My Love Story!! : What is wrong with having pure heart?

My Love Story

Hello, everybody! Mishi is back! Today what I want to do is review of love comedy story which is called My Love Story!! (Ore Monogatari!!). This anime has been popular among girls in Japan. It has started from a girls magazine, but it is not that much of a girly anime so I can recommend to guys too. Let’s take a look at this anime’s story~! (*^m^*)




Takeo Goda as the main character who has love and justice, charity and righteousness, pureness and also clumsiness. He is a high school student who is so popular among guys but not popular with the girls. The reason why is because he has a stem face and big body. Makoto Sunakawa who is his childhood friend is opposite side of him. He is smart and a handsome looking guy. People always look at them like they are unbalanced friends. The girls who Takeo always fall in love with, they go to Makoto all the time….. 

But one day he was on the train to go to school, and he found Rinko Yamato who is a student from a different high school, and was being molested by a molester, he saved her, and also fell in love with her. The next day, she came to visit to thank you to Takeo. At the time, Takeo was with Makoto, and they all started to talk together. Takeo starts to think that she likes Makoto as usual. He tries to help her out to be with Makoto, but actually, Rinko loves Takeo. Makoto noticed Rinko is into Takeo, he helped Takeo and Rinko out to be together. They became a couple and now Takeo’s love story which is so pure, funny, and clumsy starts!


Main Characters


My Love Story Takeo

Takeo Goda(Right) : He is a very very nice, gentle and pure guy but his look scares people(especially girls). Everything what he does something with his kindness always go to the other way. You will want to cheer him up all the time!





My Love Story Rinko

Rinko Yamato(Right) : She is a cute, clumsy and shy girl who go to different high school from Takeo and  Makoto. She is good at cooking!

My Love Story Makoto

Makoto Sunakawa(Right) : Takeo’s childhood friend. He knows everything about Takeo. Takeo doesn’t have to say a word in front of him because Makoto can understand what he wants to say, what he wants to do and everything! I think without Makoto, Takeo can’t live!





How to find this anime


Anime Studio : MADHOUSE

Episodes : 24

My Love Story!!, Vol. 1

My Love Story!! Manga on Amazon

Live action movie

“Ore Monogatari” October, 2015

ore monogatari

Ore Monogatari


Opening and Ending Songs



Miraikei Answer(未来形Answer) – TRUSTRICK

Miraikei Answer - TRUSTRICK

Miraikei Answer – TRUSTRICK


Shiawase no Arika(幸せのありか) – LOCAL CONNECT

Shiawase no Arika - LOCAL CONNECT

Shiawase no Arika – LOCAL CONNECT

Live action movie

NO.1 – Noriyuki Makihara(槇原敬之)

NO.1 - Noriyuki Makihara

NO.1 – Noriyuki Makihara


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My Review


My Love Story Anime Recommendation Chart

This anime is simply funny. ヽ(`∀´)ノ  A friendship between Takeo and Makoto is great! You can tell the connections of each other! Especially because Makoto knows Takeo more than Takeo knows Makoto. Makoto he is a smart guy and is always calm, he is the type who can look around at situations. It is so funny to watch how Takeo gets in panic and Makoto gets him to cool down. Nice combination!

Rinko is always a sweet person but shy. So I think if Makoto didn’t exist around them, I am so sure that their relationship wouldn’t work out. Both of them bring Makoto their problems or something all the time. He is an angel cupid for them. Usually, this anime goes to that way. Takeo or Rinko want to do something for each other, but don’t know how to do it, or can’t ask each other so they go to ask Makoto, and ask him what to do. It is a cute love story and  about a shy couple who needs a help to build their relationship. It is also like a “Beauty and the Beast”. I’m sure this anime makes you feel the warmth. I don’t see any harmful things on this anime! It is a pure pure pure love story about a clumsy couple, with a funny story. (●´3`)~♪

Live Action Movie : My Love Story!! Movie

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