My best musical anime that makes you want to sing top 10!

My best musical anime that makes you want to sing top 10!

Hello. I’m Mishi! How’s your anime life? ( ´∀`)/ Today, what I want to show you is the musical anime that makes you want to sing. There are many anime songs that attract us but what about the musical anime? Are you interested in that kind of anime? There is the various genre of the musical anime and my favorite ones are the high school’s setting. You will see some of them are so from this top 10 music anime. The adolescent people always make me feel emotional when it comes to them working hard to try to fulfill their dream.

Well, let me show you my best top 10 music anime to recommend you!

Let’s start it! (*^o^*)




10: Aikatsu! Series(アイカツ!)



Aikatsu! is an idol group anime and the target of the people are young girls. This anime got popular with a trading arcade card game. Aikatsu is shortened Aidoru Katsudo. This means idol activity in English. The story is the girl named, Ichigo who is an average junior high school girl is asked to transfer to the school which is for the people who want to be an idol by her friend named, Aoi. As Ichigo runs into many rivals and learns how to be an idol, she will have challenges to become an idol.

This anime makes me be the character’s parents. (*>ω<) You will probably think this is how the parents feel when their children take an audition or whatever they are trying to accomplish. You will get excited, happy, and sad for your favorite character while you are watching this anime. I recommend it to the people who want to feel how the parents feel! lol If your daughter wants to start Aikatsu, this is for you.


9: Sensual Phrase(KAIKANフレーズ)


Sensual Phrase(Kaikan Phrase)

Sensual Phrase is a Visual-Kei band story. The main theme of this anime is a love story on a manga, but in the anime, the story is more of a band story than a love story. This is from a girl’s manga so girls tend to like it but of course, boys can enjoy watching it too. It is an old anime but it won’t let you get bored!

The story is about a girl named, Aine who is good at studying the Japanese language. Aine lost her work for the lyrics audition but a mysterious guy comes to her and gives her a backstage pass to the concert. She goes to this concert and loses her words. The guy who gave her a backstage pass is actually a vocalist of a popular Visual-Kei rock band named “Λucifer”, Sakuya is the vocalist for the band and he was singing a song with her lyrics. He finds her talent to write a lyrics and decides to have her as the lyricist for his band.

If you like the Visual-Kei band, it would be so cool to watch this anime. The opening song(1-11 episodes) is sung by GLAY. I’m a big GLAY fan so they helped me to get into this anime more!


8: Locodol(ろこどる)



Locodol is a loose idol group anime that you might want to watch when you feel like relaxing. They are in the local area named, Nagarekawa city. To develop this place economically, this city decides to produce an idol group. There are many idol groups in Japan. Not only on TV, if you go to the local area, there are many local idol groups and they push their city or town. This anime depicts one of the local idol groups in Japan.

Nanako who is a high school student that was asked to perform on the stage at the zoo by her uncle. At this show, she meets with Yukari who is a senior student at the same high school. They both performed at this place and after the event, they officially become a local idol group “Nagarekawa girls”. Their job is to advertise Nagarekawa city on the cable TV or at a bunch of events. As they get through troubles, they will get their job done for Nagarekawa city.

It’s not like they try to be at the top of the idol groups like in the other anime so the atmosphere is pretty much loose. But that doesn’t mean boring. I meant you can watch it lightly and loosely with a warm heart. Because they are doing their best! The idol groups like them should be loved! (・∀・)人(・∀・)


7: Full Moon o Sagashite(満月をさがして)


Full Moon o Sagashite

This is another anime that comes from a girl’s manga. It is a very sad story and the setting of this anime will make you sympathize with this girl. The story is about a 12 years old girl named, Mitsuki who wants to be a singer but she has a sick in her throat. She is in the position that she has to choose to extend her life and lose her voice or keep her voice and shorten her life. She chooses her voice to fulfill her dream but two reapers show up in front of her to watch her longevity. She rents the special ability from the reaper named, Takuto and becomes a singer. She will make her debut.

The setting itself makes you cry already, right? What do you think is going to happen? The reason why I put this anime on this ranking is because I know you will want to sing a song for her. This anime hasn’t been known much but it is one of the good anime that you should watch.

Even though Mitsuki accepts her serious situation, she will show us her bravery and pureness. She will give us the strength to live our life!


6: Wake Up, Girls! Series


Wake Up, Girls!

Wake Up, Girls! is an idol group anime. It will show you how hard it is to be known as an idol by the people. They will struggle with the meaning of being an idol or how they can stand out from the crowd. Comparing to Love Live! this anime is more reality than that. It has a different point of view from Love Live! and that is the attraction for this anime. The local idol group tries to be a nationwide group. This is the main theme of it.

The story starts from a terrible situation. After they made their debut as an idol group “Wake Up, Girls!” on the small stage in the local area, they find out that the president of their agency disappears with the money. But as they believe in themselves, they try to go up the ladder to stardom with the name of “Wake Up, Girls!”. As they do the jobs that aren’t for an idol, they are seeking for the chance to be famous.

This anime’s voice actresses got together and made a unit team “Wake Up, Girls!”. They sometimes perform on the stage and sing their song in real life. If you love this anime, why don’t you watch the real “Wake Up, Girls!”?




