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Hello! I’m Mishi! How is your otaku life is going? Today the anime that I want to talk about is Joker Game. It is a new anime off of novels. This anime will get you to watch with your brain. Do you want to know this story? Okay! Let’s take a look at the story!




The time is Early of Showa which is before world war II. This whole world is tense with being full of a pride for their countries. Lieutenant Colonel Yuuki established a spy agency as ignoring the voices of Imperial Japanese Army. The trainers are collected from local areas in Japan and trained without letting them know each other. They will become a perfect spy and the story will begin.

This agency has three rules. “Don’t die, don’t kill, and don’t get captured”. Under those rules, the spies will join the game of deceiving each other. On the other hand, the organization of the Imperial Japanese Army refuses the spy agency for including those rules.

But as the story goes further, they will get good results under Yuuki’s sharp mind and spread their talent to the world.

The concept of this story is a simply to survive the game in this tough and rough world with using their brain, and five senses extremely as betting a life.


Main Characters


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Yuuki – He is a founder of spy agency. He used to be a spy but he was betrayed by his comrade and captured by enemy. He could get out of enemy but he lost his arm while he was being tortured. 


Sakuma – He is ordered to keep an eye on spy agency by the General Staff Office. He is a lieutenant of army. The way he was taught by army is totally different from the way spy agency does so he struggles to understand them but he admits their high skills.


How to find this anime


Anime Studio : Production I.G

Episodes : 12 episodes

Live Action Movie : January, 2015 “Joker Game”


Opening and Ending songs




Reason Triangle - Quadrangle

Reason Triangle – Quadrangle





Live Action Movie

Theme Song

Dead or Alive – KAT-TUN


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It is a new anime so coming soon! Since this a new anime I am sad to say that items have not been released yet for this anime. As soon as I can find items, I will begin to post them here for you.




My review


Joker Game Recommendation Chart

This is a mystery and spy fiction story that won’t let you read what will happen next all the way to the end. I didn’t read the novels for this anime but as far as I read people’s comment, I feel this anime will be a good as a mystery story. I have watched a couple of episodes of this anime but I do like the story. I mean I like to think and try to read what will happen, who is the culprit or something like that. I like to imagine that I am inside of the anime too and try to solve the mystery like the anime characters do. (;・∀・) Yes, I am a weirdo. LOL This anime makes me watch the same episodes few times already so I could understand what is going on.

This anime doesn’t have a main character. Those spies who belong to the spy agency are all main characters. So mostly on each episode, the main spy character changes and the story goes on. You can watch this anime from whatever episode is first. But of course, I recommend you to watch the first episode.

Since this anime is about deceiving each other, even though that is for protecting their own country, maybe some people might feel the distrust of other human beings. (If you watch this anime seriously.) If you think that would happen to you, you would change the point of view like they are doing that to protect their countries, or it is just an anime or something like that. I have not felt that way yet but some people felt that way so before you start to watch this, I had to let you know.

It is a serious anime that takes a negotiation and strategy with wise acts and moves. If you want to watch that kind of anime, why don’t you try? ∩(゚∀゚∩)

Thank you for reading this post!

If you know this anime already or have your opinion, there are a place to express below!


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