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My Love Story Live Action Movie

Suki da—-!(Love it!)……………….. by Takeo \(#^「」^#)/How are you, everybody? I’m Mishi! Today I want to talk about a Japanese movie called My Love Story!! Live Action Movie (俺物語!!/Ore Monogatari!!). I love how he says that phrase! It is so funny to watch him saying! Can you believe this anime became live action movie?? It must be so hilarious! Let’s check how this movie goes! Suki da——–! ∵ゞ(≧ε≦o)




The story of this movie is a little bit different from the anime version.(Anime : My Love Story!!) Takeo is a high school student who is popular among boys. But not among girls because he has a huge body and super powerful strength! As if he is a gorilla! On the other hand, his best childhood friend, Makoto is a popular guy among girls. He is good looking and smart. One day, they find a girl who is annoyed by a guy, and they saved the girl from this guy. That girl is Rinko who is a different high school student. Takeo falls in love with her and Rinko falls in love with him but Takeo is not a sharp guy so he doesn’t notice her feelings.

After exchanging their phone numbers, they start to hang out. But Takeo thinks Rinko is in love with Makoto. That is why Rinko comes to Takeo. Actually, Rinko loves Takeo but every time Takeo falls in love with somebody before, that person ended up in falling love with Makoto. So Takeo naturally starts to think that way. This love story is too clumsy! They misunderstand each other a lot but will they be able to tell their feelings to each other at the end? How will they notice that they love each other already??? 


Main Characters


My Love Story CD Soundtrack(From right to left)

Takeo Goda : He is a very very nice, gentle and pure guy but his look scares people(especially girls). Everything he does with his kindness always goes the other way. You will want to cheer him up all the time!

Rinko Yamato : She is a cute, clumsy and a shy girl who goes to a different high school from Takeo and  Makoto. She is good at cooking!

Makoto Sunakawa : Takeo’s childhood friend. He knows everything about Takeo. Takeo doesn’t have to say a word in front of him because Makoto can understand what he wants to say, what he wants to do and everything! I think without Makoto, Takeo can’t live!

How to find this movie


October 2015

My Love Story Live Action Movie in Japanese

Ore Monogatari
I can’t find Eng subversion sorry!

My Love Story!!, Vol. 1

Manga on Amazon




Opening and Ending Songs


NO.1 – Noriyuki Makihara(槇原敬之)

Best Love - Noriyuki Makihara

Noriyuki Makihara 20th Anniversary – Best Love (Noriyuki Makihara)
NO.1 is from this CD album!


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My Love Story (Ore Monogatari) Anime Wall Scroll Poster (32x45) Inches

Wall Scroll
Suki da!







Cosplay Costumes Ore Monogatari!! Rinko Yamato Custom Made (S(Female))

Rinko Cosplay!

Ore Monogatari Takeo Goda Makoto Sunakawa cosplay costume

Takeo cosplay!



My Review


My Love Stoy Live Action Movie Recommendation Chart

This movie is really fun to watch! The story is a pure love story + comedy. If you have watched the anime one already, you will be able to have a fun for sure! Even though you don’t know this anime, simply you will be able to laugh and feel what pure love is without knowing the background of  the anime version. Actors and actresses are great too! They act exactly like the anime one. Oh no, I should say Takeo is more than anime version of Takeo.  ‘`,、(‘∀`) ‘`,、 you can get to feel and see how Takeo is a wonderful man but a clumsy man! It might irritate you sometimes because they misunderstand each other or are too shy to say things but as the story goes further, the story would make you forget that time you thought so! It is a pure teenager love story so forgive that!

This movie will make your heart warm and make you think that it is so great to love somebody! There are many kinds of love but this one is definitely a cute love story. You can enjoy watching it with your partner, family and whoever! It will give you all a happy day! I do recommend this movie to you guys! I hope they will release official English subtitles DVD and Blue-ray!

Anime Review : My Love Story!!

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