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Hello! I’m Mishi! How is your life going? Today, what I want to recommend to you guys is this movie, Patema Inverted(サカサマのパテマ/Sakasama no Patema). This anime movie has good valuation from all over the world! I think many people know this movie but if not, let’s check it up! (‘-^*) This anime can become a one of your favorite anime! I am so excited to introduce this movie to you! o(≧▽≦)o




This is the world where gravity was invented by a human being. Once, a human being tried to use gravity to turn into an energy but this experiment failed and gravity was invented. Things don’t fall down anymore. Actually, things go up to the sky! This means everything falls up to the sky! Since this has happened, the most of the human kind fell up to the sky. Many people lost their life. Only some people could survive from this incident.

But out of the people who could survive this disaster, some people are affected by this incident and their gravity turned upside down. Those people went to the basement and started to live their life in there. The rest of people who weren’t affected continue to live on the ground.

This place is called Aiga where the people who live on the ground. In Aiga, there is a boy named, Eiji who is the main character who lost his father in an incident is getting tired of the way he has to live in this place. On the other hand, this girl named, Patema who lives in the basement is looking for her friend, Lagos who has been missing for a long time.

One day, Patema fell up to the sky and meets Eiji. This surprises Eiji because of the existence of introverted human’s but he decides to shelter her from the government of Aiga. Aiga teaches the residences that the people like Patema or sky aren’t a good thing. This place is a dictatorial government and ruled by this guy, Izamura.

Around that time, Izamura hears that an introverted person appears in this place so he orders Jaku who is the security police to capture Patema. After this, they will find out what they don’t want to find out…..


Main Characters


Patema Inverted English

Patema(bottom) – Main character. She lives in the basement because her gravity faces the opposite side of normal people. She is a cheerful girl who has a burning curiosity to the new world. While she was looking for Lagos, she falls up to Aiga.

Eiji(top) – Main character. He is a junior high school student who lost his father in an accident. He hates the society of Aiga and shows his attitude toward his teachers at his school. He could be a delinquent but he has a good heart. He respects his father a lot but later on, he will find something out about his father.

Izamura – He is the dictator of Aiga. He controls the security police and tries to take control of Aiga. He recognizes that the mankind who fell up to the sky is a criminal. He doesn’t like the people who live in the basement.

Jaku – He is a member of security police. The way of his thought is the same way as Izamura thinks. He doesn’t like the people who live in the basement and people who are against the society of Aiga.

Lagos – He is an adventurer who Patema longs for. He has been missing for a long time. That is why Patema starts to wonder where he is at.

Eiichi – Eiji’s father. He used to be a famous technical expert in Aiga. When he tried to fly to the sky with an airship, he lost his life.


How to find this movie


Anime Studio : Purple Cow Studio Japan

Year : 2013

Patema Inverted [Blu-ray]

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Opening and Ending songs


Theme song

Patema Inverse – Michiru Oshima


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My Review


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This movie has its own original idea which made me so excited to watch it. Isn’t it interesting that they are the same human beings and same gravity, but one goes down and the other one goes up! They live in the same place but have different lifestyles. While I was watching this movie, there were many things I wondered about. For example, do they eat foods and how it would stay in their stomach, how do they take a bath or if those two have a baby, which side will their baby take? lol, It got me interested in this movie while I was watching all the way. If you have watched this already, haven’t you thought about those? (;・∀・)? Probably, only me….. lol It was fun to watch that way, though!

Anyway, for the type of story like this movie,  it is so plain and the description of their relationships between the main characters is not much. But the setting of their different gravity covered those parts and you will not feel like it is boring. It looks like everything is new to me even though I see the scenes are generic scenes. That is why I think this movie is sensational! Everything is normal but just a little bit of a different idea they put it in and spiced this movie up. I noticed that if I just change a little bit of the angle of something and everything looks different like 180 degrees. This is a great idea to my life! I will use this idea when I put my makeup on and when I look at myself in the mirror to put it on, I will change a little bit of the angle then I think I can put makeup on my face better?? ( ゚Д゚)? Okay, this is silly so I drop this conversation!

Put that talk away! (T-T ))(( T-T) Speaking of what I felt, even though we have a different sense of value, we are all the same! We live for something we cherish and try to respect each other. It is natural and obvious but we tend to forget those things. It made me realize those things again! Arigato~ ☆⌒(*^-°)v

Well, this movie is so good! The graphics are beautiful and a kind story. I can recommend this movie to everybody! It would be a great time to watch it with your family, especially! If you don’t know what to watch next, why don’t you watch this movie? You will not waste your time for this!

Thank you for reading this post! But be careful! you might fall up to the sky! Σ(゚Д゚;≡;゚д゚)


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