Parasyte Live Action Movie 2 : His revenge is painful!

Parasyte Live Action movie 2 part 2

Hello! I’m Mishi! How have you been? Today, I will introduce you guys to the last live action movie of Parasyte. These movies basically go by the anime story so it is easy for people who know Parasyte. It is slightly different from the original one but I think both people who know and people who don’t know Parasyte can enjoy watching these live action movies! Let’s go to look at Parasyte Live Action Movie 2. c⌒っ *・∀・)φ




Shinichi who is the main character has been doubted that he is a parasite by the police. To make sure that he is a parasite or not, they make Shinichi meet this guy, Uragami who is a psychic can tell who is a parasite or not. He committed murders for fun and is in prison now but he couldn’t recognize that Shinichi is a parasite or not.

Shinichi is eager for taking revenge for something.(Sorry but I won’t spoil what is something. If you know the anime, you know what it is right?) He goes around to look for the parasites and fight them. That is what he has been doing. Ryoko Tamiya sends Kuramori who is a free writer to observe Shinichi but Shinichi catches him and reveals that Ryoko is a parasite.

The Parasyte Network doesn’t like how Shinichi does and how Ryoko does. One of the members of the Parasyte Network, Takeshi Hirokawa who is a human and a politician sends the assassins to kill Shinichi, Ryoko and Tamiya but they got away from them.

Hirokawa sends an assassin to aim at Kuramori’s daughter and she is murdered by Hirokawa’s man. Kuramori gets upset and blames it on Ryoko because she got him involved. Kuramori lost himself and kidnaps Ryoko’s baby. Now, what will happen to them? Everything starts to be revealed little by little. Will Shinichi be all right? More people are coming to try to get Shinichi and Migi!


Main Characters


Shinichi Izumi – Main character. He used to be a normal high school student until he is attacked by Migi. Since that, he will struggle between the human’s sense of value and the parasite’s sense of value. I wonder how he will be at the end!

Satomi Murano – She goes to the same high school of Shinichi. She will start to notice something is going on with Shinichi but she can’t get it. As she makes a relationship with Shinichi, she will get involved with this parasite incident.

Migi -Is infested in Shinichi’s right arm. He doesn’t have any emotion. To save his life, he will try to go to the way of parasite but as he lives with Shinichi, the way he thinks will gradually start to change. Irregularly, he has to take a nap. This will cause Shinichi to be in danger!

Ryoko Tamiya – She is a member of the Parasyte Network. She uses herself as an experiment to try and know how to live in this life with human beings and the reason why the parasites exist. She tested herself to have a baby with a human and has a human baby.

 Kuramori – He is a free writer who has a daughter, his wife passed a long time ago. He has feelings toward Ryoko at first on this movie. His daughter will be murdered and tries to take revenge on Ryoko.

Takeshi Hirokawa – He is a politician and a member of the Parasyte Network. He is a human, he thinks that a human being is a parasite who infects the environment of the earth.


How to find this movie



Parasyte 1 Manga

Parasyte Manga on Amazon

Parasyte 2 (Kanketsu Hen) (2015)

Parasyte 2 (English Sub, Japanese Movie, All Region DVD)

Parasyte 2 live action movie


Opening and Ending Songs


Colony(コロニー) – BUMP OF CHICKEN




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My Review


Parasyte Live Action Movie 2 Kanketsu Hen

It was good the same as the first live action movie. This is more than a monster movie. It made me think what our life is. All human beings have what they want to do and they try to accomplish it but that is not only human beings it is the parasites too. Everyone’s thoughts come across each other and the story was made. It showed me the sensitivity of the characters excellently. Especially, Shinichi who struggles that he is not a human anymore but completely he is not a parasite either. He wants to take a revenge but doesn’t want to do bad things. You can get to see the emotions of characters often. I liked those descriptions.

These movies are reproduced as following the original story with modern technology. I think it came out good! They could describe the creepy parasites with computer graphic and how the actors/actresses performed well with it. Even though I know the parasytes from anime, I can say these movies are good! I’m sure you can enjoy watching these movies without knowing the Manga or anime of Parasyte.

Rurouni Kenshin Live Action Movies was good but I think this one is nice quality too! I definitely recommend these Parasyte movies to my friends and you guys too. But one thing I want to say that it was not necessary to put the bed scene! ┐(’~`;)┌ I know this scene is on anime too but….. I didn’t feel  the necessity of this. The parents would hide kids eyes. |wall|∀゜`) I wanted to see more scenes of Shinich and Satomi building their relationship but oh well, it is a movie so probably they didn’t have enough time to make that way. But totally, it was summarized so I want to say a good job~!  ♪♪♪ d(`Д´)b♪♪♪ If you have a free time or look for something to watch, I recommend you to watch these live action movies!

Anime : Parasyte

Live Action Movie 1 : Parasyte

Thank you for reading my post! Look forward to what I am going to write next time! See you~! (* ^ー゚)ノ


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