5: Macross Frontier Series(マクロスFRONTIER)


Macross Frontier

Macross Frontier was made for the 25th anniversary of Macross. This anime is very interesting because it isn’t all about a singing show. The main theme of Macross are mecha, love story, and to sing songs. There are many elements are on this anime and I’m not good at watching the mecha anime but I could enjoy watching it because of those elements. Let me introduce you to the story really quick.

The human race fought aliens and was almost destroyed. To keep the existence of the human race, they started to look for the new lands so they go ahead to the Galaxy with the huge airship named, Macross Frontier”. On this airship, they artificially created the same circumstance of the earth and there are many people who live in this place.

The galaxy idol singer named, Sheryl comes to Macross Frontier for her concert. While Ranka who longs for being an idol singer like her is on the way to her concert, she meets with the main characters named, Alto who goes to school to be a pilot. In the meanwhile, Macross Frontier runs into unknown aliens. What will happen to them?

The reason why I could watch this anime is the balance of the story. It’s not all about mecha but it’s not all about a love story. It is mixed very well and on top of that, the songs are good. Sheryl and Ranka are the heroines. They have the opposite personality to each other. This will cause the triangle relationship but their singing scenes are amazing. It’s worth seeing who Alto will choose!


4: The Idolmaster(THE [email protected])


The Idolmaster

The Idolmaster has started from an arcade game. This is another idol group anime but the difference from other anime is the number of members and the producer who sustains those idol girls behind the scene. The great part of this anime is the introduction of the characters. Since they are many girls, it would have been hard to show the views their own personality but this part is depicted well and that gives this anime the high quality of the content.

The production company “765 production” has the candidates who want to be an idol and new producer. All of them get together and try to accomplish their goal to become a full-fledged idol group. While they are working hard, the camera crew comes to cover their movement closely.

The most attractive part of this anime is different personalities of the characters. As you are watching it, you will be drawn to the world of this anime and I understand this is how many people are fans of idol groups. Like other idol anime, you will be able to see how hard it is to be an idol and stand out from the crowd. By the time you finish watching this anime, you will hum one of their songs naturally.


3: Uta no Prince-sam Series(うたの☆プリンスさまっ♪)


Uta no Prince sama

Idol doesn’t always mean only girls. This is the boy version. It comes from the love adventure game for girls. The boys are Ikemen(hot boys) so girls will get stuck on this anime for sure! The story goes like this.

Haruka who wants to be a composer enrolled in this school named, Saotome Academy. This school grows the people who want to be an artist up, this academy has tradition. She has to choose somebody who wants to be an idol to team up. For the graduation, they will have to have an audition for Shining Agency to make a debut. To let her partner win the victory, as she makes her songs for her partner, she will spend her life at this academy.

The story, tempo, and songs are great. It is a Harlem anime but you will not get bothered that much. It is comical anime so guys can watch this anime as a comedy anime. There are many types of guys on it so which one would you prefer to choose?


2: Love live! School idol project Series(ラブライブ!)


Love Live μ's

Love Live! made a social phenomenon in Japan. The people who love this anime are called Love Liver. It is one of the most famous musical anime and you don’t want to miss it. If there is an activity to be a school idol, I would love to join in!

Anyway, the story is about the girls on the picture. Their school will be abolished because of the low applicants. But those girls don’t want to lose their school so they stand up to spread the name of their school as they become school idols.

The setting of the high school activity is great. The main girl named, Honoka takes action for this and other characters start to co-operate with her. At the end, they become the one and accomplish their mission. It makes me think that an adolescent time is great! One for all, all for one, right? It gets me sentimental to watch the anime like that. I love this anime!

This anime’s voice actress perform in real life like “Wake Up, Girls!”. Their name is μ’s. They don’t perform now(2017) but hopefully, they will come back again and let us listen to their great songs.



1: Tari Tari


Tari Tari

Did you expect this anime to come to the 1st? Σd(゜∀゜d) This is the great musical anime and you can’t talk about the music anime without it. Tari Tari is a choral club anime at a high school. See, the club activity again! This is a sure thing! I love the setting on this anime!

Wakana who is away from the music for a reason. Konatsu who can’t give up on singing. Sawa who helps her best friend. As they make a detour for their life, they believe they can do what they want to do if they get together. It is too early to give up on their dream in their last summer of their school life. Their dream is to sing! To sing a song, they will start to take an action at their high school.

All of the characters have their troubles that make them stop taking action, but as they overcome their problems, they start to live their life without having regrets. The description of the character’s feelings are written politely and the good attitude will start to change the circumstances of them. This anime lets you take a trip to the adolescent world. There are many emotions that the people who are between adults and kids, and you will want to say don’t end yet! It’s totally worth watching this anime. If you don’t know it yet, please check it out! 




The musical anime is not only for the music. The story, background, picture, and atmosphere will create the best scenes with the great music. It is good to listen to the good music but the materials would help us to imagine the music better. When that happens, you will hum the music they play on the anime.

If you like to see the anime that makes you want to start to learn an instrument, this is the link.



I hope you found the anime that you are interested in.

Enjoy the anime life!





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