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Hello! I’m Mishi! Today, what I want to recommend to you guys to watch is Hal (ハル). This movie is a little bit shorter than other anime movies. It is only 60 minutes but it has good content in it! Does it matter the amount of time? I think if it is good, we get all happy! Let’s take a look at the inside of this short film. I hope you will get interested in this movie! ъ( ゚ー^)




This is the futuristic world in Kyoto. The robots have been spread around and lived with humans. In this Kyoto, there is a guy named, Hal who has a girlfriend named, Kurumi and she runs her general store.

One day, Hal passed away in an airplane accident. This accident gives her much damage in her heart and causes her to shut herself in her house.

While she is having a hard time facing reality, her grandfather named, Tokio who is a craftsman for dying indigo worries about her and comes up with an idea which is to use a robot to make her feel better. He makes his robot which is called Q-01 look like Hal and takes this robot to the care center. As he gets help from a doctor named, Aranami, they send this robot to Kurumi as a temporary employee from the care center.

Then, the story of them will begin to move. Will this robot as Hal be able to help her out of the darkness? This story has a big turn that you don’t want to miss!!

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Main Characters


Hal Characters

Hal – Main character. He gets involved in an airplane accident. The robot, Hal will take the place of him after his death.

Hal Kurumi

Kurumi – Main character. Since she has lost her boyfriend, she loses the meaning of living. While that time, the robot as Hal shows up to her. This will remind her of something really really important!

Ryu – Hal’s friend.

Aranami – The doctor at the care center. He will help Tokio to dispatch the robot to Kurumi.

Tokio – Kurumi’s grandfather. He has been worried about her since she lost her boyfriend. He gets an idea to cheer her up. That is to create Hal as his robot which is Q-01.


How to find this movie


Anime Studio : WIT STUDIO

Year : 2013

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Hal soundtrack

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Opening and Ending songs


Theme song

Owaranai Uta – Yoko Hikasa (終わらない詩 – 日笠陽子)

Owaranai Uta (From "Hal")

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My Review


Hal Recommendations chart

I thought this movie was just a simple story line! As I said about the story above, I thought the robot, Hal makes her feel better, makes her smile and ends! But noooooooooo. I didn’t expect the twists and turns in this 60-minute film. Since it surprised me, I gave good points for the story. I am not going to spoil you but I think you should watch this movie without knowing what will happen at the end. I really suggest that way. Because it is a short time you might as well watch this movie as a love story only. It is a love story but in the end, ━━ΣΣ(゚Д゚;)━━!! You will make your face like this. lol, I am satisfied to watch this anime. It was done well for me!

The story was good to me but also, the graphics were amazing too. Since it takes place in Kyoto, It was extra good! Because personally, I like Kyoto. (´∀`*) I love the world of this movie. I wished I could enter into this world and hang out. (@’ω’@) Look at these pictures above, didn’t you think so?? (○゚ε^○)

This movie is a lucky find for me. I really didn’t expect how this story would go. The theme song of this anime got me moved. After I finished watching this movie, what I did is I bought this song as mp 3 on Amazon. As I am writing this post, I am listening to this song! Can you hear it?? v(*’-^*)ゞ・’゚

But let me complain a little bit! I wished this movie had more episodes as anime. Don’t you think so, if you have watched? It could be done that way! Come on, it is not too late to make an anime version!  So they can put more details of explanations for main characters. I mean the more relationships between them before Hal passed away. And, of course, I want to watch the city of Kyoto more and more with those graphics! Probably, this is the main reason why I want to watch more of this movie since I am Kyoto freak! (◎皿◎)

I just said my wish above but I think this movie is good. It might be a little bit depressing and a plain storyline but if you watch toward the end, you will want to give this movie good points like I did. If you want to watch a short movie that is a love story, I recommend you guys to watch this. The person who feels like you want to cry as watching something, this anime is for you. There are some places to think but if you watch this movie without thinking much, I am sure you will feel the world of Hal and be moved.

Thank you for reading this post. If you have more time, why don’t you check my other post out! ヽ(∀`ヽ●)(ノ●´∀)ノ


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