Do you like ghost anime? Top 10 scary anime!!


Hello! I’m Mishi. Today, what I am going to show you is my top 10 anime that gives you chills, depression, and scary feelings. I love watching horror or scary movies but I love those type of anime too. What about your thoughts? Horror anime might be more scary than movies…..

Anyway, those anime that you will see below are from various genre. They are horror anime but mysterious anime, suspense anime, and scary anime. They are my choices so some won’t agree with your opinion but I hope you will enjoy looking and finding anime that you don’t know yet! Let’s go and see them! (∩ ゜ω゜)つ




10 : Yamishibai Japanese Ghost Stories(闇芝居)


Yamishibai Japanese Ghost Stories

This anime is not a usual one. What is the difference?? This is short anime that is only 5 minutes for each episode. But don’t make light of it! It is short but the quality of content is good and it is a great anime. The tempo of story is smooth and you will get stuck watching this anime!

The story is about Japanese urban legends. It goes like a picture story show and you can get to feel Japanese gloomy fear. Can’t you feel darkness as seeing a picture??

Yamishibai is a horror anime to scare you!


9 :  Ayakashi : Samurai Horror Tales(Ayakashi/怪) and Mononoke(モノノ怪)


Ayakashi Samurai Horror Tales Mononoke


Ayakashi is made of three independent stories and Mononoke is off of one of Ayakashi’s story’s continued. Those anime are not really horror but the reason why I put them in my ranking is because I want people to know them.

What makes those anime look good to me is many Japanese elements. Japanese atmosphere, pattern, and unique world view. Only Japanese can make anime like these. I recommend these anime to somebody who loves Japanese style!

The stories are all different as I said. They are Yotsuya Kaidan, Tenshu Monogatari, and Bake Neko on Ayakashi. Bake Neko continues on Mononoke.

They are Japanese horror stories so I think they are part of horror movie. What I want you to enjoy is just to see how amazing Japanese world is expressed on those anime!


8 : GA-REI-zero(Garei-Zero/喰霊-零)



I usually don’t watch action anime but the reason why I could enjoy watching this is the story. I think the story is composed well and kept my interest until the end.

The story is like this. Yomi who is a ghost hunter and Kagura who is a new ghost hunter get along well like they are real sisters. But one day, something happens between them…

It can be considered as horror but not scary. This anime is to fight ghost. It contains action but will make you think what the love is. It is kind of GL way.(little bit)




Ghost hound

I like the atmosphere of this anime. It is a more spiritual way to express this anime than other anime. It is not bad but I think one more push was needed personally. The story itself gets along with those teenagers past together and feel fine to follow the story line. You might feel annoyed at the brown hair kid on the picture but that will be all understood(by him). lol I should say the descriptions of the characters are politely shown.

The story is about people’s trauma. Tarou and Makoto had a bad experience 11 years ago. One day, Masayuki moves in their place. He tries to find out what happened 11 years ago. This encounter makes their traumas reveal to each other. But as they use O.B.E(out-of-body experience), they find the way to go to the afterlife. This has something to connect with their bad experience 11 years ago.


6 : Mouryou no Hako(魍魎の匣)


Mouryou no Hako

This is made by Natsuhiko Kyougoku who is Japanese novelist. This anime became a live action movie too. You see the picture above?? All of men are Ikemen(good looking)(*´д`*)……..

Anyway, this anime is mysterious horror. The quality of pictures are good so you won’t feel heavy feelings toward the story.

The story starts from a train accident resulting in death. Kanako who is smart and good looking but feels lonely starts to talk to Yoriko, she says we are reborn to each other. Yoriko who has a gloomy personality and doesn’t have friends gets confused but as they talk to each other, they start to feel closer because both of them are lonely. They make a promise to go to see the lake, then Kanako is pushed by somebody at train station and gets run over. But, Kanako’s sister shows up and takes her to the mysterious laboratory. This will make the anime enter into the darkness.

Are you ready to be a detective??


