Paprika : A dream of reality or a reality of dream? Σ(゚Д゚;)

Paprika DVDHello! I’m Mishi! Today, what I want to recommend to you guys is Paprika(パプリカ). The writer of this movie is Yasutaka Tsutsui who wrote The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. This movie is a Science Fiction story. It is kind of old movie but it has been popular among anime otaku! Do you want to know the reason why this movie has been popular? (*´・∀・)(・∀・`*) Let’s go through what kind of anime movie this is! (´・∀・`)




The main character, Atsuko Chiba is a psychotherapist who uses a device called DC mini which has been invented by doctor Kosaku Tokita. This DC mini is incredibly amazing! This device lets somebody share with the other people’s dream. As Atsuko uses DC mini, she treats the detective named, Konakawa who has anxiety neurosis. When she uses this device to treat somebody, she disguises herself and names herself Paprika.

When Atsuko returns to home from curing the detective, Konakawa, doctor Kosaku Tokita waits for her and tells her that DC mini has been stolen by somebody. This DC mini is still a trial piece but if somebody uses this device, the person can hack into somebody’s dream.

Atsuko, Tokita and the chief named, Doctor Torataro Shima goes to meet the chairman named, Doctor Seijiro Inui to report what happened. While they are talking, the chief, Shima starts to act weird and crazy. He says things that don’t make sense at all. He runs out of the room and jumped out of the window. Fortunately, he could get a hold of his life. They scan his brain to check what happened to him and find out that his assistant named, Kei Himuro is in there. They start to doubt him because he has not shown up to work for a while. Atsuko, Tokita and the assistant, Osanai goes to Himuro’s apartment. At his apartment, Atsuko sees her illusion and that causes her to almost jump out of his apartment(It is high building apartment).

They will start to get involved more and more as they search what is going on!


Main Characters


Atsuko Chiba/Paprika – Main character. When she is disguised as Paprika, she plays a roll the opposite side of real Atsuko. Real Atsuko is a person who is calm and smart. When she acts as Paprika is a playful girl.

Kosaku Tokita – He is a genius guy who invented the DC mini but his brain is like a child. He has a big body and gets stuck in the door of the elevator in this movie.

Seijiro Inui – He is the chairman of Psychiatric Research. He looks like he is scheming something.

Morio Osanai – He is a doctor at Psychiatric Research. He is helpful to Atsuko but…..

Torataro Shima – He is the chief at Psychiatric Research. He is a friend with a detective, Konakawa.

Toshimi Konakawa – He is a detective and friend with Shima. He has a problem with anxiety neurosis.

Kei Himuro – He is an assistant of Shima and friend with Tokita. So far, he has been doubted that he stole DC mini.


How to find this movie


Anime Studio : MADHOUSE

Year : 2006

Paprika Blu-Ray

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Paprika Novel

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Opening and Ending songs


Theme song

Byakkoya -White Tiger Field-(The girl in Byakkoya) – Susumu Hirasawa

Paprika Sound Track

The girl in Byakkoya is MP3 music on Amazon

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My Review


Paprika Recommendations Chart

This movie is tripping! It goes to an unreality and comes back to a reality over and over. You have to keep up with the world of Paprika! Otherwise, You will get confused like me… (;・∀・) But I am not complaining. Actually, I like the tempo of this story. It goes fast and switches around those two worlds. It makes me keep on concentrating on watching this movie all the way.

The reason why I said that this movie is tripping is because the description of their dream. There are many weird things that come out and many different things are mixed up! I really can’t explain good about it but it is insane! It expresses the craziness excellently with the worldview of madness. I think if I see this craziness in my dream, I’m sure I can tell myself that I am breaking down so I need to find help from somewhere! ヽ(`∀´)ノ If you watch this movie, you can feel something is collapsing and distorting. It might awake you out of something. (o~Д~)< I love the description of craziness in this movie. It impressed me greatly and surprisingly. I wonder how you will feel as watching this movie! (゚ー゚〃)ノ

It has a great unique worldview but that is not it yet. The graphics and music are good too. The graphics have so much detail and is made carefully. It is fun to look at the graphic. You will be able to see their hard work, each time those pictures move! On top of that, the music helps to create the fantastic aspect of this movie. Those are combined together well and help the story to be impressive.

But what I am saying is my opinion. There are many people also who couldn’t get into the world of Paprika. Some people say that it is too insane!! There are many confusions! I think what they say is true. It is really up to you if you will like this movie or not. I think you should try and judge what you feel and I hope you will like it! o(゚∀゚)o

By the way, I hope DC mini won’t be invented in this real world. Because I don’t want to share my dream with somebody else! That is kind of embarrassing to do that! What do you think? ヾ(・ω・`=´・ω・)ノ

I recommend this movie to the people who want to watch an anime that is something different which has the craziness and distortions. This movie has its own creative style that you haven’t watched before. It is great Science Fiction movie that won’t get you bored! It won’t waste your time! Why don’t you try to watch? ヽ(´∀`。)ノ

Thank you for reading this post! I hope you guys will have a good dream tonight! Bye! ( ´∀`)/~~


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