Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto : Cool, Cooler, Coolest!

Haven't You Heard? I'm Sakamoto Vol. 1

Hello! How is it going? I am Mishi! ¥^-^¥ Today I want to introduce you all to a new anime Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto (坂本ですが?/Sakamoto desuga?). It is a funny comedy anime. It is getting popular in Japan. We should check this anime out!




This story is about a high school student who can do everything perfectly and is able to dodge trouble with his charismatic personality and his style. His name is Sakamoto. He has a something that attracts people who are around him. As being who he is, he has been so popular in school among the girls and the boys. To keep up his cool ways, he sometimes gets many rivals and bullies. But those people are nothing to him because in the end, he will wrap them up with his cool and charismatic ways and they will be addicted to him somehow.

This anime is about the cool and beautiful life of Sakamoto at his school. Let’s see if you can avoid being addicted to Sakamoto.


Main Characters


Sakamoto – According to this anime, his last name is hidden. I don’t know why….. He is a perfect person who can study, sports and everything. He also has a talent to attract people. What do you want to say more? He is just perfect!

Yoshinobu Kubota – Sakamoto’s classmate. He is bullied by other classmates. But as Sakamoto helps him, he tries to get strong!

Atsushi Maeda – Sakamoto’s classmate. He is a delinquent. He didn’t like Sakamoto gets all attentions. Atsushi tried to bully on him with his friends but of course Sakamoto dodge their problems. Actually Sakamoto ended up attracting him.

Mario – Sakamoto’s classmate. Atsushi’s delinquent friend.

Kenken – Sakamoto’s classmate. Atsushi’s delinquent friend.

Aina Kuromuma – Sakamoto’s classmate. She is like a idol of her class. She tries to get a attention from Sakamoto all the time. She is not the type of a person who is going to be liked by girls.

8823(Hayabusa) – He is a elder delinquent in Sakamoto’s school. His friend, Maruyama gets freaked out by Sakamoto so he decides to fight Sakamoto……


How to find this anime


Anime Studio : Studio Deen

Episodes : 13 episodes


Opening and Ending songs



COOLEST – CostomiZ(カスタマイZ)

COOLEST - CostomiZ

Coolest – CustomiZ


Nakushita Hibini Sayonara – SUNEOHAIR (無くした日々にさよなら – スネオヘアー)

Nakushita Hibini Sayonara - SUNEOHAIR

Nakushita Hibini Sayonara – SUNEOHAIR


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My review


Haven't You Heard? I'm Sakamoto Recommendation Chart

What I can say about this anime is just sit back and enjoy watching how his life goes. ヽ(´Д`ヽ ミ ノ´Д`)ノAll I want you to know about this anime is how cool and charismatic Sakamoto truly is. That is it! Do you have to know anything else? Nooooo you don’t have to know anything. Because to understand this anime, you don’t have to understand anything. It is a comedy school life story which you don’t have to think and feel anything to watch!

I will give you an example of what he does at school. You see bullies try to set him up. But he will dodge their traps with his own stylish moves. I want to ask you guys something. If bullies pull your chair while you are trying to sit in your chair, what would you do? Are you going to fall and then stand up and punch them or be laughed by them?? Let me tell you how Sakamoto deals with them. If bullies pull his chair away while he is trying to sit, and he feels no chair on his butt so he sits in the air and acts like he is sitting on the chair with his coolest pose….. are you starting to understand this anime?? Do you want another example? (x□x`;)

What would you do if you see a girl next to you at class drop an eraser in winter? Do you just pick it up for her and give it back to her? According to Sakamoto, that is not enough! He picks her eraser up and uses her eraser on a paper to make it warm with friction since it is a cold winter day and gives it back to her so that she can warm her hands up…..

This anime is like that! What do you think guys? I think Sakamoto is the coolest! Now let me tell you my secret(ж^□^ж)ノthats right come a little closer so I can whisper, I have been addicted to Sakamoto since I have watched this anime! 

Be careful not to get addicted to him as watching! I and Suki Suki Japan will not take responsibility of that! You will not need to be reminded to watch Sakamoto! ∩゚∀゚∩ Have a fun!


Thank you for reading this post! You can rate and say your opinion of this anime below! c⌒っ *・∀・)φ


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