5 : Ghost Stories(Gakko no Kaidan/学校の怪談)


Ghost Stories

This one is the way to go for ghost anime. As you see the picture, it looks like for children. That might be true but I love this anime so much. I think adults can enjoy watching it. It is not much scary but if you want to know famous Japanese ghost names or stories, then this is for you. Those kids will guide you to let you learn Japanese ghosts. Japanese school is always adventure for ghosts. It is so fun to watch how they react and act every time they see ghost!

The story is this way. Those kids get lost a ant old building of their school and get attacked by ghost. Satsuki is a girl who is the main character finds her mother’s diary of ghost places. The diary shows the way of fighting off ghosts. As using the diary, Satsuki and her fellas start to fight off many ghost.

I love the opening song of this anime!! (@’ω’@)




4 : Shiki(屍鬼)



Shiki does choose people to watch. The reason why so is there are many bloody scenes so I don’t recommend this to somebody who is not good at watching those anime. Well… as you see the pictures, you can tell that, right? Even the tittle of Shiki is dripping!

This is originally from a novel and became manga, then anime. This is one of the anime that will give you depression, maybe….. If you don’t want to watch heavy anime like this, don’t watch! But if you feel like you want those feelings then go ahead!

Although, this anime has great descriptions of people’s trouble mentality. It might be a good anime if you want to be a psychologist! Everything is in detail and you will be amazed by every little thing.

The story takes place in a small town. This small town is shut by the circumstances and old tradition still remains. One day, three dead bodies from this town are found. The doctor who is the only one in this town notices something is wrong with those dead bodies but people in the town say nothing is wrong. But after that, there are many people that will start to die rapidly.


3 : When They Cry(Higurashi no Nakukoro ni/ひぐらしのなく頃に)


When They Cry

This series of anime is known as scary all over the world so you probably know this anime already. There are two more extra series becides this one. One is When They Cry Kai and When They Cry Zero. Especially, When They Cry and When They Cry Kai are set to watch together for solving the mystery.

This contains violence and blood so you should know this anime is like that. But if you are horror anime fan, this is a must to watch.

The story will happen in a small town. This town has traditional custom that is called Watanagashi. It is Cotton Drifting in English. This event is an axis of the story and mysterious death and disappearance will happen. This is one of the horror story that small town keeps their traditions and out of dates.

I guarantee this anime will give you chills and thrill. You might not be able to go to the bathroom at night.


2 : Another


Another Blu-Ray

This is horror, mysterious suspense anime. They are all mixed well and one of my favorite anime. This has many bloody scenes just to let you know. This has a live action too so it is popular in Japan. I love Mei who wears the eye patch. Isn’t she cute? She is a key of this anime.

The story starts from the boy named, Kouichi who transfers his school to this town. As soon as he starts his new school life, he notices that his class is weird. Top of that, Mei Misaki who is his classmate is treated like she doesn’t exist by all classmate. While he is thinking that this is something different, he will meet a tragic death of his classmate. Kouichi will open the door that shouldn’t be opened.

I made a review of another before. Here is the link if you are interested in this anime.

My review of another


1 : Hell Girl(Jigoku Syoujo/地獄少女)


Hell Girl Jigoku Syoujo

Hell Girl is one of my most favorite anime! So, this is first place! +.(*’v`*)+ I know you think she can’t do anything because she looks like one of the anime that has little sister like Umaru, right? Nooooooooooo! She can send anybody to hell. Kowai…..

This anime is quiet all the way and the world view is too depressing. You will see the bad part of human being.

The story is actually a world where we live in. There is urban legend that when 12 am, the website “Hell Correspondence” will appear to connect to Ai Enma. She can send people to hell if somebody asks her. That’s how the rumor goes and this rumor is truth. But clients have to pay for that too. They will be sent to hell when they die. This is the story of Ai Enma who helps people to send to hell…..




How are those anime? I am sure you know most of them but this was my top 10 of horror anime that I want to recommend people to watch.

If you have your opinion, you can say below. Let’s talk about horror anime.

Thank you for reading this page. Ja~~ne~~~! (´・ω・`)/~~




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