Parasyte (寄生獣/Kiseiju) : The old Manga revived as Anime!

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Hello! I am Migi….. ((((;゚Д゚))) ( °▽°)=◯)`ν°)・;’.、Sorry, Migi on my hand was speaking….. I am Mishi! How are you doing, everybody? Today, what I am going to introduce you guys is Parasyte (寄生獣/Kiseiju). This Manga started from 1988 so this anime has fixed many things for the present time. For example, the internet, and smart phones like that. They modified that way so it is easier to watch this anime for us! It is not a scary anime but there are many bloody on this anime! (-o-\) λλλλλ,,,,, I wonder how this anime is like! Let’s go to see the story first! C= C= C=C= C= C=(ノ´∇)ノ




Out of the blue, unidentified creatures(parasites) come from the sky and intrude into the human’s body. They dominate the human, take control of them and prey on other humans. Once the human gets controlled by them, they will have a special ability which is no longer a human being. They can change their look, incredible exercise capacity and so on. These parasites keep on invading into a human’s body and giving them a learning ability to learn words and have knowledge.

While this is happening the human’s don’t notice what is going on, the main character, Shinichi who is a normal average high school student is attacked by one of the parasites. Fortunately, he dodged the parasite from taking control of his brain but the parasite in his right arm begins to infest. Since that, he starts a new life with this parasite.  ((゚゚дд゚゚ )) Shinichi names this parasite Migi because this parasite lives in his right arm. Migi means right in Japanese. As I said this earlier, they have an excellent learning ability so they can speak! Do you want one of them?? 《(;´Д`)》

At the same time, people who are controlled by these parasites begin to kill each other everywhere in the world but nobody can get any clue why these cases are happening. What will happen to Shinichi? Will he hide this forever? Can he deal with what is going on in this world? Can he have someone who can understand him? He will get involved in this big mysterious thing that not many people know…..


Main Characters


Parasyte 7


Shinichi Izumi(Right) – Main character. He used to be a normal high school student until he is attacked by Migi. Since that, he will struggle between the human’s sense of value and the parasite’s sense of value. I wonder how he will be at the end!

Satomi Murano(Left) – She goes to the same high school of Shinichi. She will start to notice something is going on with Shinichi but she can’t get it. As she makes a relationship with Shinichi, she will get involved with this parasite incident.

Parasyte 2

Migi -Is infested in Shinichi’s right arm. He doesn’t have any emotion. To save his life, he will try to go to the way of parasite but as he lives with Shinichi, the way he thinks will gradually start to change. Irregularly, he has to take a nap. This will cause Shinichi to be in danger!

How to find this anime



Anime Studio : MADHOUSE

Episodes : 24

Parasyte Paperback

Manga on Amazon

Parasyte - Maxim Collection 1 [Blu-ray]

Parasyte – Maxim Collection 1 [Blu-ray] on Amazon

Parasyte - Maxim 2 [Blu-ray]

Parasyte – Maxim 2 [Blu-ray] on Amazon

Live Action Movie

Parasyte (2014)

Parasyte Live Action Movie (Japanese Movie with English Sub)

Parasyte lives action movie On Amazon

Parasyte 2 (Kanketsu Hen) (2015)

Parasyte 2 (English Sub, Japanese Movie, All Region DVD)

Parasyte 2 live action movie


Opening and Ending songs




Let Me Hear – Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas

Let Me Hear - Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas

Let Me Hear is on CD Album Feeling of Unity


IT’S THE RIGHT TIME – Daichi Miura(三浦大知)


IT’S THE RIGHT TIME – Daichi Miura

Live Action Movies



Parade - Bump of Chicken

Parade is on CD Album Butterflies

Parasyte 2 (Kanketsu Hen)

Colony(コロニー) – BUMP OF CHICKEN




Mishi’s top picks for Otaku


Parasyte Action Figure Shinichi

Izumi Shinichi and Migi
Migi is not asleep yet lol

Parasyte Migi collection series 3

For Migi lover!

Parasyte Action Figure Migi

Wow, it looks like a real one!

Parasyte Figure Anime Migi

Small Migi!

Parasyte mini figure collections

Sucker Parasyte!

Parasyte Gasha Gacha

Migi can hold a pencil??



My Review


Parasyte Chart Recommendations

This anime comes from Manga and they modified many things to present day’s way. Some people who are fans of Parasyte from Manga complain that characters are not like original ones but I think the way of this anime doesn’t bother me at all. Because parasyte characters are not that interesting as far as the illustrations are from first even in the manga but that is just my personal opinion. What is good about this anime is the story! I mean the main character’s story. He got unfortunate luck to be attacked by Migi and his life turns 180 degrees. There are many scenes that he struggles to face the reality. He is still a high school kid and immature but through this anime, you can get to watch how the young boy gets tough and become mature little by little.

This anime contains too much emotion as far as how it would happen in real life. I am not talking about the parasites being in this world or something. I’m talking about how we will lose somebody who we don’t want to lose or when we are not in the good mood, we feel like forget it. But our life takes patience, discipline, and challenge to try to overcome something we have to go over. Even though we try something so many times sometimes,  we can’t make it. You give up or not that is up to you but this main character won’t give up. Of course, he is danced around by his emotions and gets lost the way to go but he always straightens himself up and comes back to try to not run away, even though he loses many people and many things in the short time.

If you watch this anime like I did, you will be taught that this is a life by this anime. I think you can get strong after finish watching it! It is just anime but if you try to squeeze something out of it, you might be able to feel something at the end! This anime contains many bloody scenes so if you are not good at it, I won’t recommend this anime but it is the one of good anime that you need to know. (If you want to be anime Otaku, especially! lol) 

Live Action Movie 1 : Parasyte

Live Action Movie 2 : Parasyte Kanketsu hen

Thank you for reading this post! v(*’-^*)-☆


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