Little Busters! : The key of this story is a friendship!

Little Busters!

Hello! Mishi is here! Today I want to introduce you guys to this anime “Little Busters! (リトルバスターズ!)”. It is an anime that has been popular for years. I want to show you the reason why this anime has been big in this world! Let’s take a look at the story first! ε=(ノ゚Д゚)ノ



Riki Naoe is the main character who is a high school student. When he was a child, he lost his parents. That caused him to shut himself off but his childhood friends helped him break out of his shell. His childhood friends go to the same school and live in a dorm of the school. One day, to have a good memory of high school life, Riki suggests to his childhood friends that they do something together like they used to. Kyosuke who is one of Riki’s childhood friends suggested making a baseball team is called Little Busters!

The reason for the name Little Busters is because when they were children, they used to name themselves Little Busters. They used to make something look like a bad guy, and they would punish them for justice as child’s play. Kyosuke is eldest out of all and is ready to graduate from school. Riki doesn’t want to lose his happy life, and he wishes, this time, would last forever. That is why Riki suggested doing something so that they could have good memories. Riki and his childhood friends will collect members for their baseball team. But…… this world is ………..


Main Characters

Little Busters! CD(From left to right)

Kengo Miyazawa – Riki’s childhood friend. He loves Kendo because his father runs Kendo Dojo. He always gets in a fight with Masato.

Masato Inohara – Riki’s childhood friend. He is a muscle BAKA. He is not good at thinking. Before he uses his brain, he moves with his body first.

Riki Naoe – Main character. He has a neurological disorder. He mentally used to be weak. But as hanging out with his childhood friends, he tries to hang in the reality. He is a kind of naive boy but you can get to watch him growing up in this anime.

Kyosuke Natsume – Riki’s childhood friend and Rin’s elder brother. Everybody’s big brother especially to Riki. He looks cool but in his head, he always thinks about stupid things. Since he is eldest in little busters, he takes care of members.

Rin Natsume -Riki’s childhood friend and Kyosuke’ young sister. Since her brother, Kyosuke spoils her for all of her life, she is not good at socializing. People tend to think that she is not nice person but actually she is. She just has a hard to time to build a relationship with people.

Kudrjavka Nomi – Riki’s classmate. Her grandfather is a Russian. Her parents work all over the world so she had to move counties to countries for her parents job. She doesn’t have many friends because of her parents. Her Japanese is weird and her favorite word is Wa Fu~. I think she is so cute to say!

Yuiko Kurugaya(black hair) – Riki’s classmate. She is a boyish girl but she loves something or someone is cute. She can do everything good mostly.

Haruka Saigusa(red hair) -She is a troublemaker who loves to make a noise so she is kept an eye on by a disciplinary committee all the time. 

Komari Kamikita -Riki’s classmate. She loves a snack and a fairy tale. Her motto is to make others happy and that will make her happy too. She is very very nice so sometimes she gets involved in others troubles and show her clumsiness.

Mio Nishizono -Riki’s classmate. She loves to read books. She often gets sick so she uses an umbrella when she goes outside. She has a multiple personality since childhood. Her other personality name is Midori Nishizono. 


How to find this anime

Anime Studio : J.C.STAFF

Season 1 : 26

Little Busters! Collection One [Blu-ray]

Little Busters! Ep 1 – 13 on Amazon

Little Busters: Collection 2 [Blu-ray]

Little Busters! Ep 14 – 26 on Amazon

Season 2 : 13 (Little Busters! ~Refrain~)

Little Busters Refrain

Little Busters! ~Refrain~ on Amazon


OVA : 2014 Little Busters! EX – 8 episodes


Opening and Ending songs


Season 1


Little Busters! – Rita


Alicemagic – Rita

Little Busters! and Alicemagic - Rita

Alicemagic – Rita

Ame nochi Hare(雨のち晴れ) – Rita


Season 2


Boys be Smile – Suzuyu(鈴湯)

Boys Be Smile - Suzuyu

Boys Be Smile – Suzuyu


Kimi to Nakushita Mono – Ayaka Kitazawa (君とのなくしもの – 北沢綾香)

Kimi No Nakushimono - Ayaka Kitazawa

Kimi No Nakushimono – Ayaka Kitazawa

Song for friends – Rita

Hanabi – Lia

Hanabi - Lia

Hanabi – Lia

Haruka Kanata(遥か彼方) – Rita


Mishi’s top picks for Otaku


Little Busters: Kudryavka Noumi Figure 1/8 Scale

Kudryavka Noumi

Little Busters! Rin Natsume Gemaga Ver. [Toy] (japan import) by Kotobukiya Co., Ltd.

Rin Natsume
Rin + cat = Kawaii

Little Busters: Haruka Saigusa PVC Figure 1/7 Scale

Haruka Saigusa
She is a troublemaker

Mobip #001 : Little Busters Kamikita Komari

Komari Kamikita
She loves snacks

Good Smile Little Busters Ecstasy Winter Version Kudo Nendoroid  PVC Figure

Kudryavka Noumi
She is the most popular character on this anime

Little Busters! Complete Figure 3 Yuiko Kurugaya PVC Figure

Yuiko Kurugaya
She is a smart girl





My review


Little Busters Recommendation Chart

This anime is originally from a game. I haven’t played this game before but you can enjoy watching it without playing the game. I love how they made the story. There are 10 characters in this anime and each character has an episode so you can really get to know them. Each character has their own personality and that will make you sympathize with them. I am sure that many episodes will make you move! Especially if you find your favorite character, you will not be able to watch this anime without having something to wipe your tears! 。゚(゚´Д`゚)゜。 But until the second season, the core of story won’t move much so I don’t want you to get bored until the story will start to move! The first season is like a prologue for the second season! So pinky promise! (*^-°)v

I love the opening song and the ending song so much! All of the music on this anime supports all of the scenes so good and sometimes helps you to get emotional. I think it is well done. Alicemagic – Rita is my all-time favorite song. Every time I listen to this song, it almost makes me cry! I am not going to tell the whole story because I want you guys to enjoy watching each anime I introduce but It makes me sad! You know what I am talking about if you have watched this already right? You really can’t imagine how the story goes later on. I hope I’m torturing you to want to watch it! (*^ー゚)b I think it is worthy of watching this anime, and hopefully, you will have a chance to watch Little Busters!

Thank you for reading this post. You can rate this anime and talk about your opinions below! (。≧ω≦。)


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