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My Neighbor Totoro DVDHello! I’m Mishi! Today, what I want to recommend to you guys to watch is My Neighbor Totoro (となりのトトロ/Tonari no Totoro). As you see the picture above, it is about a weird, cute, and adorable creature named, Totoro! I don’t know how many times I have watched this movie!  ∩(≧∇≦)∩ Probably, you too right?? I try to get new anime fans in here so let me introduce you to one of the greatest movies that you need to know! This is the first step to being an anime Otaku! O(≧∇≦)O Let’s take a look at how the story goes!




The main characters are Satsuki who is an elementary school student girl and Mei who is a 4 years-old girl. They are sisters who just moved into an agricultural village with their father. The reason why is because her mother has been hospitalized in this place.

As soon as they move into the house, Satsuki and Mei find a problem. The problem is the ghosts(dust creatures) live in their house. They are surprised but also excited. They are worried about telling their mother at the hospital. Because she doesn’t like ghosts but she says she wants to meet them too. They are relieved and wish her to get well soon.

After a while, it comes time for Satsuki to start going to her school. Mei gets bored because she has nobody to play with. While she is playing alone in the garden, she finds weird creatures. She starts to chase the creatures and enters into the forest. While she is following the creatures, she runs into the huge creature! Mei asks the huge creature his  name and the huge creature answers back Totoro! (Mei hears that the huge creature say Totoro. Totoro can’t speak!)

Mei tries to show Totoro to her father and Satsuki but she can’t find the place where she met Totoro at. Her father says that Totoro is the master of the forest and you can’t meet him or her all the time…..

What is Totoro? Will Mei be able to meet Totoro again? Is Totoro a good creature or a bad creature? This is the story of fantasy that gives us a dream!


Main Characters


My Neighbor Totoro Book

Satsuki Kusakabe (right) – Main character. She is a 12 years-old girl. She is a type of person who is mature and considerate. She takes good care of her little sister, Mei. The origin of her name is from May. In Japan, May used to be called Satsuki in old words.

Mei Kusakabe (left) – Main character. She is a 4 years-old girl. She is a toddler so she has strong curiosity. Her strong curiosity finds Totoro. Unlikely Satsuki, she is a stubborn little girl. The origin of her name is from May in English. Go ahead to pronounce May in English. See, it is her name!

Tatsuo Kusakabe – Satsuki and Mei’s father and Yasuko’s husband. He is a 32 years-old man who is a part-time teacher of archaeology at his college. He also has a different job as a translator. He is a type of person who is gentle and kind but clumsy.

Yasuko Kusakabe -Satsuki and Mei’s mother and Tatsuo’s wife. She has been hospitalized because of her chest pain.(The detail of her sick is not described.) She is a kind and gentle mother.

Kanta Ogaki – Satsuki’s classmate. His house is near Kusakabe family’s house so he helps them with his grandmother when they move in this place. He is a shy boy but a dependable boy.

My Neighbor Totoro Jigsaw Puzzle

Catbus (back) – Male cat bus. Simply, adorable and I want to ride one day! lol

Totoro (front) – The master of the forest. Totoro lives in a camphor tree. It is said that only children can see Totoro. His or her age is 1302 years old. Have you seen Totoro, when you were child??


How to find this movie


Anime Studio : Studio Ghibli

Year : 1988

My Neighbor Totoro Blu-ray and DVD

Blu-ray and DVD on Amazon

My Neighbor Totoro Novel

Novel on Amazon

My Neighbor Totoro Manga

Manga on Amazon

Opening and Ending songs



Sanpo – Azumi Inoue (さんぽ – 井上あずみ)


Tonari no Totoro – Azumi Inoue (となりのトトロ – 井上あずみ)


My Neighbor Totoro Soundtrack

Sanpo and Tonari no Totoro are on this O.S.T.

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My Review


My Neighbor Totoro Recommendation Chart

This movie has a dream and gives a dream to kids. As being an adult, it makes me want to think that I want to go back to be a child again! From children’s eyes, it makes them so excited and expands their imaginations. From adult’s eyes, the world of Totoro has the different point of view which is beautiful and nostalgic. From both sides, the fantastic feelings you will be able to feel. This is for all generations to watch. You won’t be able to find a movie that all kinds of ages can enjoy watching together. This is the common thing of Studio Ghibli. That is the reason why I think Ghibli has been loved by us from all over the world. It is a pure and innocent world that we dream of. Every time you watch this movie and you will feel different feelings. It is because we grow up and start to lose pure mind? Let’s take it backward. We can see different things because day by day, we are earning the knowledge of something so of course, the way we think will be changing little by little. It is not a bad thing at all. We experience so many things and input in our head. Is it sad that you can’t see Totoro? I won’t get sad because that is the proof that I have grown up! At least….. (。・ω・。)

Sometimes, I think about the theme or messages of what this movie wants to say. What do you think about that?? I personally think that a message of this movie is how to live with the existence of nature. I have talked about the way of Shinto before and the bottom line of this thoughts are very similar to this movie. I might be able to compare like this. Totoro is a symbol of nature and the children(Satsuki and Mei) are pure. That is why they could see Totoro. Totoro looks scary but they treat Totoro with their pure feelings so they could get along with each other. Actually, Totoro helps them out and everything went well. In the way of Shinto, the nature is awe and old people try to respect each one of natural things and get along with it. They purely respect the nature. But nowadays, we try to forget what nature produces except for making a profit of money. We tend to forget about it. That means we tend to forget about pure feelings toward nature. I don’t know if Hayao Miyazaki believes the way of Shinto or not but I thought this movie says the difficulty of getting along with nature and we should consider it more and more so one day, we will be able to receive the benefit from the nature. This is 2016 and we have some environmental issues. For example, sea level rise, ozone layer depletion, an ecological system, and more. As if the existence of nature admonishes us…..

But I think this thought is too deep to think! You don’t have to think the way I thought at all. After all, the movies are an entertainment so you can watch the way you want to watch! If you want to try to get messages, go ahead to think deep! Σd(゜∀゜d) What I want to say about this movie is simply great movies that everybody can enjoy! If you have not watched it yet, you are wasting your time! I do recommend you guys to watch it at least one time in your lifetime! Totoro is immortal! That is the fact because too many people love this weird chunky adorable creature all over the world!

Thank you for reading this post! If you see Totoro, let us know through SNS. I will definitely tweet to my friends! (*´・∀・)(・∀・`*)


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