Mai Mai Miracle : Do you want to feel the nostalgic memory?

Mai Mai Miracle DVDHello! I’m Mishi. How have you been, everybody? Today, the movie I want to recommend to you is Mai Mai Miracle (マイマイ新子と千年の魔法/Maimai Shinko to Sen nen no Maho). This is not popular all over the world yet. I hope it is going to be popular soon because this is good anime movie. You can get to see a lot of WA(Japanese culture) and so unique scenes. You shouldn’t miss this movie! Let’s check what this movie is about! (*´∀`)




This era is around Showa 30 years which is around 1955 years in the local area of Yamaguchi prefecture. The young girl who is an elementary school student, Shinko as the main character likes to imagine and create her world. Especially, she likes to imagine that the city used to be in this place 1000 years ago(Heian period). She hears much information of this old city from her grandfather and imagines the life of 1000 years ago in the old city.

During this time, a girl who comes from a city named, Kiiko moved in this place with her father. She starts to go to the same school of Shinko. They become friends and Shinko tells her about the world of the old city. They start to link to that old city and enjoy their imaginations of that old city.


Main Characters


Maimai Shinko to Sen nen no Maho DVD

Shinko Aoki(left) – Main character. She is a type of girl who is a tomboy. She has a great imagination that will let us take a trip to the old time on this movie.

Kiiko Shimazu(right) – She is a type of girl who is introverted, unlike Shinko. As she gets into Shinko’s world, she will start to feel her sensitivity.

Mai Mai – It is her cowlick in her forehead. She calls this Mai Mai.

How to find this movie


Anime Studio : MADHOUSE

Year : 2009

I think no official English subversion yet.

Mai Mai Miracle Japanese animation Subtitle English

Mai Mai Miracle Subtitle English


Opening and Ending songs


Theme Song

Kodomo no Sekai – Kotoringo (こどものせかい – コトリンゴ)

Kodomo no Sekai - Kotoringo

Kodomo no Sekai is in Trick and Tweet Album


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My Review


Mai Mai Miracle Recommendations Chart

This movie is so wonderful! I wished I could go back to be a little girl! ( ^∀^) This movie makes me want to say this! The reason why is because I think young kids are more imaginary than adults are. They can create the world without having knowledge. Adults have a knowledge of everything mostly so it is hard to create the world that is like children makes. The children can see something that adults can’t see. I think this is the point of this movie. I forgot my childhood time but I’m sure that I used to have that sensitivity! When did I lose that?  ( ̄▽ ̄) Does anybody know where my sensitivity is at?? This is why I said I want to go back to my childhood to have those feelings….. This movie lets me feel the nostalgic feeling and also the evanescence of losing this sensitivity. Those things come across me and made me moved to watch this movie.

Even though this movie makes me sad a little bit, I continued to watch it. I thought the story would be a simple and usual story but I was wrong. It has a big turn on this movie. I am not going to tell you what it is but it surprised me! As anime, it is good but also as a movie, it is amazing! I really don’t know why this movie hasn’t gotten popular yet in the world but I felt like I have to let people know as much as I can.

This movie is probably for adults, even though this movie looks like it is for children. I wonder if children would feel like what I felt. So I think I want to recommend this movie to the adults who want to reminisce about their young times or who have forgotten their child heart like me. 。゚(゚´Д`゚)゜。 Those people will definitely feel something and be moved by this movie. Of course, you can watch this with family and kids. It won’t harm anybody’s eyes at all.

If you want to feel the nostalgic feelings and sense, I hope you watch this movie and get to love it!

Thank you for reading this post! I will go to train my imagination! See you later~!  (´・ω・)ノシ



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