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Sailor Lolita

Konbanwa everyone! So today I am going to talk to you about something that I could go on and on with forever. There isn’t enough room on this whole internet if I continued on with this post lol. Today I want to talk to you about Lolita Fashion. All hail to the Lolita Fashion(*^~^*)ゝ. Let me just say that there are many fashions connected to the Lolita fashion there is so much to this fashion, you will see as I go on in this post. Okay, let me get started listing them for you now.




Sweet Lolita

Aristocrat Lolita-Is a sister style to Lolita and has a completely different set of rules from Lolita. Aristocrat is a little more narrow style of dressing and the dresses or skirts are usually long and doesn’t always have a cupcake shape.

Casual Lolita-Is just as it states it is a toned down version of Lolita. It is modest and elegant without going over the top.

Classic Lolita-Is all about looking classy. The dresses can be mistaken for a summer dress or a church dress and is identified by a floral pattern and an A-frame shirt.

Cosplay Lolita-Cosplay Lolita’s are kind of a touchy subject. They are looked down upon by the Lolita’s living their life as a Lolita and are called Ita (painful in Japanese) because their clothes are cheaply made and don’t live by the same set of fashion rules as an actual Lolita.

Country Lolita-Is derived from the Sweet Lolita and maybe be hard to distinguish the difference between the two. Country Lolita is recognized by straw baskets, hats, fruits, and gingham patterns.

Ero Lolita-Is a misunderstood and controversial Lolita fashion. It is often associated with the fetish styles like corsets, leather, and leather collars.

Gothic Lolita-Even though Gothic it leans more towards the Victorian goth style rather than an industrial goth style. It is distinguished but dark colors like black, purple, and navy and has a bell shaped skirt.

Guro Lolita-Is just as it states gory. It is associated with bandages, eye patches, slings, and blood splatters. It is up to you how gory you would like to be, but don’t go overboard.

Hime Lolita-Being that Hime is Princess in Japanese it is just as it states, Princess fashion. This Lolita fashion is very elegant and is usually accessorized with miniature crowns, tiaras, large hair, and large dresses. The impression you want to give is that of a princess. Elegance, Beauty, and Grace.

Kondona- Is boy like fashion and is actually called Ouji in Japan the meaning is exactly Prince.

Kuro(black) Lolita- Is exactly as it states Black Lolita and every aspect of its fashion is black.

Punk Lolita-Is geared more towards an experienced Lolita. The style must be fashioned towards Lolita but incorporated with the Eastern punk style. The lines are not clean lines but still remains a bell-shaped skirt.

Sailor Lolita-Is just as it states and is inspired by the Sailor uniform style.

Shiro(white) Lolita-Is exactly as it states White Lolita and every aspect of its fashion is White.

Sweet Lolita-Is the most over the top and most child-like of the Lolita fashion. The colors are more are pastel like pink, purple, white, and powder blue. Patterns might include strawberries, toys, cherries, cakes, hearts, flowers, and polka dots.

Wa Lolita-Is a short Kimono style. It has the long sode or sleeves. Even the obi or sashes are sewn onto the bell-shaped skirt. The material is the same material used to make a full-length kimono (very expensive) and has the same style patterns on them as a kimono like flowers and cranes.



Country Lolita

As you can see this is just the start of this fashion. Then you chose the one that is best for you, when you do that then there is so much that goes into your clothing, makeup, shoes, and hair, whether it be your natural hair, wig, or hair extension. I personally love the wigs and extensions lol. So you ask what is a Lolita? Let me give you the background on a Lolita first. The Lolita fashion started in Japan and originated from the grace and beauty of the Victorian and Rococo era. It is now known under expanded sub-styles like the ones listed above. The trend started around 1980 in Japan and has grown ever since then. It has grown so much that the fashion has grown outside of Japan and moved into other parts of the world.


Gothic Lolita

Gothic Lolita

To be a true Lolita it can get pretty expensive because it is so expensive they only go between two styles. It is not uncommon to see a Lolita with one blouse, two skirts, two pairs of socks and two headdresses which all match. Consider everything you are going to have to buy to match that skirt, you will have to purchase headdress, petticoat, bloomers, socks, shoes, a purse, jewelry, and possibly even a jacket. This is the cost for just one outfit, so it is better to figure out what style best fits your style and plan from there. Wait what? You’re asking me what my style of Lolita would be? Well now here I go I am telling two styles but here is where I am going to contradict myself lol. My style choice is Aristocrat, Gothic, Punk, and Wa Lolita.



Classic Lolita

All I can tell you is, pick your style that fits you best and makes you fell confident and beautiful, but most of all have fun with it. Make sure that you do it with grace and style. Don’t disrespect the people before you that had started this fashion and lifestyle. Make them proud and make your Lolita sisters proud. This is Mishi signing off for tonight. See you next post. As always thank you for your support of this website. Bye Bye.


Lolita Fashion

Lolita Fashion

Gothic Lolita Bible

Gothic Lolita Bible







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