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Hello! I am Mishi! Today, what I want to recommend to you guys is Jin-Roh : The Wolf Brigade(人狼). The director of this movie is Mamoru Oshii who has also made Ghost in the Shell, The Sky Crawlers, and more! He is known for not making movies that are not popular but his works are always great! He sometimes tends to make movies that are difficult but that is his style. Let’s see this movie and how he has made! ( ゚д゚)db(゚д゚ )




After Japan lost The Second World War, The German’s occupied Japan. Japan has tried to return to the world community and achieve the economic policy. The economic policy has increased the unemployment rate, crime, and  extremists called Sect. They are out of control and the government has a hard time dealing with this situation.

While this atmosphere, a student demonstration is being held in Tokyo. The Sect also joins in this demonstration and tries to attack the riot police units. They use an underground watercourse to transport the weapons and start to attack the riot police units on the ground. The members of Sect in the underground are also surrounded by a metropolitan anti-terror unit and start to fight too.

Kazuki Fuse is the main character who is a member of the Capital Police and Kerberos Panzer Cops tell them to give up but the girl who is a member of Sect committed suicide with her bomb. This explosion caused a blackout and extremists got away from this situation.

A few days later, the Metropolitan Police Department blames on the Capital Police because of this blackout and letting them get away. From first, they are fighting for a territorial dispute and can’t get along with each other. After all, Kazuki Fuse is blamed for everything, for not taking the right actions and he is ordered to go back to retrain at the training school of the Capital Police.

After that incident. Kazuki Fuse asks his friend and comrade named, Atsushi Henmi who is from the same training school of Capital Police to investigate the girl who has committed suicide in the underground. He visits her grave and meets Kei Amamiya. She tells him that she is the elder sister of her. From this time, he starts to build a relationship with her. But this girl is actually……


Main Characters


Kazuki Fuse – Main character. He is a member of the Capital Police and Kerberos Panzer Cop. Since he let the girl commit suicide with her bomb and that has caused the unit to be in danger, he is ordered to go back to the training school of the Capital Police. He visits the girl’s grave and meets Kei Amamiya. This will change his life.

Kei Amamiya – She says that she is the elder sister of Nanami Agawa who committed suicide with her bomb in the underground but…..

Atsushi Henmi – He and Kazuki graduated from the training school of the Capital Police in the same year. He couldn’t be a member of the elite unit like Kazuki. Now, he works for the Capital Police department as part of the public security bureau and also works under Muroto.

Nanami Agawa – The girl who have committed suicide in the underground in front of Kazuki. In Sect, her job was to transport the weapons to the member of Sect.

Bunmei Muroto -A chief of capital police department public security bureau. It seems like he is scheming something!


How to find this movie


Anime Studio : Production I.G

Year : 2000

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Jin-Roh Soundtrack

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My Review


Jin-Roh Recommendation ChartAs one of Mamoru Oshi’s works, comparing to his other movies, this is kind of a simple story that is not difficult to understand. This movie lets you feel the atmosphere of this era as the pictures and the characters. You can easily get into the world of Jin-Roh as you just watch it. But the problem is I think the story is really really plain and the main character doesn’t talk much so some people might feel that it is boring if you can’t get into the world of this movie quickly.

The story was made politely and realistically. After you finish watching it, you would feel the reverberations of sadness and sense of emptiness. It is just an anime but I think this movie contains the reality. As using the animation, it describes social conditions that nobody can do anything about. You can guess how this story goes while you are watching it but it doesn’t matter because as I said earlier, this movie has the reality that would happen or happened before. Nowadays, most people in this world have freedom to choose what we want to be or do. We don’t have to be against anything to live our life. You might be able to feel how lucky we are now but on the other hand, you will be able to feel how sad that these characters won’t be able to be against the destiny. This is the reason why probably, it looks like the clouds are covering the sun. What does the movie want to say? I think the desperation of the world inside this movie would occur in the real world that we live in. Maybe, it actually happened already somewhere in this world!

Will you be able to resist yourself from the big organizations? Will you be able to have guts to change your whole life even though dumping the life you have? This is one of those movies that lets you see the people who have been swallowed up by the circumstance of society. It is not flashy and comical. It is serious and painful but the reason why I feel so is because I live in this world now. If you can’t figure out what is happing in this present world, you might want to check this movie out and find the meaning of happiness. I recommend this movie to the people who want to watch the movie seriously and want to think about what is happiness for you!

Thank you for reading this post! I will see you later~! (*^-‘)/~☆Bye-Bye♪


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