Mr. Osomatsu : Are you ready to dive into their craziness?

Mr. Osomatsu

Hello, everyone! How have you been? Today I want to make a review of Mr. Osomatsu (Osomatsu san). This is a remake of Osomatsu kun which used to be broadcasted on TV in Japan in 1966. Osomatsu kun started on Shonen Sunday weekly magazine first and then became an anime. As celebrating the 80th birthday of Fujio Akatsuka who made Osomatsu kun, they announced to make new Osomatsu kun.

What is the difference between Mr. Osomatsu and Osomatsu kun is Osomatsu kun was for elementary school kids but Mr. Osomatsu became in his 20’s. Unfortunately, they are in there 20’s with the brain age of elementary school. ¥^-^¥….. Yes, Don’t ask me anything!

Let’s move onto the story now!




These 6 brothers who are identical sextuplets cause a lot of trouble as goofing around with each other. They are basically NEETs who don’t want to work, don’t want to do anything in their life. The story of this anime is just nothing but lazy misbehavior. I think I need to introduce those 6 brothers who look alike and you can’t figure out who is who until all the end of episodes…..(Actually I can recognize 2 out of 6 lol)


Main Characters


Mr. Osomatsu Osomatsu


1.Osomatsu who is eldest out of all.

   He is definitely stupid (;・∀・) I am serious…

   His color is red.

   As official says he is a miracle idiot who has kept 6-grade mentality and grown up lol

   He usually suggests to his brothers to do something new but he doesn’t think anything so ….. of course….. his suggestion always turns into a prick!

Mr. Osomatsu Karamatsu


2.Karamatsu who is second eldest.

    He always tries to look cool….. but FAILS!  ε=( ̄。 ̄;)

    His color is blue.

    He is just an arrogant person who thinks he is hot…..His behavior and words are so painful to hear…..

    He usually wears sunglasses because he thinks he is hot :*~*:._.

    When you see somebody’s eyebrows pointed up, that is him Karamatsu!

Mr. Osomatsu Choromatsu


3.Choromatsu who is third eldest.

    He is the guy who acts like a straight man in comedy. People who like him is there, that is why story goes. (´・ω・`)

    His color is green.

    His pupil of eyes is smaller than others.

    He doesn’t have any hair sticking out.

Mr. Osomatsu Ichimatsu


4.Ichimatsu who is fourth eldest

    He is the guy who is mean and speaks ironically, also slouchy. 〔;・Д・〕

    His color is purple.

    His eyes are lazy eyes and his hair is messy.

Mr. Osomatsu Jushimatsu


5.Jushimatsu who is fifth eldest

    He is the guy who is super happy all the time, but an idiot. (*´ο`*)=3

    His color is yellow.

    He usually keeps his mouth open.

Mr. Osomatsu Todomatsu


6.Todomatsu who is the youngest out of all.

    Since he is youngest, he has been babied by everybody. (*´ο`*)=3

    His color is pink.

    He is the most popular guy from girls out of all.

So now you know those 6 brothers and what they are like. But once again they are all stupid! They will show you their stupidity and laziness! This anime doesn’t have a story really. Those brothers will cause problems to each other, their parents, and people around them.

How to find this anime


Anime Studio : Pierrot

Episodes : 25


Opening and Ending Songs



Hanamarupippi wa Yoiko Dake – A ou P (はなまるぴっぴはよいこだけ – A応P)

Hanamarupippi wa Yoiko Dake - A ou P

Hanamaru Pippi wa Yoiko Dake – A ou P

Zenryoku Batan Kyu – A ou P(全力バタンキュー – A応P)

Zenryoku Batan Kyu – A ou P


SIX SAME FACES ~Konya wa Saiko !!!!!!~ – Iyami feat. Osomatsu × Karamatsu × Choromatsu × Ichimatsdu × Jyushimatsu × Todomatsu (SIX SAME FACES 〜今夜は最高!!!!!!〜 – イヤミ feat. おそ松 × カラ松 × チョロ松 × 一松 × 十四松 × トド松)

SIX SAME FACES ~Konya wa Saiko

SIX SAME FACES ~Konya wa Saiko !!!!!!

SIX SHAME FACES ~Konya mo Saiko !!!!!!~ – Totoko feat. Osomatsu × Karamatsu × Choromatsu × Ichimatsdu × Jyushimatsu × Todomatsu (SIX SHAME FACES 〜今夜も最高!!!!!!〜 – トト子 feat. おそ松 × カラ松 × チョロ松 × 一松 × 十四松 × トド松)

SIX SHAME FACES ~Konya mo Saiko

SIX SHAME FACES ~Konya mo Saiko !!!!!!

SIX SHAME FACES ~Konya mo Saiko !!!!!!!!!!!!!!~ – type FINAL – – Iyami & Totoko feat. Osomatsu San All Stars (SIX SAME FACES 〜今夜も最高!!!!!!!!!!!!!!〜 -type FINAL- – イヤミ & トト子 feat. おそ松さんオールスターズ)


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Mr. Osomatsu FIgure Anime

Figure with cat
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Mr. Osomatsu Action Figure

Osomatsu Matsuno
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Mr. Osomatsu Mini Figure

Mini figure
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Mr. Osomatsu plush
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My Review


Mr. Osomatsu Recommendation Chart

This anime is really really a gag anime which probably school kids will enjoy! It is not simple comedy for adult, but if you like to watch a anime that is a childish way to goof around, go ahead watch this! You will enjoy this anime so much!

Actually, the director of  GinTama was the one who made this anime too. If you know Gintama, you see how comical anime goes. I like Gintama better but Mr. Osomatsu, it is more comical than Osomatsu. It is all about gag and gag and gag. This anime will try to make you laugh from all directions! If you don’t mind hearing and seeing low conversations and acts of those 6 characters, I recommend you to watch this anime!

At last, the reason why I said many words of stupid or idiot is a compliment for the writer of Osomatsu kun, Fujio Akatsuka. While he was alive, he used to say Baka (stupidity) is the best compliment for him! As I respect him, I used a lot on this post! Rest in peace!

Thank you for reading my review! (・∀・)ノ Bye Bye~


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