(Left) – He came to Sauville country as exchange student. He meets Victorique at library. Since that, she becomes his first friend and only friend in his school. As he deals with Victorique’s selfishness, he builds a relationship with her.






How to find this anime


Anime Studio : BONES

Episodes : 24

GOSICK Volume 1

Gosick Manga on Amazon


Opening and Ending Songs



Destin Histoire – Lisa Yoshiki

Destin Histoire - Lisa Yoshiki

Destin Histoire – Yoshiki Lisa


Resuscitated Hope – Risa Komine(コミネリサ)

unity – Risa Komine(コミネリサ)

Resuscitated Hope/unity - Risa Komine

Resuscitated Hope / Unity – Risa Komine


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My Review


Gosick Recommendation Chart

When I started to watch this anime, I thought it is like a detective type anime. Towards the end, it becomes a pure love story. This is a great turnover! Victorique who has family issues is so selfish and arrogant. Kazuya is so soft and clumsy. He will change her little by little with his heart and finally Victorique will let him step inside of her heart. It is a nice story. I really enjoyed how they become closer to each other. I really didn’t think that a detective story could turn into a love story.

There are many fans of Victorique! She will make you say, Moe ~! Her fashion is so cute. She wears Gothic clothing. When you see Gothic fashion on anime, it looks cool and cute right? At least I think so. At the end, Victorique also wears Japanese old fashion while war. It is not fancy clothing like Kimono. It is cheap clothing but the gap of her dress makes people feel different and make them say, so Moe~! She is a little short cute girl that looks like a doll so when she wears that, that gap was great! Nice job on that idea! 

I would really recommend this anime to you. But I want you to watch this anime as more of a love story than a detective anime. Enjoy how cute Victorique is opening her heart to Kazuya. She doesn’t show her feelings much to him but you can get to tell that she is getting attracted to Kazuya! I want you to enjoy those parts of this anime!


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