KONOSUBA : A security guard of his room with wacky friends!

KONOSUBA - God's blessing on this wonderful world

Hello, Mishi here! Today I want to make a review of this anime “KONOSUBA -God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World!(Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o!)”. I have watched this anime and I am hooked lol . It is so fun to watch! I think I like anime that is like a game adventure type. Somebody gets into the world like a game world, another type of anime that is my favorite is comedy anime! This anime you can watch with a relaxing mood, and the story doesn’t go to fast, it is easy for me to watch while doing something! This anime is still brand new. It came out 2016 January. The first season is 10 episodes only(I am writing this post now is 2016 5th, April). Let’s check this anime out!




The main characters name is Kazuma Sato who died in an unfortunate accident… It is not right to laugh at somebody who died but the way he died was funny. ∵ゞ(≧ε≦o) Before he died, he used to be a security guard of his room which means he was otaku who doesn’t get out of the room and is always playing games. He decided to get out of house to buy a limited edition game….. But something happened to him and then….. Next moment he noticed a girl in front of him. This girl tells him that he died…. Actually, this girl is named Aqua, she is a goddess! Her job is to transfer people who died to parallel reality. Aqua tells him that he can take one thing to the parallel reality. But he doesn’t like the way she treats him. So he decided to take this girl Aqua to another world. This is a beginning of this anime!

They are transferred to the world where they can become adventurer and beat monsters, like a roll playing game. They don’t have anything with them, not even the knowledge of this world, money, armors, weapons, or literary, they start their life from zero. Now how will they manage themselves to get through this world?


Main Characters



Kazuma Sato(Right) – Main character. He is a type of person who can care for people but basically he is lazy and voluptuary. He makes a decision with his mood. He acts like he doesn’t carry his responsibility but when it comes to a serious situation, he gets out of laziness and become dependable. His skill is to harass girls and find fault with people. lol

KONOSUBA AquaAqua – She is a goddess of water who guide people who pass away to an another world. She made fun of the way of Kazuma died and got dragged into this world by Kazuma. She is a type of person who is overly optimistic and move without thinking. At first, she has a big mouth but ends up crying at the end. She doesn’t have a dignity at all….. I wonder if she is really a goddess…..


KONOSUBA MeguminMegumin – She is a wizard. She always uses her magic with cool phrase but she can use it once a day….. She wears an eye patch for a fashion. She is a type of person who is childish but she cherishes her comrades.

KONOSUBA DarknessDarkness – She is a crusader. She is a type of person who is a masochist. She uses her sword to attack on monsters but she always misses them. She says that she is clumsy so it won’t hit but that is not true. She just want to be tortured by monsters…..



How to find this anime


Anime Studio : Studio Deen

Episodes : 10 episodes


Opening and Ending Songs



fantastic dreamer – Machico

fantastic dreamer - Machico

Fantastic Dreamer – Machico


Chiisana Bokensya – Aqua, Megumin, Darkness from characters (ちいさな冒険者 – アクア, めぐみん, ダクネス)

Chiisana Bokensya - Aqua, Megumin, Darkness from characters

Chiisana Bokensha – Aqua, Megumin, Darkness


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My Review


KONOSUBA - God's blessing on this wonderful world Recommendation Chart

This is a comedy anime so there are many funny things that happen in every situation. Somehow they will manage themselves to go on their adventure! They will also get new members on their party down the road. Each character has their own strong personality. Let me introduce them really quick! θ⌒ ヽ(´ー` )

Kazuma Sato has a great luck but he is a basically loser lol

Aqua is a goddess so she has a high ability to use magic. But her problem is she is selfish.

Megumin is a big time wizard but she only can use explosive magic once a day…..

Darkness is supposed to be a strong knight but she has weird issues….. Watch this anime if you want to find out m9゚(゚`∀´゚)゚9m

You know human beings are not perfect, we all have some kind of issue, but they all have strong problems! That will bother them doing everything smoothly! They drag each other’s legs so bad on each episode! But that situation makes this anime so funny, though! Even the monster’s boss is funny! I’m sure if you like to laugh while watching anime, this is going to be your next anime!


Now let’s call it a day! See you next time! (∩´∀`∩)



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