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Hello! Mishi is here! My Migi is sleeping right now. (~uωu~)。zZ Let’s talk about this movie before he gets up! lol, Parasyte has two live action movies. Today, I will introduce you guys to Parasyte Live Action Movie 1. Let’s see how they made it! I hope this live action movie will be a good movie! Let’s take a look at the details.  ヾ(≧∇≦)〃




In this live action movie, the parasites come from the deep ocean. They become larva, intrude into containers and spread around everywhere in Japan. The main character, Shinichi Izumi who is a normal high school student is at home and is attacked by a parasite. He could avoid the parasite from taking over his brain but his right arm is infested by the parasite. Without any options, he has to live with the parasite in his body. He names this parasite Migi because Migi infested his right arm and right means Migi in Japanese. While this is happening to him, outside of his house, there are many people that have had their bodies taken control of by the parasites. They are not a human being anymore, once their bodies are taken over by the parasites, they prey on other human beings. This is how these parasites do to stay alive. Those parasites are so smart. They have an ability to learn human’s word and knowledge so they can speak like human beings. They also can switch their faces to disguise. They have an astonishing exercise capability and use their body to turn into a weapon.

Those parasites can tell if they are a human or parasite. Migi tries to contact with this guy from Chinese restaurant who is infested by a parasite for his curiosity but it doesn’t work out. Migi ends up killing the guy for protecting Shinichi. This causes Shinichi to be chased by the police and this organization, Parasyte Network. This organization is run by the people who are taken control of by the parasites. They are curious about Shinichi and Migi’s relationship. Because Shinichi is a half human and a half parasite.

After this happens, a new teacher, Ryoko Tamiya comes to work at his high school. She is from the parasyte network and invites him to this organization. She also introduces Shinichi to A who is a police officer and Hideo Shimada who is a high school student. Both of them are parasites. But A doesn’t like Shinichi because Migi killed the guy from Chinese restaurant before.

A decides to kill Shinichi and Migi and attacks them near Shinichi’s house and Shinichi’s mother is there….. What will Shinichi do? Can he save his mother? This is just the beginning of this movie. Hard and rough times will be waiting for Shinichi. Why does he have to get through this!

Parasyte Live Action MovieParasyte Live Action Movie part 1


Main Characters


Shinichi Izumi – Main character. He used to be a normal high school student until he is attacked by Migi. Since then, he will struggle between the human’s sense of value and the parasite’s sense of value. I wonder how he will be at the end!

Satomi Murano – She goes to the same high school of Shinichi. She will start to notice something is going on with Shinichi but she can’t get it. As she makes a relationship with Shinichi, she will get involved with this parasite incident.

Migi -Is infested in Shinichi’s right arm. He doesn’t have any emotion. To save his life, he will try to go to the way of parasite but as he lives with Shinichi, the way he thinks will gradually start to change. Irregularly, he has to take a nap. This will cause Shinichi to be in danger!

Ryoko Tamiya – She is a member of Parasyte Network. She uses herself as an experiment to try to know how to live in this life with a human being and the reason why the parasites exist. She tested herself to have a baby with a human. She has a human baby.

A – He is a member of Parasyte Network. He is a police officer but also a parasite. He will attack Shinichi and Migi because they killed the guy from the Chinese restaurant. He is a very strong guy. I hope Shinichi and Migi will be all right!


How to find this movie



Parasyte 1 Manga

Parasyte Manga on Amazon

Parasyte (2014)

Parasyte Live Action Movie (Japanese Movie with English Sub)

Parasyte lives action movie On Amazon



Opening and Ending songs



Parade - Bump of Chicken

Parade is on CD Album Butterflies


Mishi’s top picks for Otaku


Parasyte Action Figure Shinichi

Izumi Shinichi and Migi
Migi is not asleep yet lol

Parasyte Migi Plush Doll

Migi Plush Doll
At least, he isn’t with your body…..


Parasyte Action Figure Migi

Wow, it looks like a real one!

Parasyte Figure Anime Migi

Small Migi!

Parasyte - Maxim Collection 1 [Blu-ray]

Parasyte – Maxim Collection 1 [Blu-ray] on Amazon



Parasyte - Maxim 2 Premium Box Set [Blu-ray]

Parasyte – Maxim 2 Premium Box Set [Blu-ray] on Amazon


Parasyte Soundtrack on Amazon



My Review


Parasyte Live Action movie Recommendation chart

I think I categorize this live action movie into a good quality section. There are many different scenes from anime version but those parts don’t bother the core of story itself. I think you can watch this movie without being annoyed by the differences unlike Attack on Titan Live Action movie. (*^o^*) It has differences but those parts won’t make the fans for Parasyte anime or manga mad!(I hope…. (;・∀・))

I wonder how this movie will describe the parts of human’s body turning into a parasite. I mean CG. But actually, the Computer Graphic was good. When the face splits, the graphic made me feel a chill. You might feel grossing feelings. Well, if you don’t like to watch a movie like this, I don’t recommend this movie, though. It doesn’t look real but it can give you that feeling.

Even though those parts are there in this movie, it was easy to watch the story. The story goes smoothly and summarized well. I personally wished that more battle scenes with CG are in this movie. Don’t you want to watch the parasites fighting on live action movie? I was expecting more fights but unfortunately, not much on this movie. It was okay because the story line was good so I shouldn’t complain!

Before I finish writing this post, I want to ask you that what kind of image of Migi do you have??? (▽〃)。oO On this movie, Migi is so comical! Migi will get you laugh sometimes. I don’t know what you guys say about Migi on this movie if you have watched it already but I like the way Migi is on this movie. It makes me think that he is Kawaii~. Not Moe~, though. lol, I don’t want a parasite in my body but maybe I would want to have Migi as my pet. ∵ゞ(≧ε≦o) Sorry I didn’t know that you were drinking something. (‘∀`) I think I said too much. Maybe what I said is not true but Migi is charming on this movie. That is what I wanted to let you know, at last.

Anime : Parasyte

Live Action Movie 2 : Parasyte Kanketsu Hen

Thank you for reading my post today! I hope you will not run into a parasite today!! ヽ(#゚Д゚)ノ┌┛)`Д゚)・;’


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